Arrived home this morning from PAX on an overnight flight from Seattle. The show went fantastically well, possibly our best show of the con season once it’s all said and done. The expo was incredibly well put together, the staff was amazing and the fans were gracious and excited. We sold a lot of stuff and had a blast.

If you click through to the photos linked below you’ll also see a lot of head sketch drawings I did at the con. I posted up my favourites from the weekend. I ended up sketching about 30 different character pics for fans, which is something I’ve never done at a show before. Normally I only draw 2-3 head sketches at a con, if any. Hunkering down and doing that many was a good experience, giving me added confidence and extra interaction with people coming by our booth.

Click here for PAX photos

Needless to say, it was a great show. Given the strength of sales I think it’ll be much easier to convince Erik to take a chance on PAX East in Boston coming up in March.

Other stuff:

Comic and movie rumour master Rich Johnston posted an article up this morning comparing Skullkickers to runaway successes at Image like Walking Dead, Chew and Morning Glories. Here’s hoping he’s right.

I’m trying to get caught up on stuff but am relaxing a bit too. Seneca’s Fall term starts tomorrow and two new classes of students will be starting off, full of awkward excited energy. It’s a fun time of year.

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