Talking Comic Books Interview


Adam Shaw from Talking Comic Books interviewed Steven Cummings and I while I was in Japan and they just posted up the audio. It was so nice to actually be able to sit in person together and chat about Wayward. Give it a listen!

D&D #5 Solicit

Arriving in August…


Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows of the Vampire #5
Jim Zub (w) • Nelson Daniel (a) • Max Dunbar (c)

This is it — Count Strahd Von Zarovich versus the Baldur’s Gate heroes! Even if they survive, how can they escape the clutches of the Realm of Dread?

•Jim Zub (Wayward, Samurai Jack) delivers an action-packed D&D story set in the fan-favorite Ravenloft setting.
•Featuring characters from the “Curse of Strahd” Ravenloft adventure for Dungeons & Dragons.
•Misc and Boo are cult favorite characters from the best-selling Baldur’s Gate video game series which has sold millions of copies around the world.

Thunderbolts #4 Solicit

Arriving in August…

• The Squadron Supreme delivers justice to an unjust world. Their new target — The Thunderbolts. Someone call Damage Control, ’cause this is gonna get ugly…

32 PGS/Rated T+ $3.99



I’m sure I could pull out every cliché imaginable as I try to sum up four decades of being me but, for at least once in my life, I’ll try to go for brevity over blather.

If I’ve learned anything up until this point it’s that learning is everything; Learning about the world around me means learning more about myself. Learning, growing, accepting, and continuing to move forward.

Here are a few other things I’ve learned:

Friendships matter more than competitions.
Experiences matter more than objects.
Kindness matters most of all.

I feel incredibly fortune in love and life – a strong relationship and a fulfilling creative career. I know neither would be possible without the steady support and enthusiasm of family and friends who encourage me and keep me in their thoughts.

Thank you for being part of the journey. Let’s keep going.


Matt Chats: Extensive Interview on All Things Zub

BeatPatreonInterviewGive it a read.
Matt O’Keefe and I chatted about everything on my plate right now in the world of comics: Thunderbolts, Wayward, D&D, Glitterbomb, and Patreon! Give it a read. Lots of good stuff in this one.

Thunderbolts Leadership Rundown


Over on I do a quick run down of characters who have lead the Thunderbolts in the past, explaining their strengths and weaknesses and contrasting them with the current version of the team. Check it out.

Dungeons & Dragons #1 Reviews!


The new Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows of the Vampire series started up last week. Let’s see what reviewers thought of it…

Adventures In Poor Taste: 10/10 “A good sense of humor, fantastic action, and cool fantasy elements throughout? This is damn good fantasy that should not be missed.”

Big Glasgow: 10/10 “The characters are endearing, the action exciting and the art compliments it all in a way that is rarely seen.”

Binging On Comics: “Solid characters and great art. This is a must own.”

ComicWow!: 10/10 “Zub has a great sense of character, setting and plot; he uses all to great advantage here. Working both as storyteller and Dungeon Master, he moves readers smoothly through the adventure.”

Crit For Brains: 10/10 “This is the most exciting fantasy comic I’ve read in a long time, and I can’t wait for more.”

IGN: 8/10 “Zub is a natural fit for a series that emphasizes humor and character banter as much as monster-slaying and medieval intrigue.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “Jim’s an amazing writer and the kind of fun and passion he has for this is infectious.”

Tor Athena: “I’ve never read a Dungeons & Dragons comic so I can, hand on my heart, say that you can pick up this comic and just read it.”…”It’s funny, the art is brilliant, and I just loved the story.”

Weird Science: 9/10 “If you are any sort of Dungeons & Dragons fan, you should at least give this first issue a peak. It has some awesome action, cool characters a sense of humor and…Minsc and Boo!”

Thunderbolts #1 Reviews


The first issue of Thunderbolts, my new ongoing superhero series at Marvel, has finally arrived. Here are some highlights of reaction to the launch…

Adventures In Poor Taste: 9.5/10 “This is a great first issue that introduces the team, their purpose, and its identity. If you’re not hooked by the last page, you wouldn’t know a good thing if it ripped your heart out.”

Arsenal Comics and Games: “The writing is really, really good.”…”It reminds me of something you’d see in a Marvel movie.”

Bam! Smack! Pow!: “The way the issue jumps right into the action is fantastic”

Comic Boiz: ” There is a very surprising ending that makes me really want to know what happens next.”

Comic Book Resources: 8/10 “Zub and Malin turn the volume is up to 11 throughout, from word to page.”…”Thunderbolts” #1 is refreshingly fun to read.”

Comic Frontline: 9/10 “Zub really gave this a unique team dynamic and, for the first time, I really like the Winter Soldier.”

Comic Spectrum: 9/10 “Liking Kobik, liking this team of characters, and loving the art makes this a must read addition to my reading list.”

Comic Vine: “You can see the potential here, and I’ll definitely be back for the next issue.”

Comicosity: 7.5/10 “Jim Zub definitely gets the tone of the Thunderbolts right, as this issue felt like a logical continuation of the team’s mythos.”

Critical Blast: 9/10 “Real solid writing and art here. Bucky Barnes proves to be a great addition to the Thunderbolts formula”

Fanboy SEO: “Thunderbolts #1 is an enjoyable romp, and I’m really happy to see the OG team again in some form.”

Geek Ireland: 7.5/10 “…an oddly pleasing, energetic blast from the past.”

Hybrid Network: 8/10 “Thunderbolts is an entertaining read that you won’t regret having picked up.”

IGN: “writer Jim Zub is able to find a new sense of vulnerability to humanity in Bucky.”

Nerdophiles: “For readers who are ready for a stylistic, frequently shocking period piece, it promises to be a thrill-ride.”

Nothing But Comics: “Often humorous in their dialogue but with a plot that is always moving and vibrant, Zub’s iteration of the Thunderbolts is instantly endearing.”

Pastrami Nation: 8.5/10 “Thunderbolts was one of my favorite series when it was first released, so to see the book relaunched and under the creative work of Zub and Malin, I couldn’t be happier.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “Jon has a great eye for composition, storytelling – how to use pages and panels for an effective flow – and he definitely brings emotion to the table.”

Rogues Portal: “Buy It. I think that this comic has some major potential”

The Court of Nerds: 8/10 “Jim Zub wrote a fun-as-$#@% comic that brings in a new era of Bucky and the Thunderbolts and for that I say, huzzah.”

The Geek Who Landed: “Welcome back to my pull list Thunderbolts and to a new group of readers discovering them in the process, this series is already rocking and rolling from the start.”

Too Dangerous: “Overall, Thunderbolts #1 is an enjoyably old school comic.”

Zanadu Comics: “Anything with Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier is awesome.”

Thunderbolts Interview on Newsarama


Chris Arrant from Newsarama interviewed me about the new Thunderbolts series I’m writing for Marvel. There are some minor spoilers from Avengers Standoff Omega that leads into the new Thunderbolts #1 arriving in stores Wednesday May 4th!

Zub on Geek Top Five Talking Thunderbolts

I was a guest on Geek Top Five, a countdown-themed podcast that focuses on different parts of pop culture. In this episode I countdown the Top Five Members of the Thunderbolts in anticipation of the new comic series launching on May 4th.

My interview starts at the 33:23 mark of the podcast. Give it a listen!