Purple Worms Attack!

Hard working weekend, but the end is in sight. All weekend was painting and working, pushing to get the Dungeon artwork all finished. My original schedule had me finished up yesterday night with today as relaxation and/or a buffer day in case I didn’t get done. It’s a good thing I worked that extra day into the calendar. The painting I tried to finish Friday bled into Saturday, pushing everything forward one day so I’ll be doing the last pic today instead.

Saw Ong Bak on Saturday. I borrowed a subtitled version of it (it’s been out in Asia for over a year) instead of hitting the movie theatre due to my time constraints. Overall it was physically impressive, but the hype I’d gotten about it from my friends was too much and in the end I was disappointed. I don’t expect a deep story from this kind of martial arts film, but any time the action wasn’t cooking the movie was really quite terrible. When people talk about the movie being one of the greatest martial arts films of all time or that Tony Jaa is “the next Bruce Lee” it blows things way out of proportion. Watching half a dozen old Jackie Chan movies where he’s doing the impossible time and time again was a better judge of Jackie’s abilities. Let’s see what comes next from Tony Jaa instead of handing this 28 year old the title right off the bat.

There’s a Mnemovore interview with our pal Dr. Drave up at Comic Book Resources. E-mail DC and tell them that the issue #2 cover would make an amazing poster.

Here’s last night’s illo, as usual… click on either to see a larger version:

Line Art


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