Zubby Newsletter – July 26, 1999

Starting another work week…

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed last week. I appreciate it. I know I didn’t respond back personally, but it was just cool that people wrote at all and stuff. I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I just kind of shut my mouth. (And you all know me, so that’s a really hard thing for me to do)

My hair’s almost at that “too long to be manageable” but “not long enough to tie back or look reasonable”… grrr, I wonder if I can wait it out. It’s so tempting just to hack it all off.

The animation studio was becoming a real mess and I was sick of being the janitorial Nazi so I painfully waited until the place became a complete junk heap. I kept my own office clean and finally, the guys realized and cleaned the place up. It may sound weird for me to bring this up here, but now that the place is clean it looks great and it just makes everything a lot smoother. Our schedule had been bad and the place was looking really apocalyptic.

With the script stuff and everything else, I lost a bit of time to do the comic art, but it’s coming back together and I want to attack some more pages this week.

Time’s flying by. I can’t believe August is almost here and that’ll be the end of summer. The weather here is such a mixed bag. Cold and rainy or sweat-like-crazy heat.

The boys and girls of Aurenya are trying to pull together a camping trip this weekend. If it goes through, I’ll give you all the details… might be interesting.

They Might Be Giants have a new album that’s only on the internet! The mp3 only album is called Long Tall Weekend and I downloaded it. It’s quirky and weird and as usual, quite satisfying. It reminds me of Residence and Sheridan times… whoah, time lapse.

Until next time.

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