D&D: Frost Giant’s Fury #1 Reviews!

The newest Dungeons & Dragons comic mini-series launched this week and the response to our first issue has been fantastic! Thank you to everyone who sent supportive messages. D&D as a whole seems to be on an upswing as of late and it’s a thrill to be a small part of it. Let’s see what critics thought of our first chapter…

Adventures in Poor Taste: “They each have unique personalities and their conversations seemed more natural and less cliched than you might expect from a D&D book, where it would have been easy to fall into familiar archetypical fantasy dialogue and tropes.”

Big Comic Page: 8/10 “There’s some genuinely terrific stuff in Diaz’s line work, particularly in a mid-issue action sequence, where his excellent panel staging and the lovely contrasts between characters, effects and environments in Ribeiro’s color-work combine beautifully.”

Bleeding Cool: 8/10 “Artist Netho Diaz compliments Zub’s writing. The characters are believable, the panels aren’t overstuffed with detail, and the fight scenes are clean and fluid.”

Comic Bastards: 8/10 “Good writing and solid art make for a fun read for any fantasy fan.”

Comic Book University: “Combining my two favorite hobbies: comic books and Dungeons & Dragons. I’m loving this!”

Couchman’s Corner: “More than a few panels have a sort of baroque feel to them, and I adore it. You can feel the weariness of the characters, the sense of sorrow and bitterness that’s enfolding them.”

Court of Nerds: 10/10 “The narrative Jim Zub has crafted with these heroes is nothing short of brilliant. It’s compelling, fast paced, and keeps the reader hungry for more.”

Fanbase Press: “a wonderful jump-start into this fantasy world. Not only are the illustrations so lively you’ll want to wrap yourself in a blanket to keep warm, the colors are as bold as the characters who hope to survive and defend one another.”

GWW: “I am in love with Jim Zub’s writing style as he brings to comic book life the campaigns and adventures you would find around a tabletop full of dice, supported of course by the WotC campaigns.”

Multiversity: “Tensions are high and time is running short, and it does a great job of making us fear for the safety of the characters.”

Newsarama: 9/10 “Capturing the energy of a well plotted campaign is no easy feat but Frost Giant’s Fury #1 is so fun you can practically hear the dice roll.”

Pop Mythology: “It’s got everything a game player could love. You can’t help but feel like you are sitting around a table populated with gamers when you read this book.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “The creativity and imagination in bringing these Giants to life, not to mention their new ally Saarvin, is utterly delightful.”

Talk Nerdy With Us: ” Seeing the action drawn out provided an extra dimension to the already rich world of Dungeons & Dragons, filling in images that we typically provide from our imagination–and they’re captured beautifully.”

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