The new Conan comic series launched on Free Comic Book Day and there’s a lot of excitement.
What did reviewers think?

Comic Book Club: “A classic Conan tale and Jim Zub seems the perfect fit for it…The nostalgia factor was a 10.”

Comic Lounge: “This is the book I knew I would like but didn’t know I would like as much as I did. What a great Conan comic…This is going on the pull.”

Comicon: 10/10 “…a masterpiece in the making, judging from this issue alone. A promising primer that is both honourably homaging the past greats who have worked on Conan in comics, while forging a new path too.”

Cuantica Grafica (Spanish): “Zub, De la Torre and Villarrubia emerge victorious. What’s here is not only sensational, but a precious work that, if it continues like this, could be a new milestone in Cimmerian adventure.”

Gary B, The Casual Comic Book Guy: “I felt like I was reading a 1970’s Marvel Conan the Barbarian comic and man, did this ever capture my interest…I was completely blown away by this preview…an amazing time to be a Conan fan.”

Graphic Policy: “I think this is fantastic! It’s a solid read, it’s entertaining, the art is amazing. It’s got me pumped for what’s to come. It is exactly what Free Comic Book Day should be all about…This really stood out from the pack. Head’s above everything else.”

Grimdark Magazine: “De La Torre’s artwork is gorgeous and dynamic, and it hearkens back to some of the most beloved depictions of the character. Jim Zub has been vocal about his enthusiasm for Conan for many years, and there’s no other active comic writer I trust more to do the barbarian justice.”

Hero Press: “I was left with a palpable sense of excitement and optimism for the character’s (hopefully very long-running) tenure at Titan Comics.”

Horror Mike: “Titan Comics has done Robert E. Howard proud…This really delivers. No bait and switch. You’ve got the great writing of Zub and excellent art of De La Torre inside. I love it.”

Is This Just Fantasy?: “It’s really nice art, good body language…They’re taking Conan back to his roots.”

Kabooooom: 10/10 “The Conan comics franchise is in good hands based on this first outing. I’ll be looking forward to the first official issue come July and I doubt I’ll be alone in that.”

League of Comic Geeks: 10/10 “Every aspect of this book was on point! The Buscema-inspired artwork from De La Torre couldn’t be more perfect. Jim Zub’s writing would make REH proud.”

Pop Culture Maven: “If you’re a Conan fan, this was definitely worth checking out. I was really surprised by this.”

Ron Reviews: “The bottom line is that this is very promising and they’re definitely on the right track with this material…I think Conan is in great hands and I’m excited about this series!”

Stygian Dogs: “As expected, De La Torre’s work is exceptional. It’s said online that his work feels historical, almost biblical. It’s like he is and always has been the default illustrator bringing our histories, myths, and legends to life.”

Tennessee Fats: “They chose an art style that specifically speaks to Conan…That style of art speaks to you as a reader. It speaks to me as a reader. It speaks to people who are going to be picking this up from scratch…I think they really knocked it out of the park for issue zero.”

Todd Luck: “This looks like something that just leaped out of Savage Sword. I was so floored when I saw this…this reads like a great Conan comic. The text in here could have been written by Roy Thomas or Robert E. Howard. It perfectly captures the character, especially the wanderlust.”

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