Zubby Newsletter – December 9, 2001

The weeks are zipping past. I can’t believe that Christmas will be coming up in a few weeks.

On Friday, Gala and I checked out Harry Potter. It was a very literal adaptation of the novel and I enjoyed it overall. It didn’t blow me away, but I understand why the hardcore fans of the books are pleased with it.

Last night was the staff Christmas party and it was a damn good time. It’s kind of fun getting dressed up and heading out. Unlike most staff parties, it wasn’t a boring affair. Drinking, dancing and silliness were the rule of the evening.

It actually went by far too fast and I was surprised at how quickly it wore me out. Mind you, I haven’t been sleeping as much as I should, so that probably contributed to me feeling tired early on.

Between work, Christmas shopping, the webpage and everything else, I’ve been run off my feet lately. There are so many little things to get done before the holidays. It’s craziness. I’m making little lists for myself to try and keep track of it all. Of course, then I lose track of where all the scraps of paper are with the things I need to do…

All in all, things are good, if a little too busy. Not much else to report, so I’ll keep it short this time.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the season.


PS: Thanks everyone for adding votes at The Makeshift Miracle site. You guys helped Makeshift secure third place against some tough competition! Keep it up! You guys kick ass!

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