Mystery In Madripoor #1 Reviews

The first issue of Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor arrived in stores last week. Let’s see what reviewers thought of our opening chapter…

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8/10 “A good issue due to the strong team dynamics and a killer opening fight scene. If you’re at all a fan of Wolverine’s period in Madripoor give this a shot.”

Caped-Joel: 7.5/10 “As Jim Zub has shown time and time again, he has a flare for team dynamics, especially big teams like this one here.”

Comic Book University: Grade=A+ “This was great. I loved every single aspect of this comic book. For all intents and purposes, it was perfect.”

Comic Watch: 8/10 “I think the writing from Zub is good and in places quite inspired and I enjoyed that there is a genuine edge of tension between the allies which comes off the pages from the beginning. Thony Silas’s art is a beautiful balance of angles and sharp edges”

Comicsverse: 9.5/10 “the perfect testament to the mutant team and their connection to Wolverine. Zub, Silas, and Sobreiro are a creative dream-team”

Film Exodus: “Writer Jim Zub and artist Thony Silas give the ladies their time to shine in this miniseries. The group Zub brings together is fun, feisty, and fearless. The superheroines each had a special place in Wolverine’s life and it’s nice to see how they each affected Logan in their own way.”

Fortress In Solitude: 8.5/10 “An interesting tie-in to the Hunt For Wolverine…They did a great job showing how Wolverine touched each character’s life.”

Heroes At The Summit: “Zub plays the story off of the history instead of letting the history tell the story. The art contained in the panels and pages of this book fit the story wonderfully. The opening fight sequence showcasing Wolverine is a work of perfection”

Super Powered Fancast: 8/10 “The writer chose a great focus for this story and the art work really complimented the narrative style.”

Rogues Portal: “Mystery in Madripoor #1 really reminds the reader all the distinct roles that Wolverine took on in his life. It is obvious that Zub took the time to understand the complicated character that Wolverine is and show that to the reader.”

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