Comic Shenanigans: Talking Thunderbolts, Life of Wolverine, and Conan the Barbarian

I spoke to Adam Chapman at Comic Shenanigans all about Thunderbolts, Avengers Tech-On, Life of Wolverine, and Conan the Barbarian. We cover a lot of great ground on these projects, talking about development, drama, continuity and more.

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History is history

I’ve been teaching Layout + Design and Animation History at Seneca College since 2004. I’ve taught a bunch of other courses, but those two have been constant.

Today is my last Animation History lecture and that feels so strange.

Seneca’s Animation program is undergoing a major curriculum overhaul in September. The new streams look amazing and will keep our grads on top of the changing industry but within that new structure Animation History as its own course is being phased out.

Concepts and examples from Animation History will be incorporated into drawing and design courses where relevant, but it’ll be different from filling a lecture hall, watching each age of film and analyzing them.

Gathering films from the past has been a hobby and a vocation.

Digging in to understand how innovators and inventions have changed art and entertainment has enriched me in so many ways.

I’m going to miss it a lot.

At the start of each term I’d stress to students that we only had time to skip lightly along the surface to give an overview and inspire them.

For every film we watched there were hundreds more worth finding and learning from, but hopefully this would spark that discovery.

Once you decide to tell stories or make art for a living you can’t be a passive viewer of your entertainment. You have to take everything apart and learn from it. You have to be critical and deepen the pools of inspiration you draw from.

History isn’t just facts and dates.
It’s context and connectivity.
It’s emotional and humorous.

I strived to make Animation History fun and engaging, peppering each lecture with unexpected asides, useful comparisons and as many jokes as needed to get through the boring bits.

If I inspired students to be more curious, keep learning on their own, and remember key creators and films because it felt relevant and poignant to them, then the course was a success.

Now it’s the end of an era.
History is history. 😜

Thanks for giving me such a unique opportunity, Seneca.
It’s been a blast.

Zub at TCAF 2022!

After two years dormant, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is back! TCAF is a wonderful comic and graphic novel event happening at the Toronto Reference Library that’s FREE to attend!

On both Saturday and Sunday Stacy and I will be set up on the second floor salon at TABLE 238 with copies of Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons, the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides, the new Skullkickers Kickstarter book, and more! You can purchase those to get signed or bring any of my other books on by to get signed as well.

I’m also doing two panels over the weekend, one for the Word Balloon Academy online material and another on site:

Friday, June 17th 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
DIGITAL PANEL: Whose IP is it anyway? (Livestreamed on site)
Featuring: Vanessa Stefaniuk, Megan Kearney, Ryan North, and Jim Zub
From Dungeons & Dragons to Disney Princesses, artists of all stripes can make a career working in established IP. Artists discuss how to get into existing IP projects and their experiences in this hybrid, live-streamed panel in the creative stream.
Location: Novella

Sunday, June 19th 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Adventuretime (Not the Show)

Come grab your friends to talk about adventure! From escaping rolling boulders to swashbuckling on the high seas, there are a million different configurations of action set pieces and adventure storytelling. Join an incredible line up of creators, Terry Dodson (AdventureMan), Jim Zub (Dungeons & Dragons, Wayward), Sweeney Boo (Over My Dead Body, Marvel Action), and Henry Brajas (Helm Greycastle), as they discuss how comics make the best action and how to make the best action in comics.
Location: Toronto Reference Library, Hinton Learning Theatre

If you’re in the city over the weekend I hope to see you there!

Talking Out of Character

Over on the official Gen Con Twitch channel, I spoke to Marc Tassin on the Out Of Character show about my work, with a deep dive on tabletop gaming, writing Thunderbolts, continuity, and developing the Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guides. Check it out HERE!

Talking Thunderbolts With

I spoke to Ben Morse at all about the brand new THUNDERBOLTS launching this summer.
Sean Izaakse and I have big-fun plans for Clint Barton, Monica Rambeau, and the rest of the team –
Give it a read!

Dragon Talk: Young Adventurer’s Guides, D&D Comics, and the Ultimate D&D Pop-Up Book!

I spoke to Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble at Dragon Talk all about my upcoming Dungeons & Dragons projects – new D&D comics, the sixth D&D Young Adventurer’s Guide, and the Ultimate D&D Pop-Up Book!

The interview starts at the 25 minute mark of the podcast. Check it out!

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Talking About THUNDERBOLTS With Comic Book Resources!

I chatted with Dave Richards at Comic Book Resources all about the return of THUNDERBOLTS
– the team line-up, redemption, villains, and Ted Lasso, plus exclusive new cover and interior art –
Read and share!

Calgary Expo 2022!

After two years away from convention traveling, Stacy and I are finally back at the Calgary Comics & Entertainment Expo! If you’re headed to the show, we hope to see you there.

If you want to get your copies of Conan the Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons, Champions, Wayward, the Young Adventurer’s Guides, or any of our other work signed, here’s where you can find us:


In addition to being at my table, I’m also on two panels on Saturday:

Saturday April 23rd
Writing For Comics

2:00pm at the BIG 4 COMIC STAGE
An esteemed collection of creator guests carry on an insightful discussion on the intricacies of professionally writing comics. Lovern Kindzierski, Sam Maggs, Conor McCreery, and moderator Jim Zub.

Ultimate Breaking Into Comics Panel
4:00pm at the BIG 4 COMIC STAGE
Get the insider scoop on entering the comics industry with our panel of professionals. Heather Antos, Nathan Fairbairn, Mitch Gerads, and moderator Jim Zub.

Kinetic and Wondrous

Multi-pose panels with ghosted figures are one of my favorite ‘pure comics’ storytelling devices.

When I started collecting comics, this panel from Amazing Spider-Man #231 drawn by John Romita Jr. (inked by Jim Mooney with colors by Bob Sharen) blew my mind.

I was hooked.

It’s a moment frozen in time, but also animates back and forth in my mind.

Kinetic and wondrous.

I hope a comic I’m involved with makes that same kind of magic for a young reader, spurring them on to read and create.

It’s also the reason why I want to write Amazing Spider-Man some day, to try and capture and share a tiny spark of that same magic I felt as a reader and collector.

Dragons & Treasures Arrives This Fall!

Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guide Book 6:

No creature is more fascinating and terrifying to an adventurer than a dragon! This illustrated guide takes a deeper look at the abilities, personalities, and treasure collections of every major dragon type in Dungeons & Dragons.

Dragons & Treasures transports new players to the magical world of Dungeons & Dragons and presents a one-of-a-kind course on the unique characteristics, fabled treasures, and wondrous artifacts of the most legendary of creatures: dragons! The book profiles all main dragon classes, and features easy-to-follow and entertaining explanations of how to identify and interact with these legendary beasts during your adventures. Advice, encouragement, and storytelling tips provide strategies for dealing with dragon encounters, hoards of treasure, and draconic artifacts, along with action-packed illustrations that will ignite your imagination.

Dragons & Treasures is the perfect way for young fans to learn how to incorporate dragons into their stories, whether as foes, allies, or something in between.

Click HERE for more information and pre-order links!