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Batman: The Animated Series Memories

I was one of the creators approached by Dan Greenfield to talk about my favorite episodes of Batman: The Animated Series as the show celebrates 25 years. Read on and find out why I think ‘Heart of Ice’ is a top notch episode in a series full of classic Dark Knight Detective tales.

Creator Talks Interview

I was a guest on the Creator Talks Podcast, chatting about Glitterbomb: The Fame Game, conventions, cartoons, storytelling and more. Give it a listen!

Comics Agenda Podcast

I spoke to the gang at the Comics Agenda podcast all about my career, webcomics, role-playing games, conventions, storytelling, and Glitterbomb: The Fame Game. Give it a listen!

Funny Book Splatter Interview

I spoke to Funny Book Splatter about Glitterbomb: The Fame Game and Wayward, as well as the nature of character-driven horror and working in comics. Give it a listen!

Dynamic Forces Interview About Wayward’s Fifth Story Arc

I spoke to Byron Brewer at Dynamic Forces all about Wayward’s fifth arc and the exciting things coming down the pipe for our story. Give it a read!

Issue Zero Part 2: Wayward, Creative ideas and More!

Here’s the second part of the two part interview I did with Fred Kennedy on Issue Zero. This half is all about working on Wayward, how creative ideas roll out, collaboration, cultures, manga, and more! Give it a listen.

Talking Uncanny Avengers With

I spoke to Tim Stevens at about my upcoming run on Uncanny Avengers and how our heroes could fight back against the darkness invading New York City in Secret Empire. Read on!

Issue Zero Interview: Secret Empire and More

Fred Kennedy from the Issue Zero podcast and I sat down again, this time to delve into controversial territory as I talk about Marvel’s Secret Empire event, Superior Spider-Man, fan fiction, fan pairings, and more in the first half of this two part interview. Give it a listen!

Radio Free Krypton Interview

I spoke to the gang at Radio Free Krypton about my comic career – breaking in, working for clients, and the differences between creator-owned and work for hire comics. Give it a listen!

Talking Comics With GeekNerdNet

I spoke to Chris Doucher at GeekNerdNet about measuring success, 25 years of Image Comics, working for Marvel and more. Give it a listen!