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No Surrender Month 2 Interview on Comic Book Resources

Avengers #681 (No Surrender Part 7) arrived in comic shops this week. Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and I did an interview with Dave Richards at Comic Book Resources talking about the first half of the weekly story, where some of the ideas came from and some hints about where things may be heading in the weeks ahead. Give it a read!

Geek Exchange D&D Interview

I spoke to Jeremy Nisen at the Geek Exchange all about Dungeons & Dragons: Evil At Baldur’s Gate, the new comic mini-series starting in April. Click through to find out more!

Djibril and I Talk to About The Fame Game

Djibril and I spoke to all about Glitterbomb: The Fame Game, how the series started and how the current state of Hollywood may influence its future. Give it a read!

No Surrender Interview on Newsarama

Spoilers abound in this No Surrender interview I did with Chris Arrant over at Newsarama. If you’ve read today’s issue of AVENGERS, dive in!

(PS: Sorry, Chip 😛 )

All Comics Considered Interview – Part 1

I spoke to the gang at the All Comics Considered podcast about breaking into comics, building a career piece by piece, working with editors and continuity, teaching, Avengers: No Surrender, collaborations, and a lot more. Give it a listen!

No Surrender Interview on Comic Book Resources

Avengers: No Surrender Part 3 (Avengers #677) arrives in comic shops tomorrow! In preparation for its arrival, Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and I talked to Comic Book Resources about how things are going, mysteries, and more. Check it out!

Glitterbomb Interview on The Beat

I spoke to Matt O’Keefe at The Beat all about developing Glitterbomb, the wave of harassment being revealed in Hollywood, and my own personal low points in my writing career. Lots of material to cover here. Check it out.

Word Balloon: Avengers, Glitterbomb, and More!

Talking to John at Word Balloon about comics is always a blast and we cover a LOT here: Avengers, Glitterbomb, Wayward, online interactions, and a whole lot more. Give it a listen!

Nerdy Jobs Podcast

I was interviewed by the crew at Nerds On Earth as part of their ‘Nerdy Jobs’ podcast. We talk about getting started in the comic industry, working and being professional, teaching, tutorials, creator-owned comics, and more. Give it a listen.

Off-Panel Episode #124: Avengers and So Much More!

I was a guest on the SKTCHD​ podcast with David Harper​. We cover a ton of topics in a fun conversation, including:
Dungeons & Dragons and creativity.
– Online harassment in the comic industry.
– Writing Avengers: No Surrender, the upcoming weekly Avengers story.
– Politics in comics.
– My articles about writing comics and comic economics.
– Comic sales.
– Traveling to Japan with the TCAF crew.
– The brilliance of Overwatch and playing online.

Give it a listen and share!