Conan the Barbarian #25 Reviews

AIPT: 8.5/10 “Conan the Barbarian #25 is an entertaining collection with clever ideas and entertaining action.”

Comic 8/10 “Not only does this issue prove Conan’s staying power in the Marvel Universe, but it honestly makes the best argument yet for him to get some sort of anthology book.”

Comic Book Resources: “Zub clearly has fun here and understands how to use high concepts without losing sight of the fantasy setting. For their part, Smith is an efficient storyteller and Poggi’s sharp, defined inks enhance the weight of the action. Silva’s colors further distinguish the scenes, with an early double-page splash standing out as a particular highlight.”

Comic Crusaders: 10/10 “For those who have been on the ride since the first issue and for people like myself who have been in and out of this series periodically, Conan The Barbarian #300 is a treat unlike any other on stands.”

Comic Watch: 9.6/10 “…a decent anniversary issue that pays a lot of homage to stories past.”

Comical Opinions: 9.5/10 “…one of the strongest and most entertaining Anniversary Anthologies in recent memory. There’s not a weak short story in the bunch, and each entry has a unique perspective to offer on the creation of Robert E. Howard. Conan fans will be very happy with this issue.”

Infinity Flux: “Whether you’ve been reading Conan or not, this is just a good one to grab.”

Kabooooom: 8/10 “…a worthy anniversary issue, offering an introduction to the Cimmerian hero for those who might need one and more epically illustrated tales of high adventure for those who know him already. If sword-and-sorcery be to your liking, make haste for the nearest comic shop and claim your copy today!”

Making Comics Interview – Artist Todd Nauck

Todd Nauck has been in the comic business for 27 years. He’s done a ton of work for DC and Marvel along with his own creator-owned comic series.

Lots of process work and inspiration here. Enjoy!

Until Our Stories End

Conan the Barbarian #300 arrives today at your favorite comic shop. Sure, the current numbering says ‘#25’, but in my heart every series follows original numbering, because that ongoing legacy is one of the many reasons why working on these series is such a thrill.

Having 12 out of the 13 issues of this run on a dream title be released during a pandemic has been bittersweet. I wanted to celebrate with fans and friends out on the road, to travel and chat about what this character means to me and how much work I put into making sure each story felt pulpy and old school even as I tried to bring unexpected little turns to classic concepts. Promoting the issues in person wasn’t possible, but the heartfelt messages from fans online have been much appreciated.

Our whole creative team did an incredible job, starting with Rogê Antônio, then Robert Gill and Luca Pizzari, and finally syncing it all up with Cory Smith and Roberto Poggi for the latter half. Erik Gist and Geoff Shaw turned in bombastic covers worthy of the Hyborian Age, Israel Silva provided moody colors, Travis Lanham lettered it all sharply, and our editors Mark Basso, Martin Biro, Shannon Ballesteros, Martin Biro, and Lauren Amauro kept the whole thing running. Each of them worked incredibly hard and I’m so grateful to see these journeys brought to life thanks to their efforts.

Until Our Stories End, my story in Conan #300, is a short and pointed tale about the uncertainty of the future. It seems relevant without anchoring it to this absolute point in time. Cory, Rob, Israel, and Travis pulled out all the stops and made it one for the ages.

Getting to write new stories for one of the biggest and most well-known characters in sword & sorcery has been a dream. These Days of High Adventure have been a salve for me in troubled times. I hope they are for you as well.

I also hope it’s not the last time I get to be a bard for our barbarian but, whatever happens next, I’m so damn happy it happened at all.

Thank you for reading.

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Conan the Barbarian #24 Reviews

Comic “All in all, this proves to be a good Conan story—and with the 300th issue right around the corner, we’re hopefully right on the cusp of a great one.”

Comic Crusaders: 8/10 “I am appreciative of the welcoming nature that Zub’s Conan has, as to where I can drop off on an issue and come back years later and find a story that will eventually entertain and maybe even a storyline that I can latch on to, as I will certainly be on the lookout for the next landmark issue.”

Comic Watch: 10/10 “Jim Zub is writing tales in the spirit of Robert E. Howard. I really like the narrator aspect of Conan the Barbarian #24. While Cory Smith’s artwork shows us the perils of sailing the ocean, the narrator word balloons elevate the story giving it an epic-ness.”

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