Zubby Newsletter – April 9, 1999

Another week, and more stuff….

This week was good for drawing and I’ll be posting up new artwork at my site really soon. As always, my time is limited, so I haven’t really had much of a chance.

I did a little animation piece for Chromacolour International, the company that supplies Disney, Dreamworks and all the other feature guys their paper and pencils. It’s for a demo program they’ve got running on their webpage.

The exposure sure can’t hurt at all. They didn’t want too much in terms of high quality, but it’s good to have my name out there just the same. Keep in mind that it’s VERY SHORT and not all too impressive, I just wanted people to know that I’d done work on it.

I went and saw The Matrix on Tuesday and overall I thought it was a blast. It’s not deep and meaningful, it’s just fun. There’s lots of crazy action and wild, outrageous scenes that work well with the medium. Don’t look for deep plot and stuff, just go in for the visuals. Only some of the people on this mailing list will catch this reference, but the movie is very “SHUI”(pronounced SHWEEE)… and I’ll leave it at that.

Nickelodeon is doing a movie adaptation of one of my favorite comics called Bone and I’m thinking that since they are out-sourcing a lot of animation work, that Aurenya will try and get in on the action. If it turns out, I’ll be tickled pink and be a part of a really, really cool thing. The concept work I’ve seen on the film is really nice and from all indications, it looks like a project to be proud of.

This summer is going to be a heavy one in terms of cool movies. Mononoke Hime, Austin Powers 2, Star Wars, Tarzan and Iron Giant are all ones I’m eager to check out on the big screen.

My docs are falling apart and when I go to Toronto, I have to buy new shoes. These ones have been around for a long time and they are DYING. I want to do quite a bit of shopping in TO if I get the chance…

Otherwise, things are good and I’m enjoying a cold Strongbow cider while typing this. The work schedule is always hectic and my laundry’s piling up, but I’m doing OK.

So, until next week…

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