Yesterday’s Press

With the launch of both Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki #4 and Skullkickers #1 yesterday, it was pretty insane.

Ibuki #4 Press:

Behold the Geek! is really happy with the Ibuki mini-series wrap-up. “[it]’s a satisfying end to Ibuki’s own miniseries and a perfect introduction to a really fun character. I’ve grown to like Ibuki thanks to Zubkavich and Dogan, which to a non-video gamer like me is a feat in and of itself.”

• Street Fighter blog X-ism has a new review for Ibuki #4 posted up. “Issue #4 wraps up the series with a bang.”

Skullkickers #1 Press:

• Movie/entertainment megasite Ain’t It Cool News has posted a review of Skullkickers #1, stating that “SKULLKICKERS is a thematic amalgam of almost every geek trapping that sets our Twitter feeds atwitter” and “everyone who loves comics should buy SKULLKICKERS”.

Broken Frontier reviewed Skullkickers’ first issue and declares that “Zubkavich’s comedic timing is brilliant and fluid; his words balanced with ease by artists Chris Stevens and newcomer Edwin Huang.”

• At the end of this week’s episode of A Comic Show they feature Skullkickers, calling it “the new Chew” which, if you haven’t read the award-winning Chew series, is high praise indeed.

• I was a special guest host on the Watchtower Comic Podcast this week, discussing Skullkickers and also running through recent comic news, reviews and gossip. Give it a listen and enjoy.

• Atomic Comics has a brand new interview all about Skullkickers and the amazing advantages of the comic medium.

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