Avengers #684 Reviews

Avengers #684, the return of Bruce Banner as the Hulk, arrived in comic shops this week. Let’s see what reviewers thought of this over-sized rampaging issue!

Adventures In Poor Taste: 9/10 “It’s easily the best issue of No Surrender, and it’s hard to imagine anything topping it. It’s the most artful advertisement you’ll ever see, with true emotion and artistry combining for a powerful tale.”

Caped-Joel: 8.5/10 “This tenth part is actually a good place to hop on if you haven’t already…Very satisfying.”

Comic Book.com: 8/10 “Both parts of the story are well executed, and the former dovetails nicely into the latter as No Surrender continues to escalate in exciting ways.”

Comic Book Corner: 9/10 “There’s a great balance this series…It’s one of the best events that Marvel has done in some time and it’s weekly!”

Comic Book University: Grade: A+ (Pick of the Week) “This was wicked…One of the coolest pages I have ever seen in the history of comic books.”

Comic-Watch: 9/10 “This story is a blast and so much fun. I never know what to expect each week. My only fear thus far is when the story ends, the ride will be over.”

Comicsverse: 8.3/10 “Ewing, Zub, and Waid deliver fine storytelling as Hulk returns from the dead. The artwork is solid as well, with piercing drawings and popping colors. This is an excellent setup issue for future intensity in Avengers: No Surrender.”

Comicosity: 9.5/10 “Writers Jim Zub, Al Ewing, and Mark Waid begin to bring No Surrender to a logical conclusion, and have a bunch of characters to check in with across the issue. They do an admirable job, giving a number of the Avengers a chance to shine while emphasizing the breadth of the team as all factions attempt to converge on the Avengers Auxiliary Headquarters.”

Detail Comics: “This is probably one of the best parts of Avengers: No Surrender that’s come out so far.”

Diskingdom: 8/10 “Another great issue from this story arc and all the build up to this series is starting to pay off as the newest character, Voyager, is coming into her own and the addition of the Hulk is a great move, since it delivers a much more simpler focus.”

Do You Even Comic Book: 10/10 “The creative team behind this issue is rather large, three writers and six artists alone. You’d think that’d be too many cooks in the kitchen. You’d be wrong, thankfully. This issue flows so seamlessly, you’d never know so many people brought this together.”

Fortress of Solitude: 9.5/10 “A roller coaster of revelations…I’m really interested to see where things go in the next six issues.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.4/10 “With the events of Avengers #684, the dial has been cranked to 11 when the Avengers really need to start asking themselves how badly they want to win this game or save the world, because someone may not walk away from this in one piece.”

Graphic Policy: “The creative team give us a break to catch up readers as to the Hulk’s history while also setting him upon his destructive path. It’s an issue that sets things up and has me scratching my head as to how the Avengers are going to deal with this new x-factor.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots: 8/10 “Avengers: No Surrender has been absolutely dynamite so far. It’s exceeded expectations and proved that Marvel is back on track. The 616 is full of life again, with both old and new characters leading the way.”

Rogues Portal: “With a genuinely surprising plot twist at its core, Avengers #684 is an essential installment of the weekly No Surrender saga.”

Hulk Returns (In Avengers: No Surrender) Interview on CBR!

Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and I spoke to Dave Richards at Comic Book Resources about Hulk’s return in the pages of Avengers #684. Spoilers galore, but if you’ve read the issue, read on to find out more behind Bruce Banner’s resurrection, Voyager’s true identity, and the importance of comic lettering. Check it out!

Avengers #683 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 7.5/10 “In an age when people complain about rotating art teams, this is a success that can’t be overstated. A weekly series could have needed wildly mismatched visuals to stay on time, but so far everything, for once, is going as planned and hitting on all cylinders.”

Caped-Joel: 8/10 “I enjoyed this issue quite a bit. It’s nice that, up until now every story has been so huge and focused on dozens of characters, but that they can also slow things down and give us an entire story focusing on Beast and Wasp.”

Comic Book University: Grade: B+ “This was a whole lotta fun. I like this trip down memory lane.”

Comicosity: 9.5/10 “The revelations and outcomes of this issue are going to be impactful to the rest of the tale, and the presentation here makes Avengers #683 one of the most impactful chapters of this saga.”

Comic-Watch: 10/10 “This far into the story and we haven’t even scratched the surface. This is what superhero stories should read like. Just when you think you know it all, you realize you didn’t even know the questions. Amazing comic book storytelling!”

Comicsverse: 8.5/10 “…the characterization and artwork of AVENGERS #683 are spectacular.”

Diskingdom: 9/10 “Avengers 683 is without a doubt the best issue in the series and has been one of the most enjoyable comics I’ve read in ages.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 9/10 “It’s pretty awesome…I’m really interested to see who Voyager really is.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.7/10 “There’s something to love about an Avengers story where you just can’t predict how this will end. Avengers #683 was full of shock, yet at the same time it was filled with the heart that reminds us that this is a superhero story at the core.”

Graphic Policy: 8.75/10 “If you haven’t been reading No Surrender, you’ve been missing out on one of the best Avengers stories in years…This is a perfect example of what events should strive to be.”

Rogues Portal: “You can tell when artists have fun drawing a book, and I get the impression that this issue was very much that to [Paco Medina].”

Mystery In Madripoor Interview on CBR

CB cebulski, Thony Silas, and I spoke to dave Richards at Comic Book Resources all about the upcoming Mystery In Madripoor mini-series, a crucial part of the Hunt For Wolverine storyline. Give it a read!

Avengers #682 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8/10 “everything seems to be clicking now, with anticipation after each issue for what happens next”

Comic Book University: “This is really good. No Surrender is no bull.”

Comicosity: 8.5/10 “Avengers No Surrender is really clicking into place. Grandmaster and Challenger are entering the closing stages of their face-off, and we’re all right there to see it play out. I’m so glad this is a weekly story.”

Comicsverse: 8.7/10 “Avengers #682 is the most unique issue of No Surrender.”

Do You Even Comic Book?: 8/10 “It keeps me coming back every week because I just have one million questions that need answers.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 9/10 “Each issue has been better than the last and I can’t wait for the Immortal Hulk to return.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.5/10 “Avengers #682 continues to prove that you can have a big action story like No Surrender and still find genuine balance through character development and exploration.”

Graphic Policy: 8.5/10 “Another fantastic entry in the series. One that again changes the narrative style a bit focusing in on one character despite all of the chaos. This event has been delivering and is keeping us excited to see what’s next!”

IGN: 8.5/10 “Sean Izaakse’s run on Uncanny Avengers made it pretty clear that he would kill on the main Avengers title, and he lives up to that prediction in this issue.”

Rogues Portal: “With a major return for a classic member of the team —and a killer twist— Avengers #681 continues the weekly No Surrender saga with an exciting new wrinkle.”

You Don’t Read Comics: Grade- A “Sean Izaakse brings a strongly rendered and more classic-styled issue than the previous chapters. With a look that has echoes of Alan Davis and Mark Bagley, Izaakse does the book justice”

Oregon Live Interview

I spoke to Will Nevin at the Oregonian all about Glitterbomb: The Fame Game, including how the series came about, the state of fame in Hollywood, and working with Djibril Morissette-Phan. Give it a read!

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game is on B&N’s ‘Best Of March’ List

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game (now available from your favorite local comic shop) is on Barnes & Noble’s ‘Best Of March’ graphic novel list. Check it out!

Zub at Emerald City Comic Con 2018!

It’s the beginning of convention season 2018, and Emerald City in Seattle, Washington is the first one for me out the gate. If you want to get your copies of Avengers: No Surrender, Thunderbolts, Wayward, Dungeons & Dragons, Samurai Jack, Glitterbomb, or any of my other work signed, here’s where you can find me:


I’ll also have a limited number of the Wayward Cover Collection doujinshi Steven and I had printed up for Comiket in Tokyo. I don’t think they’ll last long.

In addition to being at my table all weekend, you can also find me at the following panels:

Join Katie Cook (Star Wars ABC-3P0, Nothing Special) and Jim Zub (Avengers, Dungeons & Dragons) for their fan-favorite con horror stories panel! What’s it like working as a pro in the business on the convention ‘circuit’? Ridiculous, embarrassing, always entertaining. Some stories will make you laugh out loud, some will make you cringe! This panel is recommended for those 16+ due to coarse language. TCC L3–Room 1

Saturday, March 3, 2:45-3:45pm MAKE MINE MARVEL
True Believers assemble! Get the latest news about Avengers: No Surrender, Marvel’s new digital comic initiatives, and more at this panel! Ryan North (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), Margaret Stohl (Captain Marvel), Jeremy Whitley (Thor vs. Hulk, Unstoppable Wasp), and Jim Zub (Avengers) will be on hand to discuss the stories they’re telling in the Mighty Marvel Manner! TCC L3–Room 3

What do Charles Soule (Curse Words), Tini Howard (Hack/Slash: Resurrection), Jacob Semahn (No. 1 With A Bullet), Jim Zub (Wayward), and our special guests have in common? They craft the mythologies of today. Do you want to learn more about creating comics? Do you want to learn how character, plot, rhythm, and dialogue combine in the best stories? Come learn from the best. TCC L3–Room 5

Avengers #681 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8/10 “Avengers #681 is probably the best issue of the weekly No Surrender story so far.”

Comic Book Corner: “It’s an entertaining book and you don’t have to wait a month for it to come out so you don’t feel like you’re forgetting anything. A very fun read.”

Comic Book University: “They’re telling a story with a lot of butt-kicking. I’m okay with that.”

Comicosity: 8/10 “Avengers #681 is another solid chapter in what is becoming a significant epic in Avengers history.”

Comicsverse: 8.3/10 “The origin of Voyager and revelation of the Grandmaster’s involvement show strong writing, and the artwork of Jacinto and Curiel continues to be a highlight.”

Fortress of Solitude: 9/10 “I am loving how much action is in this book and how much story as well…Each issue keeps ramping it up.”

Graphic Policy: “Jim Zub, Mark Waid, and Al Ewing still craft a solid issue with good character moments spread out. It’s an all out action brawl with small character moments this time around but it’s good action and they paced themselves quite well at it.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “It’s a story that finally feels big. Big enough to an Avengers story and weekly…A really cool epic story.”

Rogues Portal: “As ever, Avengers #681 is worth checking out if you’ve been following “No Surrender,” which throws a few new wrinkles into The Grandmaster’s game.”

Glitterbomb: Fame Game Review in the Toronto Star

Mike Donachie from the Toronto Star gave Glitterbomb: The Fame Game a stellar review in their latest book column.

“It’s hard to express this clearly, so let’s keep it simple: read Glitterbomb.”

Give it a read!