Wayward Vol. 1 Arrives in March!


Arriving March 25th, Wayward Vol. 1: String Theory collects the first five issues of my new creator-owned comic series in a spiffy softcover for a wonderfully value-priced $9.99!

It’s the perfect price to get on board (or buy for a gift) and will be arriving in stores the same day as Wayward #6, so you can binge read 1-5 and 6 to get caught up all at once.

NOTE: The trade paperback does not include Zack Davisson’s special essays on Japanese myth and culture, our alternate covers, or our letters pages, so if you’re enjoying that extra content and/or can’t wait for the collections, please keep collecting our single issues as they arrive each month. We deeply appreciate the support and single issue sales help keep the series rolling.

Comic shops will be getting their Diamond Order code for the collection soon, but in the meantime you can already pre-order from several online outlets, including Amazon, linked below:

Wayward Vol. 1
String Theory

(issues #1-5)

Rori Lane is trying to start a new life when she reunites with her mother in Japan, but ancient creatures lurking in the shadows of Tokyo sense something hidden deep within her, threatening everything she holds dear. Can she unlock the secrets of her power before it’s too late?
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Makeshift Miracle Book 2 Coming Soon


My advance copies of Makeshift Miracle Book 2: The Boy Who Stole Everything just arrived and they turned out wonderfully. Shun Hong Chan’s artwork is breathtaking and the print quality on the book is top notch.

The book arrives in stores next month and it’s still available for pre-order from your local comic shop or the outlets linked below. If you’ve enjoyed Wayward or my other comic stories but haven’t read Makeshift I hope you give it a try. As always, thanks for the support!

Makeshift Miracle Vol. 2
The Boy Who Stole Everything

Colby has fallen into a surreal realm of dream and imagination in his search for answers about Iris, the strange girl who fell into his life from out of the blue. What he discovers about the link between them will change both their lives and leave one of them with the ultimate decision of life or death. The hit online comic concludes in a beautiful graphic novel, perfect for teen readers and manga fans.

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Midtown Comics

Ashbury Park Press Talks Wayward


The Ashbury Park Press has a nice article talking about Wayward, getting new readers up to speed. Click on through to give it a read.

“An upbringing that emphasized both cultures tempers Rori’s culture shock just enough, in much the same way that her charismatic narration tempers ours, because Zub and Cummings hit the ground running with the borrowed images and myths that are the backbone of the series driving “Buffy”-esque supernatural narrative, throwing Rori into an unexplained world of mythological phenomena.”

Con Freaks & Geeks Interview


The gang at Con Freaks & Geeks interviewed me on the latest episode of their podcast. We talk about Wayward, Street Fighter, and more. Click on through and give it a listen.

Dynamic Forces D&D Interview


Dynamic Forces just posted a new interview with me all about the new Dungeons & Dragons comic series. Click on through to give it a read.

Conan-Red Sonja Interview on Diamond Previews


I did a Q&A all about the upcoming Conan-Red Sonja mini-series starting in January from Dark Horse Comics. Find out how this titanic team-up came about and what readers can expect when swords clash in the new year.


Wayward #3 Reviews


I feel like issue 3 is where we’re finally hitting our stride with Wayward and reviewers seem to agree. Check it out!

All-Comic: 4/5 “Key moments are dropped within the book to show that the scope is going to be huge. Needless to say, minds will be blown.”

Big Glasgow Comic Page: 4/5 “Steve Cummings’s art remains fascinating, each and every image is extremely precise, very often worth just looking at in order to admire the detail he put in it.”

Black Ship Books: “The writing flows and seamlessly weaves character development with the plot, while the art continues to be some of the most gorgeous work currently on the shelves. This is not a series you should be missing out on.”

Comic Attack: “If you’re a fan of well written characters, Japanese mythology, and great comics then start reading Wayward.”

Comic Book Bin: 10/10 “Yeah, it’s not fluke. Wayward is one of the best new titles of the year.”

Comics the Gathering: 10/10 “Wayward shows no signs of slowing down and is making its way towards my favorite book of the year.”

Comix I Read: 4.5/5 “This series has been stellar since the start… a wonderful world with a wonderful story.”

Con Freaks and Geeks: 9/10 “…if you are not reading this book, you are missing out on an amazing story with wonderful art.”

Fandom Post: “Wayward’s doing the right things and it’s looking good and building events and I like that the potential villain side is just now really making its way into things.”

Fangirl Nation: “The story is pulling me in and I am already frustrated that I have to wait another month for the next issue.”

Geeked Out Nation: 9/10 “Zub writes teenage interactions and problems realistically while balancing the supernatural elements and world-building. Cummings’ art continues to explore the wonder and horror of Tokyo as well as show the characters in dynamic action.”

Ghost Volta: 10/10 “This is one of the rare occasions where the creative team as a whole works in total unison to put out a truly stellar product.”

Iron Violet: 4.5/5 “Wayward is an excellent book that tells a fantastical story in an authentically-written Japan.”

Multiversity: 8/10 “A well-paced and beautifully drawn journey into the supernatural side of Tokyo.”

OmniJerBear: “This is definitely the book of the year. Pick it up.”

Outhousers: “Jim Zub and his crew do a stellar job of creating a Tokyo that feels both real and drenched in mythology.”

The Read Pile: “If you’re not reading Wayward, I really recommend it.”

Rhymes With Geek: 10/10 “Great story. Amazing art. Beautiful designs. Wayward is my pick for book of the year!”

Shadowhawk’s Shade: 10/10 “The art here is pretty damn fantastic…one of the best new comics of the year”

Sound In The Signals: “This is definitely on my short list of favorite new series right now.”

The Telltale Mind: 4.5/5 “There is a little humour sprinkled throughout the book which combined with the beautiful colouring, really keeps the feel of the story nice and light. Overall, a fantastic book and probably the best Image launch in the last few months.”

TMStash: 10/10 “How they manage to keep such a warm feeling in such a strange tale is amazing to me.”

Unleash The Fanboy: 9.5/10 ” It’s a thriller with a heart of gold, where just enough character development and arc progression adds up to a downright engaging cliffhanger. In other words: this release soundly comes highly recommended.”

We The Nerdy: 8.9/10 “There’s also a nice little twist at the end that makes me think this comic series will veer into a direction I cannot predict”

Creative Spaces on Eat.Geek.Play


Over on Eat.Geek.Play they’re posted up a new article showing my comic writing work space and discussing my set up. Click on through to check it out.

Zub Interviews Cameron Tofer, Creator of Minsc


Over on the official Dungeons & Dragons website they’ve just posted up an interview I did with Cameron Tofer, member of the Bioware team who developed Baldur’s Gate and original creator of Minsc and Boo! Click on through to give it a read or listen to the audio.


Reviews: D&D #1 and Samurai Jack #13


Ain’t It Cool News: “Zub’s writing allows us to imagine Minsc’s voice in our heads; it sounds just right, and the lines he gives Minsc are hilarious.”

Brain Freeze: “Legends of Baldur’s Gate #1 reads well, is full of humor and feels like a real Dungeons & Dragons adventure.”

Comic Bastards: 4/5 “No knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons or Baldur’s Gate is needed. Just a fun book with action and interesting characters.”

Comic Book Bin: “I want to try the next one or two issues in order to see where this goes.”

Deadshirt: “This issue is a breathless roller coaster ride that promises intriguing follow-ups, and perfectly captures Minsc’s trademark bizarre grammar and daffy heroism.”

Fanboy Nation: “Jim Zub clearly loves the D&D world and has produced an enjoyable comic about everyone’s favorite Rashemen ranger.”

Fellowship of the Geeks: “This issue is an adventurous romp from start to finish, with equal parts combat and comedy.”

Fangirl Nation: “One issue alone and I’m ready to follow Minsc’s adventures anywhere.”

Geek Retreat: “It has the look and feel of Baldur’s Gate games, with its specific brand of humour and dialogue, so luckily they haven’t messed with the formula”

Geeks Of Doom: “if you’re looking for a good fantasy story, want to get in on some D&D action, or even just want to read a funny comic book, you can find it all right here.”

Geeks With Wives: “If you haven’t experienced Dungeons and Dragons, this comic is a great way to see the source material come to life in an artful comic.”

Kastor’s Korner: “Never fear! Jim Zub’s mastery over medieval fantasy storytelling is here!”

Merric’s Musings: “it’s a nice, entertaining start to the series, and I look forward to reading the next issue.”

Nerdy-But-Flirty: “I’m very excited that this comic exists, and my only complaint is that I wish it was longer! “

Ominicomic: “Zub’s script is an appropriate blend of action and light humor, keeping things moving well and not really getting bogged down by heavy politics.”

Outhousers: “From the first panel (maybe the second), this comic will grab you and hold on with its stone claws.”

Reading With A Flight Ring: “Max’s interior artwork here is stellar and really does suit this story to a T. He manages to give us these wonderful unique characters that are full of life and emotion.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade: 9.5/10 “I wasn’t sure what to expect from this title when I picked it up to read, but it has definitely been a blast to read”

Sound On Sight: “Zub uses Minsc’s lack of intelligence to make many wordplay jokes, and Dunbar shows his skill with the blade as he impales everything in sight and then some.”

Unleash The Fanboy: 8.5/10 “the kind of fun, exciting comic that any fanboy will love”


IGN: 9.3/10 “This comic is worthy of the source material in every way.”…”An actual TV continuation would be hard-pressed to outdo this comic.”

Comic Bastards: 5/5 “…with the action and themes of each issue, Samurai Jack is something anyone can enjoy.”

Infinite Comix: 8/10 “The combination of the trials of Jack’s warrior integrity and Robo-Merc and Aku’s stellar dialogue deliver an issue of Samurai Jack that is as Steel-tastic as Robo-Merc’s armor.”

Outhousers: “Samurai Jack #13 is a blending of genres including the spy-like hiding of Jack, his Japanese-tinged flashbacks and high fantasy and mythology seeing the gods.”

Rock! Shock! Pop!: “The saga of Jack and the broken sword continues as things intensify once again in this third chapter.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade: 9.5/10 “These two are getting better by each issue, and this one isn’t an exception.”