Citywide Blackout Interview

I spoke to the gang at Citywide Blackout all about Stone Star, the new creator-owned space-fantasy series I’m working on with Max Dunbar. Give it a listen!

Jim Zub and Max Dunbar at TCAF 2019!

Spring in Toronto means it’s time for TCAF, the annual Toronto Comic Arts Festival, a wonderful comic and graphic novel event happening at the Toronto Reference Library that’s FREE to attend!

Max Dunbar and I will be there, set up on the second floor in the Salon at TABLE 229 with copies of Dungeons & Dragons, Wayward, Skullkickers, Glitterbomb and Makeshift Miracle, along with FREE giveaways promoting Stone Star, our new creator-owned space fantasy series. You can purchase those to get signed or bring any of my other books on by to get signed as well.

On Saturday from 2:00-2:30pm and Sunday 2:00-3:00pm I’ll also be signing at the Penguin-Random House table (BOOTH 126/127 on the first floor) and they’ll have copies of Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons and Evil At Baldur’s Gate available.

If you’re in the city over the weekend I hope to see you there!

Champions #5 Reviews

Black Nerd Problems: 9/10 “Zub uses Cyclops’ presence to ground the idea that despite everything, the Champions do important work. It’s incredibly heartfelt, and what makes the Champions such a great team.”

Comic 10/10 “This book soars on every level, mixing true human emotion with all of the fun and action you expect from a superhero comic series…I don’t know if I can love this book more.”

Comic Book Resources: “Once Cyclops explained his somewhat convoluted time loop, Kamala embraced her old friend. This moment not only drives home how important the teenage X-Men’s stories are to modern Marvel continuity, it humanizes Scott in a way we haven’t seen in ages.”

Comic Book University: “A really good issue. It is a War of the Realms tie-in, but in typical Zub fashion, he makes it count for the characters as well.”

Comics Beat: “Champions has quietly became one of Marvel’s best titles. Writer Jim Zub and artist Steven Cummings have put forth fantastic work on the current run of the series, doing big things with Marvel’s team of young heroes and telling intense character-driven stories with the team’s core membership”

Hayden Claire Heroes: 8/10 “Probably the best issue of this series so far and definitely one of the best War of the Realms tie-in.”

Multiversity Comics: 8/10 “Champions #5 proves that an event comic tie-in can not only progress the story of the individual series and the event but also have a lot of heart.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 7.8/10 “This is easily the standout issue of the series so far, and it clicks nicely with the other events in the Marvel universe at the moment.”

You Don’t Read Comics: “The issue is also remarkably positive and lighthearted, despite dealing with a potential apocalypse and personal drama. This is pretty rare in modern hero comics and feels like a breath of fresh air.”

Stone Star #2 Reviews

Comic Book University: “This is an awesome book.”

Fanboy Factor: “I like Max Dunbar’s line art. It’s imaginative and descriptive without being overwrought with detail. Espen Grundetjern contributes heavy tonal colouring in the early pages of the issue but opens up the palate nicely with the breathtaking atmosphere of Quell-World.”

Modern Gafa: “The artwork beautifully brings us into a world that’s original and full of colorful aliens and the writing makes sure we want to stick around too.”

Nerdenthum: “The world is getting bigger and the prologue in this issue helps us to understand it much better. It’s an action packed and interesting world that is well illustrated.”

Zub at D&D Live: The Descent!

I’m a guest at the upcoming D&D Live: The Descent event in Los Angeles! This is where the Wizards of the Coast crew will be unveiling their new D&D storyline adventure (that I helped consult on back in 2017) along with other exciting new project announcements, signings, live games, interviews, and a whole lot more!

While I’m there, I’ll be promoting the Dungeons & Dragons comic series, Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons, and Stacy will be there too to help promote the upcoming D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides we worked on together.

On Saturday May 18th, I’ll be one of the player cast on the Descent-themed live game alongside an all-star gaming crew:

Here’s my schedule of appearances for the weekend:

Friday May 17
4:00-6:00pm PST – D&D Live: The Descent: Opening Ceremonies

Saturday May 18
10:30-11:20am PST – D&D Beyond Interview with Todd Kenreck, Adam Lee, and James Haeck
7:15-9:00pm PST – D&D Live: The Descent: Game Session

Sunday May 19
8:30-8:40am PST – Dragon Talk Live Interview
10:00-11:00am PST – Signing with Max Dunbar and Adam Lee

If you’re not attending the event in person, you can follow along all weekend by watching the streams on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or Mixer!

Stone Star Interview on

Max Dunbar and I spoke to Hannah Means Shannon at all about Stone Star, our new creator-owned series on ComiXology. Check it out.

Avengers: No Road Home Wrap-Up Interview Part 2 on CBR

Dave Richards from Comic Book Resources interviewed Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and I all about the big finish to Avengers: No Road Home. We talk about Hercules, Vision, and more. Give it a read!

Avengers: No Road Home Wrap-Up Interview Part 1 on CBR

Dave Richards from Comic Book Resources interviewed Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and I all about the big finish to Avengers: No Road Home. We talk about the crazy meta ending and more. Give it a read!

Zub at Calgary Expo 2019!

Another year, another wonderful Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and I’ll be there! It’s the 14th anniversary of the show and I haven’t missed one yet. If you’re headed to the show, I hope to see you there!

If you want to get your copies of Avengers: No Road Home, Champions, Wayward, Dungeons & Dragons, Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons, or any of my other work signed, here’s where you can find me:


I’ll also have a limited number of free Stone Star posters to give away!

In addition to being at my table, I’m also on a panel on Saturday:

Saturday April 27th

Join a special gathering of amazing writers as they discuss their craft and aim to inspire the next generation of authors. Featuring Jim Zub (Avengers: No Road Home), Ray Fawkes (Black Hammer ’45), Matt Kindt (X-O Manowar), Ed Brisson (X-Force), Ash Maczko (Squarriors) and author SM Beiko.

Avengers: No Road Home #10 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 10/10 “Beautifully written and well timed for Marvel’s 80th anniversary this is one of the best finishes to a Marvel event in some time.”

Caped-Joel: 10/10 “A truly beautiful work of art. An utter love letter to the Marvel fan base and Marvel’s history…No Road Home #10 ends up being one of the best Marvel comics I’ve read all year round and an absolute must read for anyone who was trade-waiting.”

Comic Book Resources: “Ewing, Waid and Zub present the finale as a metatextual meditation on the nature of storytelling, the importance of hope in a medium that recently been overly preoccupied with darkness, and what it takes to be a hero.”

Comic-Watch: 9.8/10 “I’m not sure what I really wanted out of Avengers: No Road Home when I began this journey, but whatever it was, it was dwarfed by the absolute treat that was delivered by this outstanding creative team.”

Comics: The Gathering: 9/10 “In the finale of No Road Home, the heroes’ triumphant victory takes shape as an ode to the limitless possibilities of storytelling in the Mighty Marvel Manner.”

Do You Even Comic Book?!: 8/10 “This is a true Avengers story. This is pure Marvel magic. This is comic books at their best. It sets up for more stories, more beginnings, and a lot of other stuff.”

Fortress of Solitude: 9.5/10 “An utterly charming and fantastic end to this 10-part series that in a really nice and enduring way paid homage to Marvel.”

Newsarama: 9/10 “Avengers: No Road Home #10 speaks well to the power of stories, why these comics have endured for so long and meant so much to so many people, all in the service of holding back the darkness, both literally and figuratively…each issue of this series has either thrilled, moved, or entertained – and sometimes accomplished all three.”

Pop Cult HQ: “Avengers: No Road Home is refreshing in its simplicity and is written by people who have a real affection for superhero comics.”

Talking Comic Books: “The impressive creative team behind Avengers: No Road Home turned out an enjoyable weekly event that was full of fun and excitement. This group of Avengers was an eclectic grouping of Earths Mightiest Heroes, both past and present, which led to much of my enjoyment over the course of this series.”

Zona Negativa: 9.3/10 “…One of the best stories published this year. Not just because it respects the past, but because of its high quality and ability to open new doors to the future.”