New Life Drawing – Session #4

Last night’s life drawing session was short. I only stayed for the first hour out of three. I slept like crap on Monday night and zombied my way through Tuesday, so by the time the session started at 6pm I was already beat.

Weirdly enough, the best piece of the night wasn’t even from the model. Using one of the whispy 30 second gestures I did at the start of the session to warm up I added all the details and shadows while the model was on break. I’m not sure if it was just good visualization or what but it looked better than the poses where I was trying to analyze the model right in front of me. Weird, but cool. I think the figure drawing practice is paying off.

Anyways, here’s the pics:

Today I’m even more sore than yesterday. Waking up was one of those “alarm clock rings and sucks me out of the coma” kind of moments. My legs are really hurting today for some reason and I wish I was just at home sleeping or relaxing. Meh.

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