My plans for a report on Wizardworld Chicago just keeping getting derailed. So after a browser freeze-up caused my fully written version to be lost, here’s the point form fly-by version:

– Driving down with Erik and Hepburn was an adventure. We left late, almost ran out of gas (but were saved by Petrolia), saw stupid newspaper headlines and solicitations for silly books, ate way too much junk food, were searched at the border briefly and still managed to arrive 15 minutes before Preview Night.
– Udon not having the booth at the show was a nice change. I could sleep in and actually get breakfast before the show each day.
– Finally meeting Roberto Campus face to face was great. He and his wife were great.
– Talking to retailers directly about Exalted and giving them a free copy of issue #0 seemed to go well.
– I bought a crapload of tradepaperbacks 50% off US cover price with no tax. Yippy!
– Erik bought a light-up replica lightsaber. He is truly the King of Nerds.
– Marvel parties are insane and I blacked out before the night was finished. Thank you for saving me, Sean McKeever.
– Kobe beef burgers, fine steak and kick ass traditional deep dish pizza… a yummy weekend.

Now you know.

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