Zubby Newsletter – August 18, 2002

Sweltering heat here in Halifax is driving me crazy. I’m not used to the insane amounts of humidity here. I’ve been staying inside most of the weekend to avoid being outside and getting baked. We don’t have air conditioning, so Gal and I have the fan going full-tilt and are drinking water like mad. I hate feeling dirty all the time from sweating, it just saps everything out of me. It’s kind of funny that the weather up here is so much hotter after I spent almost a week in California for the convention.

After a hiccup in the schedule, work’s rolling in at an okay pace and I’m chugging away on drawing backgrounds. Mix that in with doing the comic, paying the bills, cooking, cleaning, Gal getting ready for school and pretending I have a social life… it’s a pretty full schedule. I’m going at breakneck speed and just doing my best to juggle everything going on around me.

I want to finish my convention report on the website, but haven’t had time to organize the photos and post my thoughts about the remaining days of the con. Soon, soon…speaking of which, are any of you still reading the comic? I know it can be weird and the subscription thing’s a pain, but I hope you all check in from time to time to see how it’s going. Mid-September will mark a full year of the comic, and considering that it was a tool to motivate me, I’d say it’s been pretty successful.

What else? Gal’s finally lined up a job at The Keg, which is ideal since she was looking for a flexible restaurant job. Her finding that has eased some of the financial stress that I could see looming on the horizon. I wouldn’t have even gone to the convention if my parents and Aunt and Uncle hadn’t helped me out. My new life in Halifax is a wild adventure, but there’s a real squeeze there too. Gal going to school means that the bills and rent aren’t 50/50 anymore. I knew what I was getting myself into when we planned it, but that doesn’t change the stress it brings. So far, so good…

Short and sweet, that’s the report from ol’ Jimbo this time. Time to grab a cold ice tea and try to cool down before I go to sleep. Sleeping in this heat is bleh.

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