Wayward #13 Arrives in January!

Arriving in January. Pre-order now!


Story By: Jim Zub
Art/Cover A By: Steven Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain
Cover B By: Tom Raney and Gina Going
Release Date: January 20, 2016
Diamond ID: NOV150661

Tokyo Tower is under siege as Yokai and young gods clash. JIM ZUB (Skullkickers, Samurai Jack) and STEVEN CUMMINGS (Deadshot) continue their acclaimed supernatural spectacle.

Cover A is part three of a five-part panorama by STEVEN CUMMINGS and TAMRA BONVILLAIN. Buy all five issues of this story arc to fit them together into a massive WAYWARD illustration.

Cover B is by TOM RANEY (Uncanny X-Men, Annihilation).

Thoughts on ‘The Dark Knight Returns’


With the upcoming release of Dark Knight III, the gang at 13th Dimension have put together a trio of articles asking comic professionals about their memories of the original ‘Dark Knight Returns‘. I was thrilled to contribute some thoughts on the series.

Part 1: Reading Dark Knight for the First Time

Part 2: The Lasting Influence of the Dark Knight

Part 3: Iconic Moments From the Dark Knight

WAYWARD #11 Reviews


WAYWARD #11, kicking off our third story arc, arrived at last and the response has been incredibly strong. Let’s see what reviewers think of the latest issue:

All-Comic: 8/10 “Wayward continues to be one of Image’s best and most refreshing titles.”

Big Glasgow: 10/10 “Steve Cummings and colorist Tamra Bonvillain bring to life regular people and ancient spirits, modern buildings and holy temples.”

Bleeding Cool: “Zub and Cummings are building a complex, intriguing foundation for what’s to come in Wayward.”

Comic Attack: “it’s one of the best comics you should be reading!”

Comic Bastards: 10/10 “another well-paced entry into a new volume”

Comic Book Therapy: 10/10 “Wayward 11 a great read on all levels, and well-deserving of your time this week.”

Comic Plug: 10/10 “Arc 3 kicks off with a BANG. More of the same Japanglish goodness, character depth, and cultural complexity we’ve come to expect. I love it.”

Fandom Post: “This issue works as both a closer to the previous arc and the start of the next arc”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.3/10 “Wayward #11 is an exciting start to a new story arc showing how much potential this plot has”

Omni Jer Bear: “This is the story of a generation.”

Outright Geekery: 9/10 “Once again, Zub and company continue to deliver a great series with a kick-ass story accompanied with excellent art.”

Pulp Cultured: “The stakes are getting bigger as is the cast and it all looks beautiful.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “I get so excited every time I see this book is out. There’s this whole real sense of awe and wonder associated with it that just envelops the reader in a world that we know so little about.”

TMStash: 10/10 ” another amazing tale with some of the most beautiful artwork in comics today”

Under the Comic Covers: “A phenomenal return to this book. It opens up some wonderful new mysteries to look forward to.”

We The Nerdy: “Jim Zub’s script and characters will always be stellar, and Steve Cumming’s art will always be fantastic.”

Pop Mythology Interview


I spoke to John Kirk at Pop Mythology about creating Wayward, working on creator-owned comics, and navigating creative work. Give it a read!

Wayward Image Gallery


Over on the official Image Comics site they’ve posted a gallery of artwork showcasing some of the Yokai from the series along with comments from Steven about his thoughts on the creatures and characters. Along with full color images you can see the raw unedited scans of Steven’s pencil artwork and marvel at how crisp and clear his originals are. Click on through and check it out.

Comic Book Therapy Interview


Tamra, Steven, and I chatted with Comic Book Therapy about Wayward’s third story arc, which begins this week with the arrival of issue #11. Check out the interview!

Wayward Interview on Comicbook.com


I spoke to comicbook.com all about creating Wayward with Steven Cummings and our third story arc, which starts this week with the release of issue 11. Check out the interview!

Bleeding Cool Reviews Wayward Vol. 1 + 2


Over on Bleeding Cool, Christine Marie has reviewed Wayward as part of her Binge Read Catch-Up column right before our third story arc launches this week with the release of Wayward #11. She’s extremely complimentary of the story so far and encourages readers to get on board the series.

Volume 1: String Theory “honest, heartfelt, and powerful.”

Volume 2: Ties That Bind “a fascinating plot that is simply addicting.”

Word of the Nerd Interview


Word of the Nerd interviewed me about the new arc of Wayward and working in the comic industry.
Give it a read!

Press Blitz Experiment


If you even remotely follow me here on my blog or via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr) you may have noticed that Steven, Tamra, Zack, and I have been on quite the press blitz promoting Wayward’s new story arc (which begins with issue 11 arriving on November 18th). 17 interviews in two weeks. That’s pretty nuts, but it’s also a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see if we could push Wayward out to some corners of comic fandom that maybe haven’t had a chance to check it out yet and to see if a burst of coverage on comic-related sites actually makes a difference for our orders, especially since we were discussing issue 11 of an ongoing series, not a new comic or relaunch.

So, when Briah Skelly, Image’s new Publicity Assistant, sent interested parties our way I said “Yes” and kept saying “Yes”. Everyone who wanted an interview over email or audio was welcome. There was one actually night where I answered email questions before signing on to Skype to record a podcast, then more email questions until a second podcast recording that same night.

In the end, it was actually a pretty enjoyable experience. I got the chance to chat with a bunch of comic readers and tell them about what makes Wayward such a passion project for Steven and I. My fingers are crossed for Wayward #11 and beyond.

Here’s a full rundown of the interviews:

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Comic Crusaders
Comic Plug
Comics Beat
Comic Book Therapy
Comix I Read
Down and Nerdy
Geek Out Show
Geeked Gods
The Girl With the Curls
The Outhouse
Outright Geekery
Pulp Cultured
Sktchd Podcast
Talk Nerdy with Us
Under the Comic Covers
What’cha Reading
Women Write About Comics
Word of the Nerd

Thanks to all the sites who reached out to talk to us and to Briah, Kat, and the rest of the Image crew.