Zubby Newsletter – November 13, 2000

Recovering from the weekend in LA was fun. Getting back to a normal sleep schedule is never easy and I am still feeling tired at strange moments even now while I readjust. It wasn’t jet lag that did me in, it was being over energized and not sleeping all weekend.

On Tuesday, my roommate ICQed me at school and let me know that Scratching Post was playing in Calgary that night. If you remember, Scratching Post is the band that my friend Phil plays in. The same one that opened for Big Sugar on New Year’s Eve when I was in Edmonton. Although I was pretty beat from the weekend, I knew I had to go see them again and say “hi”.

The show was a blast and hanging out backstage with them after they finished was fun as well. The band’s been getting a lot more exposure lately, so I was a bit worried they might be starting to get egos. Luckily, that’s not the case. It felt like New Year’s Eve all over again and it reminded me of how fast everything’s been going since I came back to Calgary.

School’s been flowing nicely with no real problems to report. I seem to be in a decent groove with this class. We’ll see if that keeps up as their schedule intensifies.

On the weekend, Glenn swung back into Calgary on his way back home to Oshawa. On Friday night we ended up at a house party and the rest of the weekend we just lazed around.

It’s strange because Glenn and I have talked about a lot more personal stuff these past few visits. I don’t remember us discussing many things very deeply while I was in Toronto. It’s been nice getting to know him better. Although Glenn’s finished University, he’s not sure what he’s going to do now. He’s so good at just letting things slide and I envy that sometimes. I’ve almost always got a plan (vague or specific) and some kind of schedule. It must be a carry over from my Dad’s excessive record keeping. Glenn just wanted to travel and see more before he settles in to “real life”. Talking about that made me wonder if I should do more traveling next year.

The school was closed Monday and I can’t say that I minded the break. Most of my weekends are so rapid I barely know they happened. The three day weekend feels more “normal”, if that makes any sense. Admittedly, I just bummed around all day, but it was relaxing and I needed the time out.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about the LA trip. I hope you all liked my cheesy photos. Even though it was only last week, it barely feels like it really happened. I guess most vacations are like that.

Until next week,

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