Zubby Newsletter – May 18, 1999

Oh my god… I’m 23.

Well, that came up and just kicked me in the rear. Guess this is a good time to look back at the year and fill in some of the gaps for people.

So what outlandish plans do I have for my 23rd Birthday tonight? Not much.

I mean, it’s a Tuesday… what do you expect? My birthdays for the last 4 years have been disturbingly crazy nights with much alcohol and dancing but tonight’s looking quite a bit quieter unless someone has plans for me and I don’t know it. I’m probably going to a pub in town called Kaeli’s and having some Strongbow cider and a cigar. Pretty simple. Maybe this weekend I’ll break out and go wild…

So… let’s recap the year I’ve had since old 22…

• Last year at this time I was packing up my things to start my career in Calgary, at least for the summer.

• I decided to stay here and that’s why everyone gets e-mail from me instead of smiles in person or hugs 🙂

• My hair is back to its natural color, for better or for worse.

• The company I work for called Aurenya is growing fast and we’ve got ourselves focused in to the new millennium (ohhh… millennium’s such a commercial word right now).

• My webpage is taking off and I get lots of hits every day as well as fan mail from places like Greece, Spain, Japan, Brazil, France and all over North America.

• The Calgary Stampede last year was the only time I felt really alien in Calgary… and at least I know what to expect this year.

• After I decided to stay out here, my girlfriend dumped me and I’ve been single ever since… but I refocused my priorities and now I’m a better artist and person for it.

• I sold my car, “The Duke” and now I have to walk everywhere but with the money I got and am saving on repairs and gas… I shop a lot more and get cool things for myself.

• I went to do a presentation for a private school and it became an offer to teach. Now I’m teaching a Classical Animation course and my students are doing kick ass work. In fact, the course just got Certification so now I’m handing out diplomas to graduates instead of just certificates.

• Although there has been the odd turbulence, I’m kicking butt at work and loving what I do.

• I went to the Sheridan Open House and met up with old friends and saw my class graduate and head out into the big, big world. I saw the big, bigness one year early and I wish them well at it.

Not a bad little year, Jimbo. Kind of scary when you look back and see the changes so substantially. 24’s gonna be terrifying!

So, if you get a chance, toast one for me. Later…

Old Man Jim

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