Home Alone

Having no real schedule is sort of eating my brain.

Going to bed at strange hours, then waking up typically at 7-8am no matter what time I go to bed. I work or putter away around the apartment until I suddenly realize that I didn’t eat lunch (or was that breakfast) and that the sun is getting ready to set. Hermit like lazy tendencies kick in for half a day, and then suddenly I decide to be a neat freak, only it’s midnight. So before I go to bed I’m doing the dishes, folding laundry and taking out the garbage.

Work is getting done. Did two card pieces from start to finish yesterday, which felt good. I colored one up with typical comic “cuts” and Photoshop gradients, then did the second one very painterly using the watercolor tools in Corel Painter. Good practice, though more proof of my extreme inability to just go down one path and master it. Oh well…

Luckily, Gal’s been on ICQ quite a bit in the evenings and we chat a bit on the phone while she’s at work once in a while. It sounds like she’s got some really good projects to work on, which is very cool. She’s slowly but surely getting acclimatized. I don’t assume that’s easy or that it’ll be a constant upwards progression, but as long as she keeps working at it, I’m pretty sure it’ll work out well.

Cooking for one is an impossibility. I end up with tiny pockets of leftovers or underestimate and cook too little. Food that I would normally do more with (add spices or cheese or whatever) I tend to just cook it barebones because there’s no one else to enjoy it with. That’s not meant to sound as depressing as it reads.

I’ve never lived without a roomate or family around. I’ve never been completely on my own for more than 3 days or so. This is a bit of an education in willpower. The will to stay organized, especially working from home. The will to actually shave my face, even when no one will know if I did or not. It should be interesting… luckily some of my friends have been warned by Gal to check up on me, lest I become a wild jungle hermit or something.

I’ve been watching episodes of the show “Penn & Teller – Bullshit” since before Gal left. It’s a surprisingly well done show ripping the veil off of superstitions (ouiji boards, ghosts, ufos, etc.) as well as societal things we take for granted (the war on drugs, bottled water, recycling, crime, etc.). It’s a really well crafted blend of education and entertainment. Even the worst episodes are pretty good and the best ones have actually changed my perception on some pretty ingrained things.

Otherwise, things are okay. Lonely, but okay.

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