CHAMPIONS Relaunch in January!

The World Still Needs Heroes and There Are Heroes All Over the World!

Announced on Saturday at New York Comic Con, CHAMPIONS gets a brand new issue #1 in January and we are bringing aboard my incredible Wayward co-creater, Steven Cummings, to celebrate this new era of Marvel’s next generation of heroes!

Check out this stunning first issue cover artwork by Kim Jacinto, with colors by Rain Beredo:

Why a new issue #1?

The response to my Champions stories has been great so far and many of the single issues have gone into second printings, but in the current retail climate the simple truth is that readers look to issue #1’s as a clear jumping on point for stories and characters. When new Marvel Editor-In-Chief CB Cebulski came on board I was already announced as the writer of Champions with issue #19 and so, as other Marvel series have been getting Fresh Start issue #1’s to mark important story changes and signal to readers and retailers that they have big plans, it was decided that Champions should get the same treatment in the new year. Marvel is really happy with what I’ve been doing and they want to make sure more people know about it and get on board.

In order to make sure we were worthy of that new issue #1, we’re swinging for the fences with wild ideas and a big dramatic story to open things up in 2019. Bringing on Steven, the phenomenal line artist on Wayward, gives me the confidence that we can really go for broke with action and drama in the Mighty Marvel Manner.

What kind of big ideas?

Ms. Marvel is now the formal leader of the Champions and she’s decided that the team needs to make their mission bigger than ever. She believes that since young people will inherit the world some day, they need to step up and make it a better place. Dozens of teen heroes around the globe have answered her call and the Champions are becoming a movement like no other.

How many heroes are we talking about?

On our first cover there are 11 characters, and inside that first issue there are 3 more who join them. That means there are 14 heroes so far and more will appear in future issues. There are five heroes at the center of the Champions story – Kamala Khan, Miles Morales, Amadeus Cho, Sam Alexander, and Viv Vision – with many others contributing depending on where in the world (or across the universe) they find themselves. There are a lot of popular and obscure teen heroes in the Marvel Universe who haven’t had a ‘home’ in quite some time and I hope Champions will be able to spotlight some of them as our story grows.

You mentioned big drama…

Yeah. With a team this big, the Champions have gained the attention of some A-list evil in the Marvel Universe as well, a major villain who wants to stop their movement before it starts. This villain’s plans lay the groundwork for our first arc, a twisted tale of dark secrets and betrayal that could destroy the very future Kamala is working to protect. This first arc will have major repercussions on the team and will change some of them forever.

At the same time, there’s unrequited love brewing among team members, friendships being broken, and new egos to contend with. More heroes means the Champions can tackle huge threats, but it brings a ton of other unexpected problems. Ms. Marvel and her friends will be tested like never before.

As we get closer to the January launch, I’ll be showing preview pages and teasing story revelations. Keep an eye out because in 2019 the Champions go BIG and I can’t wait for you to read it!

  1. I hope to see Asha from Wakanda join champions since she is a lesser known character

  2. Please keep the Champions adventures Earth bound. I love their mission to make our world a better place!

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