Zubby Newsletter – September 2, 2001

The Labor Day long weekend, and the summer is slowly winding to an end. As always, it went by far too quickly. It was a good time of growth for me and I’m sure I’ll look back at this one fondly.

Class has been crazy, with students running around like mad getting their portfolios ready. No matter how many times I go through it, I can’t help but get a bit stressed as they find new and amazing ways to get themselves disorganized as they near the deadline. Mind you, I’ve been there. The feeling that school is over and you have to join the mighty rat race is pretty crazy stuff.

Bioware showed up on Friday and it went great. They’re probably hiring two of our boys and possibly up to four. Graeme and I went for lunch with them and it was a good chance to forge stronger contact with them. Considering how much they’ve grown, it’s a crucial employer for us to have ties with. They’ve got a new Dungeons & Dragons game as well as a Star Wars online game coming down the pipe, so there’s a lot more opportunities for future grads as well.

My webcomic stuff continues. I’m currently working on page 14 of my story. This way if I update 3 times a week, I’m already over a month ahead of schedule! I probably won’t have webspace for another week or two, so this is a great way to set up a nice buffer of material for when it all starts. I’m pretty damn giddy about it.

Unfortunately, even though I’m being incredibly productive with it, I’m not posting any of that art on my webpage at this point. I want to keep it under wraps until the comic’s own site starts. Wait for it… 🙂

I have to say, the webcomic stuff has kept me incredibly productive. I’m on a drawing and Photoshop kick like I haven’t been since, yeesh, I don’t even know. Each finished page is like a challenge to do the next one. It’s really exciting for me to have this kind of forward momentum.

I noticed a very strange thing a few days ago. My taste buds have changed. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always hated raw tomatoes. Ketchup and tomato sauce was fine, but raw tomatoes always tasted awful to me. I had some tomatoes in a fajita last week and they were great! Since then I’ve had them on hamburgers, salads and just diced on the side and they’ve all been really good. I know it sounds strange to make such a big deal out of this, but I really hated them before! My parents have had a garden since I was a kid, and they’d always be annoyed that we had fresh tomatoes and I wouldn’t even touch them. Weird. Next thing you know I’ll be loving pickles or something.

Otherwise, things are very good. Busy as always, but good good good.

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