Samurai Jack #3 Reviews

Samurai Jack #3 arrived in comic shops last Wednesday. It was an issue all of us on the creative team have been extra excited about, so let’s see what critics thought of it…


Comic Bastards:5/5 “It isn’t the beautiful artwork of Andy Suriano, it isn’t how spot on Jim Zub writes Jack himself, it’s the ability of them both, in tandem to tell a truly great, totally authentic, Samurai Jack story.”

Fanboy Nation: “Samurai Jack #3 manages to keep the original feel of the show while also telling an entirely new story. The comic was thoroughly enjoyable and beautiful to look at.”

Geeked Out Nation: “It’s nice to not only see that Zub knows this character well but he knows how to write his story. He writes stories that could have easily been episodes of the series.”

Nerds on the Rocks:7/7 “When people talk about great comics they need to start mentioning Samurai Jack. This is a comic that bleeds heart, fun and creativity as if it were sliced with a katana.”

Off The Panel: “I can’t wait to see how the series continues, and am looking forward to getting the next issue.”

Rock! Shock! Pop!: “All in all, a great issue with a surprisingly touching ending and another fine addition to the series.”

Second Printing: “Seriously this issue of Samurai Jack measures up with some of the best episodes of the show”

Shadowhawk’s Shade:10/10 “…And the ending, well, that’s just pure Samurai Jack ending right there, and is one where Jim really does nail Jack’s character. Loved the ending, which made me cry I should point given how much of an emotional punch it packs”

The Outhousers: “The last few pages are wordless, saying everything they need to with just the art, which is a true trait of Samurai Jack.”

What’cha Reading:4/5 “This comic is tight. Well paced, intelligent, and witty.”

Word of the Nerd: “The issues thus far have been worthy successors to Genndy Tartakovsky’s cartoon. Jim Zub has crafted an arc that stays true to the character and his motivations while also giving Jack ample reason to show off his impressive fighting techniques.”

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