Zubby Newsletter – April 4, 2000

My brother called earlier tonight. I wasn’t here but listening to the answering machine I knew something was very wrong. The tone of Joe’s voice had a bit of a rasp and I knew he’d been crying. I called him back and received the news.

Joe and Heather lost their first child today before the kid even had a chance to be born. The baby was due in June. We still don’t know exactly how it happened or what the complications may be. Needless to say, my night’s been somewhat numb since I found out.

I don’t know what else to say. These kind of things snap the world into place for you. This is where I get all cheesy and poetic and stuff…Deal with it.

This is the sort of thing that makes you appreciate life a little more. It’s a heck of a privilege, not a right or an assumption.

I don’t need condolences because it’s not so much my loss as it is my brother’s and his wife’s. I feel horrible, but it can’t be a fraction of what they’re feeling tonight.

I just want all of you who are on this list to think about the people close to you and appreciate them. Show them a piece of affection for no reason at all. Just because you should. Don’t take it for granted tomorrow.

I miss you guys.
Take care.

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