Zubby Newsletter – August 25, 2003

I woke up this morning and counted myself lucky that I was only a bit sore. We wrapped up the Toronto Comic Expo last night and even though the con was about 20 times smaller than San Diego, it was still a lot of work. There may not have been as many people or venders, but there was still a ton to do. By the end of it all, Gala and I were both exhausted.

Yup, I dragged my lady to the con and put her to work. I’m a bastard. Actually, she volunteered, not knowing how crazy things would be (quite frankly, I didn’t know how nuts it would be either). Selling books, organizing the signing schedule we had for the artists and dashing off to buy food for the crew, it kept her moving.

A lot of familiar faces stopped by to see me, which was quite cool. Sheridan guys I went to school with, friends from residence, friends from Calgary, buddies from high school. Every couple hours, someone would come by and I’d recognize them. It gave the whole convention a more personal feel, but felt sort of odd as well. So much is happening so fast and every time I told the same story about how I hooked up with Udon and what I’m doing, it felt a little bit surreal. It only happened a few months ago, it’s still happening and it’s not stopping.

On Sunday afternoon I was supposed to be doing portfolio reviews along side my boss Erik and CB Cebulski, an editor from Marvel who’s a really nice guy. Both of them got wrapped up doing other things and suddenly I’m facing 50+ people who are looking for a job or advice on how to get to a professional level with their art. It felt like teaching, only in 5 minutes sprints. I had weird moments where I knew I was giving good advice, but felt a little self conscious about it too. My artwork is getting better, but I’m not stellar or anything and I didn’t want my advice to come off as haughty or holier-than-though.

I’m tired, but I don’t have much time to rest. I’ve got a horde of things to take care of before I fly to Atlanta on Thursday morning.

After having a nice dinner with our friends Kandrix and Laurie from Calgary, who were down for the convention, I’m back working at everything. Artwork to finish up, files to pass along for approval and stuff to schedule. I’m hoping to be able to juggle it intro some sort of order before my week wraps up.

Anyways, that’s what’s happening at this point. Hope everyone else is doing well.

PS: After talking with Gala about the photo thing pretty extensively, she’s not really comfortable with me sending photos of her out to 60+ people, many of whom she doesn’t even know. With that in mind, you guys and gals probably won’t see too many pictures of her attached to these e-mails in the future. I didn’t want everyone to think that there aren’t any or that I’m so self-absorbed that Gal never makes it into my photos or anything like that. If you’re a friend of Gal’s, let me know and I can always spin you a couple pics.

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