Exalted 3e Comic Story Now Available


The new Exalted one-shot comic story I wrote for White Wolf/Onyx Path for the Exalted 3rd Edition Kickstarter is now available to non-backers via DriveThru RPG.

The young warrior known as Visiting Flare wanders Vaneha in search of the answers to the jumbled broken puzzle that is his past.

In times of stress he catches fleeting glimpses of a time when his power reshaped history, but he does not know whether those visions are real or what they mean. When the truth is revealed to him, his past and present will collide and legends will come alive once more.

I’m pretty damn happy with how it all turned out. Hanzo and Melissa did a wonderful job on the artwork and Marshall delivered the goods on the lettering, as always.

The Exalted mini-series for UDON was my first “pro” writing (well, co-writing actually) gig back in 2005. It was fun to dip my toe back in the Exalted waters again 9 years later.

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