Jim Zub’s Top 10 Go-to Comic Book/Graphic Novel List

Over on the True North Country Comics site I have a list of 10 Go-to comics or graphic novels you need to check out and add to your collection. Read my quick rundown on some of the best the comic medium has to offer and, if you’re missing any, make sure you put them on your reading list!

D&D: Infernal Tides #3 Reviews

Comics For Sinners: “This comic book keeps delivering. Good story. Great art. Endings that keep you yearning for more.”

Fanboy Factor: “It’s richly complex, vastly full of characters and dramatic tension, battles that seem unwinnable, and good versus the evil.”

Screen Rant: “…exquisite imagery and precise linework that conveys both the magnitude and scale of Avernus and the claustrophobic intimacy of a vicious street brawl with the legions of Hell.”

Sequential Planet: “It’s a fun adventure that has tons to love and a wonderful start to the return of comic books”

D&D Fantasy Draft on the Heroes World Podcast

I was one of the guests on the Heroes World Podcast, participating in a unique episode – a D&D Fantasy Draft where we picked an imaginary gaming group from a list of 50 celebrities who have spoken about their love of Dungeons & Dragons.

Who ends up on each team?
Who will be the Dungeon Master?
What edition and setting do we play?

Watch and you’ll find out!

Free Writing Seminar for Be Our Heroes Canada

As part of the Be Our Heroes Canada event that ran over the weekend, I did a free comic writing lecture, going through the process I used to develop the story and script for Conan the Barbarian #13. Check it out to get an extensive look at the comic writing process.

Talking With ComicPOP!

Sal Crivelli from ComicPOP and I had a wonderful conversation about comics, conventions, storytelling and working on books like Avengers and Conan the Barbarian. It was a really fun chat and I hope you check it out. Lots of fun anecdotes in there.

True North Nerds: Talking About RPGs

Brent Chittenden, Fearless Fred, and I got together online to chat about our favorite tabletop RPGs of old on the True North Nerds podcast. It’s a fun episode full of nostalgia around one of my favorite hobbies. Give it a listen!

Jasper’s Game Week Live Session

I had a blast raising money for suicide prevention & awareness as part of Jasper’s Game Week and you can watch the whole session below.

Here was our cast:
Satine Phoenix – Dungeon Master
David Blue – Zoriel the Aasimar Paladin
Fenway Jones – Cellaa the Aarakocra Monk
Jason Charles Miller – Hortense the Tortle Druid
Jim Zub – Bethri the Human Bard

Watch 5 Game 2 | Jasper Game Week 2020 Charity Stream from MiniTerrainDomain on www.twitch.tv

One On One Shots – Vampire: the Masquerade Seassion with B. Dave Walters

B. Dave Walters (writer of Dungeons & Dragons: a Darkened Wish) and I met up online to play a special one-shot Vampire: The Masquerade session and talk about our experiences in comics and gaming.

We toggle between an interview chat and the game session, but if you want to jump straight to the gameplay, you can click HERE.

Random Worlds Q&A

I did a Q&A steam on the Random Worlds IRC channel last night and you can read the full transcript for it right HERE.

Idle Champions Stream Interview

I spoke to Dylan Wilks at Codename Entertainment on the D&D Twitch stream all about gaming, comics, and the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides. It’s a fun time covering a bunch of topics. Check it out!