Zub on Word Balloon – The Comic Conversation


John Siuntres and I had a wonderful in-depth conversation about my career and the changing face of the comic industry. It’s one of the most extensive interviews I’ve done and covers a lot of ground I haven’t tread elsewhere. It is quite long, so I put together a breakdown of what subjects we cover in case you just want to zero in on a few sections instead of listening to the whole thing.

0:00:00 John’s Introduction
0:04:18 Interview Start: Talking about Canada
0:11:03 Convention Culture
0:15:40 The changing comic industry
0:20:24 How I got my start doing webcomics
0:28:43 Working at UDON
0:34:19 Starting Skullkickers
0:41:48 Working with Edwin Huang
0:44:25 Skullkickers’ final issue
0:51:50 Skullkickers complete Omnibus?
0:54:10 Tutorials, Economics and Working with Image
1:00:56 Working with Retailers
1:06:33 Wayward
1:14:14 Manga sales in North America
1:17:49 Wayward’s touchstone character and the big story
1:22:46 Samurai Jack
1:40:47 Conan and Red Sonja
1:52:57 Teaching and Animation History
2:02:59 Conventions and Travel
2:15:29 Role-Playing Games and Creativity
2:18:35 Wrapping Up

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