Links Out of Nowhere

There’s some weird web comic synchronicities going on with the ol’ Makeshift Miracle. It’s given me pause and amused me at the same time.

I poked around the website on a whim, checking the server logs and seeing if it was still getting traffic. I know I mentioned Makeshift in January, but this is getting quite odd. Traffic is slowly going up now, not leveling off or decreasing. I tracked some links back and found several long forum threads from people who were raving about it. This isn’t based on any prompting from me – these are complete strangers. I’ve gotten a couple fan mails over the past month as well, which is always nice. I’m used to getting about one a month since the comic ended, but now people are e-mailing about the comic or my tutorials a couple times a week.

If the site was being updated or advertised at all, it would make more sense. It’s just sitting there and getting a strange surge of word of mouth as of late. I’m not complaining, but it is sort of odd that it’s happening now.

Digging through the links feels like reverse cyber-stalking as I check which places are linking to it. Some are in foreign languages, some are RPG fans that found my site after seeing my professional artwork and others are web comic artists who like my work or were inspired by it. I even found a Japanese-only White Wolf fansite that linked to my post about Chad eating rancid sushi as well as my site. So strange.

More digging and I find out that Scott McCloud has me listed as one of his Top Twenty best web cartoonists. It’s a weird feeling – Gratifying and honestly, a bit intimidating too.

No point to this blurb beyond that. I didn’t post this fishing for compliments, to come off unappreciative or naïve of the work I did. I just wanted to make a record of the coincidences drawing towards Makeshift lately and add that to my “maybe I should find some time to do another web comic” thought process pile.


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