Skullkickers #5 Cover Homage

I know a lot of fans have told us how much they enjoyed the Hulk homage cover we did for our first issue, so I’ve had a few ideas percolating with different salutes to the stuff that Skullkickers draws influence from.

Dungeons & Dragons, with all the manic kookiness it has in trying to create epic fantasy stories with your friends that turn into gut busting laughter instead, is a big part of the Skullkickers equation. I want to riff on some of the famous (or even not-so famous) imagery from the game when appropriate.

With the issue #5 cover I knew we were going to show a giant demonic monstrosity smashing things and it reminded me of the old school D&D module called “Castle Amber”.

I asked Edwin to use the Castle Amber cover painting by Erol Otus as a starting point, keeping in mind that our cover illo has a completely different shape. I think he did a fantastic job subtly using that imagery without just copying it outright. I wasn’t sure if RPG fans would pick up on the reference, but now that you can see it side-by-side I hope you get a kick out of it.

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