Last chunk o’ reviews

Okay, here’s one last slate of reviews about Skullkickers. After this, I won’t be posting links to every single one because it’ll get monotonous (if it hasn’t already 😛 ).

• Primary Ignition reviewed the issue after coming across it by accident.

“I was pleasantly surprised by Skullkickers. I opened it without a clue about it, and found a fun little romp of a story. It strikes me as a book that simply isn’t afraid to be what it’s going to be.”

• Adam Prosser at JoBlo gives a quick rundown of the issue and notes my webcomic start.

“…it feels like a labor of love, not something pumped out (smartly or otherwise) to cash in on a popular trend or genre.”

• Giant Killer Squid enjoyed the read, especially considering the reviewer normally shuns any and all fantasy material.

“Looks like Image has put out another fan-favorite.”

• WPR digs right in and has a great time with it.

“This book was an entertaining, drunken, and mythical romp through a world that has werewolves, dwarves with drinking problems, a mysterious assassin, possibly a vampire, and death by spoon.”

• Newsarama’s Best Shots Review finds a fun new book they can get behind.

“Writer/creator Jim Zubkavich’s dialogue and speech are spot on, never falling prey to the usual fantasy tropes, but also never feeling so contemporary as to be off-putting.”

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