Zubby Newsletter – July 3, 2000

The last month has been chaotic, but very good as well. Time flies when you’re having fun.

My parents are now out here. That was quite a culture shock. They’re actually staying at my house, which is kind of nice but very bizarre. Waking up every morning with them here feels really surreal. Mom’s all keen on cooking for me and cleaning around the house. I can’t help but feel guilty, but it is nice, too. Overall, they seem pleased with where I’m living and everything else out here.

They met Tanya yesterday. She was a bit nervous, but it went great. Her and my Mom seemed to have hit it off well. They shopped and joked yesterday while the four of us toured around the Eau Claire Center here. We went for dinner at the Barley Mill and my Dad had a pint of Strongbow Cider…and liked it! It’s obviously a genetic appreciation of Strongbow in our family (hah)! I’ve never seen my Dad even finish a beer before…weird.

As always, Dad has a schedule and a list for everything, but he’s trying to be more relaxed. Retirement is fitting perfectly with my parents. They’re really happy.

I went and saw Titan AE and Chicken Run about a week ago. Titan’s a flawed effort and it’s easy to see why Fox Feature Animation closed its doors last week. Pretty pictures and computer graphics with no heart. I know it’s very difficult to make these movies, but 4 years worth of production did not make its way up on to the screen. Meanwhile, Chicken Run‘s a solid film that’s a lot of fun. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.

I’m budgeting my money a lot better now and planning to save up for the last half of the year. I’m well settled now with almost everything I need out here (except my family and friends!), so I’m trying to stash more away for a rainy day. It’ll also make Christmas vacation a lot more fun.

This week should be entertaining. My parents are coming to sushi on Thursday and going to see where I work. My boss is determined to embarrass me, so I hope it all goes okay.

The, next week is Stampede. Yeehah bullcrap and drunken tourists everywhere. Should be worth a few Zub Tales ©…

Take care everybody.

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