Clearly Busy

Even though my vision felt a touch blurry today and I’ve had some halos from bright lights, I rocked my eye exam today. 20+2 in my right eye and 20/15 in the left… better then 20/20 in both eyes just over a week since my surgery. The doctor was quite impressed and told me that the minor halos would come in and out as my eye heals, so it’s nothing to worry about. Very cool indeed. The cold is slowly subsiding… I almost feel human again.

Gearing up for busy times next week. Hopefully this weekend I can find a moment to revamp my website and add up a section for this life drawing stuff as well as the artwork I’ve been doing since November. It’s so much easier posting the art up here and I’ve let my website languish because of it.

It is possible to have too much nifty stuff. Unpacking the 800-900 lbs. of books I own is kicking my ass. Too many art books I don’t use enough, hardcover versions of novels I love, comic trade paperbacks and RPGs I’ve gathered. I’m a book pack rat and I want more… it’s really quite bad. If/when I get a house, I’ll really need a library room of some sort. It’ll be very nerdy, with wall-sized fantasy maps put up and sturdy bookshelves that won’t warp under the weight of my stupid collection.

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