Edwin and I are flying in to Boston this afternoon as part of a day and a half event being organized by retailer Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics. If you live in the Boston area you should attend!

Friday night is a Skull’kegger’/Street Fighter tournament and Saturday is the Woborn Warehouse comic show.

Larry’s Comics sells a series of exclusive comic variant covers promoting titles he feels are hot or up-and-coming for the comic industry. Soon after Skullkickers #1 came out he contacted Image about getting a variant produced for his store. Usually the variants are just line art or recoloured versions of the regular issue’s cover but I wanted to make sure it stood on its own as a different pic. Edwin and Espen delivered a beauty:

SK #1 Retailer Variant (limited to 1000 copies)

It’s an exciting day trip right before the holidays really kick in to gear. Wish me luck!

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