Marvel Comics From Zub in December

• The Master of the Weirdworld?
• The Champions’ mystic quest comes to an end – but at what cost?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Cover by RB SILVA
Variant Cover by Babs Tarr
The spirits of the North stir and Snowguard must answer their call! Amka Aliyak’s past and present collide as she strives to understand the power she’s been given and where she belongs. Take a deep dive into Marvel’s newest young hero in this special supersized Champions issue!
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99

With astonishing mental powers and a skeleton made of solid diamond, DIAMOND PATCH lives a life of violence and glamor! Plus, when the Chronogen Mists left KAMALA KANG forever changed, they set her on a course to becoming the teenaged conqueror of time! And finally, when their parents were killed as they got their powers, they swore revenge and became…THE PUNISHER PACK!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Champions #24 Reviews

Bam Smack Pow: “This story makes no bones about emotional pain and vulnerability. It acknowledges feelings like guilt or even despair as being legitimate reactions.”

Black Nerd Problems: 8/10 “This issue does well to highlight the constant fear, anger, and sadness we live in with the state of our society. These feelings are usually at the core of what we feel when something like this happens.”

Comic 10/10 “This is a wildly emotional book, and everyone should buy it, read it, and share it with someone else. Everyone.”

Comic Book University: “A universal tragedy that everyone can come together for. This was brilliant.”

Comics the Gathering: 9/10 “It does not trivialise or over-dramatise. It does not prescribe facile or fantastic remedies. It reminds us of the wounds to which we’re all susceptible and it inspires us to take action on our own…a potent reminder that in the wake of tragedy, stories about heroes only grow more important.”

Geeked Out Nation: 10/10 “You couldn’t have asked for a more powerful issue of Champions, and this year was the best time to tell it. This foe only wins when we keep silent, when we forget why we speak up against it, when we let despair keep us from hoping for better.”

Major Spoilers: 7/10 “Champions #24 manages to provide some meaningful context while providing important character development for our young heroes without preaching or trying to hammer home a political point, doing so with lovely art”

Newsarama: 8/10 “This is where Zub’s light touch as a writer really shines through. He seems keenly aware of how contentious the issue is – how raw this nerve will be no matter when we’re talking about it – so he instead keeps the focus on our heroes.”

Shoot the Breeze: 10/10 “The writing from Jim Zub is very powerful, Riri’s frustrations with the endless cycle of school shootings ringing very true, and Kamala’s words to Miles were beautifully chosen. The art is likewise very effective, Sean Izaakse capturing the inevitable whirlwind of emotions Miles and his teammates experience from these events.”

Southern Fried Geekery: “It’s an incredible book, a powerful stand alone story.”

Comic Book Club Interview

While I was at Keystone Comic Con over the weekend I was on a live podcast panel with the crew at Comic Book Club. We talked about wrapping up Wayward, collaborating on Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons, the emotional intensity of Champions #24 and more.

Give it a listen HERE.

Wayward #28 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8/10 “The art continues to be gorgeous, almost blossoming off the page. The wreckage has an almost haunting beauty to it, and the character expressions are stepped up in the expressiveness department.”

Comic Attack: 8/10 “What can be said about the art team of Cummings and Bonvillain that hasn’t been said over the past twenty-eight issues? The opening sequence beautifully captures the sadness and caring of the moment and when things shift to the supernatural, Bonvillain’s colors take it to the next level.”

Comic 8/10 “Steven Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain’s art and color put on paper quite possibly one of the most interesting openings to a demonic battle that you’ll see.”

Geeked Out Nation: 9.1/10 “Wayward #28 throws everyone right into the fray, and I don’t think there has been a bigger stage then now for either success or failure. This issue laughs in the face of anyone who was really hyped up for a turnaround, but even then this remains a story where you expect the unexpected.”

Horror Talk: 10/10 “Wayward is not slowing down at all. It’s steaming forward towards an incredible climax with monsters all around. If this issue is any indication, we’re in for some epic supernatural battles to close out the series.”

Zub at Keystone Comic Con This Weekend!

This weekend I’m in Philadelphia for the first annual Keystone Comic Con! I’ll be in Artist Alley sketching and signing at TABLE F-24. If you’re at the show I hope to see you there!

In addition to being at my table, I’ll be on some panels as well:

Friday Sept 14
3:00-4:00pm Bringing Fantasy Worlds To Life

Panel Room B (Room 111AB)
From Middle-earth to The Upside Down and everything in between, the best fantasy stories capture the imaginations of readers with fully-realised worlds and the characters who inhabit them. Join a panel of writers as they discuss how to create these engrossing stories and shine a light on bringing these worlds to life. Featuring Devon Taylor (The Soul Keepers), Josiah Bancroft (The Books of Babel Series), Jim Zub (Dungeons & Dragons) and more!

Saturday Sept 15
4:00-5:00pm Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing

Keystone Theater/Room 114
YouTube sensation Comicstorian moderates this can’t miss panel featuring two of the biggest Marvel mega-stars of today – Nick Spencer (Amazing Spider-Man) and Jim Zub (Champions). A major theft has been pulled off in New York, and Black Cat isn’t the culprit? Spidey has to team-up with the felonious feline femme fatale to uncover the truth! Plus, the Champions enter a world of swords and sorcery. Can the next generation of heroes survive the perils of Weirdworld?

5:30-6:30pm Marvel Science 101
Panel Room A (Room 113A)
The Marvel Universe is filled with scientists who are constantly tweaking, bending and breaking what we know about real-world science. Join science educators Matt and Shari Brady along with Chris Claremont (X-Men), Alitha Martinez (Iron Man), Brandon Montclair (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur), and Jim Zub (Avengers) to talk about how science is used and abused in the Marvel Universe! Please leave time platforms and cosmic cubes at the door.

Sunday Sept 16
10:45-11:45am Comic Book Club Live

Panel Room B (Room 111AB)
Comic Book Club is a live talk show and podcast that’s been running for over a decade, hosting guests from the worlds of comedy and comic books! We’ve been written up in the New York Times, twice, and recorded the show all over the country. Come watch the show, be part of the podcast!

D&D: Evil At Baldur’s Gate #5 Reviews

Comic 8/10 “The best comic of this week is definitely the one where a hamster takes on a hostile adventuring party and wins.”

Comic Crusaders: 8/10 “Definitely a must-read for RPG fans, and it might make a nice pick-up if you’re the kind of person who likes a little fun in their fantasy.”

Major Spoilers: 9/10 “The scenery is magnificent. There’s a double splash from the rooftop looking out over the harbor which is just lovely and really captures the feel of Baldur’s Gate. The villains are distinctive and amusingly cranky looking. The slapstick scenes that evolve into the fight are great.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “The attention to detail here is sensational as we see the manipulation of the line work so the subtle and the bold moments can work in concert with one another beautifully really makes this a joy.”

Wayward #28 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8/10 “The art continues to be gorgeous, almost blossoming off the page. The wreckage has an almost haunting beauty to it, and the character expressions are stepped up in the expressiveness department.”

Comic Attack: 8/10 “It’s been great seeing one art team on a title for this long delivering a consistently well drawn sequential story.”

Comic 8/10 “Jim Zub’s writing paired with Steven Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain’s art and color put on paper quite possibly one of the most interesting openings to a demonic battle that you’ll see.”

Geeked Out Nation: 9.1/10 “…this was everything you imagined when thinking about a big climatic fight breaking loose. The colors used for this issue were both explosive and fantastical.”

Horror Talk: 10/10 “Wayward was pitched as ‘Buffy set in Japan’ and it’s grown so far beyond that. This is an immersive experience steeped in terrifying folklore.”

TMStash: 10/10 “The most beautifully written and illustrated book in comics today turns up the action to 11 in this issue. I’m blown away by the battle scenes here…and the tension is palpable. “

2018 Joe Shuster Award!

Just found out I won the 2018 Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Award in the ‘Outstanding Writer’ category.

Thank you to Kevin Boyd and everyone else involved! I deeply appreciate the support.

Congrats to all the other winners, including my friends Andrew Wheeler, Djibril Morissette-Phan, Stuart Immonen, Gisele Lagace, Hope Nicholson and Mark Askwith!

Rick and Morty VS D&D In Newsweek!

Newsweek has a piece on Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons #1 written by game columnist Andrew Whalen. Check it out!

Battle Of The Atom Podcast

In this podcast interview, we cover reading Marvel Comics, working for Marvel, writing X-Men characters, upcoming Champions issues, and the changes to Psylocke that happened in Mystery In Madripoor.
Give it a listen!