Avengers: No Road Home #1 Reviews!

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8.5/10 “It’s hard to read this issue and not marvel and how good of a handle these three writers have on the characters. Hercules is the perfect amount of pompous yet endearing. Rocket Raccoon is the perfect amount of sassy and grumpy. And so on and so forth. Every character that appears sounds like themselves, which should mean a lot to longtime readers.”

All-Comic: 10/10 “Avengers: No Road Home was a pleasure to read. Everything about this book screams epic. The writing team has a formula that continues to knock it out of the park and make this a winning series. The art is simply stunning. This is a must read book!”

Beta Ray Greg: 9/10 “Holy hell. That was vicious. This is going to be an amazing run. The team has come together only to lose a member right off the bat. These writers pull no punches.”

Caped-Joel: 9/10 “This was a really solid premiere issue…Everything that works well in No Surrender works well here, and then some. This book gives the spotlight to some Avengers who rarely ever get it as well as a ton of fan favorites.”

Comic Book Resources: “Avengers: No Road Home #1 is an excellent, accessible debut that promises an epic story driven by more offbeat characters. A streamlined experience in comparison to No Surrender, the issue trims the cast and scope without compromising the stakes.”

Comic Book.com: “These characters come from such contrasting styles in their own franchises that blending them together could be a challenge, but the three writers do a splendid job of balancing their needs and stories. Everyone gets their own moment and not one character really feels wasted.”

Comic Book University: “This is a great book! You want to start off a limited series right? This is how you do it.”

Comic Hunter: “This is a definite for fans of The Avengers, Marvel, or those who just enjoy a good end of the universe scenario.”

Comic Relief: “All the characters are written great and I’m curious where the story will go.”

Comic-Watch: 8.6/10 “The writing team takes great care in this first issue to ensure that each character stands on their own, with distinct voices and personalities…Avengers: No Road Home #1 is a fascinating start to what could be the surprise hit of the year.”

Comics: The Gathering: 10/10 “This story roars out of the gate with passionate characters, a clear antagonist, and simply gorgeous storytelling in words and art. Time will have to tell how the story ends, but it absolutely could not be off to a better start.”

Comicsverse: 9.8/10 “Avengers: No Road Home #1 is a wonderful book. It proves that the original weekly series wasn’t a fluke. Zub, Ewing, and Waid are a true dream team.”

Detail Comics: “I’m really excited about where Avengers: No Road Home is going to go.”

Do You Even Comic Book?: 9/10 “The pencils of Paco Medina, the inks of Juan Vlasco, and colors of Jesus Aburtov come together to create this modern comic book style which I love so much. The level of details in the pencils mixed with heavy inks made the characters stand out in every scene. “

DVS Gaming: “this comic is over-sized, but fast paced and easy to read. You will not spend any time bogged down in set-up because it picks up speed directly into the central story before the end of the comic.”

Embrace Your Geekness: “The art of Paco Medina is top notch here and the combination of writers on this book are wonderful.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 9/10 “A fantastic start to an action-packed weekly story with all of the hallmarks of a great Avengers book.”

iFanboy: “The choice of Paco Medina really helped with the tone on this. His art feels like a foot in the modern world and a foot in the older history of Marvel Comics. It’s evocative of both and fills the gap nicely.”

Inside Pulse: 8/10 “Solid art and a great line-up through an interesting yarn.”

Joe Ryan Comics: “It’s a great #1. It’s a great set-up…With really classic Marvel storytelling.”

Major Spoilers: 9/10 “Paco Medina really makes the issue work, delivering on quiet moments of conversation in diners as well as massive battle sequences and Voyager’s dramatic teleportation effects.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots: 8/10 “Artist Paco Medina is the glue that holds these three mighty writers together. Medina does a fantastic job making this read as a coherent story, rather than a mess with too many cooks in the kitchen.”

Nerdy Legion: 8/10 “The team is very cool and they’re not a typical Avengers line-up, which is why it works very well. Hercules is hilarious!”

Newsarama: 9/10 “No Road Home certainly has the talent, the cast, and the potential to succeed, topped off with a high fantasy hook that is tailor made for serialization. Eyes front, True Believer, because Avengers: No Road Home #1 is Marvel Comics in their purest form.”

Sequential Planet: 7.8/10 “If you’re an Avengers fan, you should read this. Even if you’re not, you should still read this.”

Talking Comic Books: “an incredible creative team and an engaging first issue that draws the reader in and makes you anticipate next week’s issue”

The Beat: “Medina also does a good job keeping the action fluid and smooth when the different heroes start to coalesce and bleed into each other’s storylines. We also get a chance to see the gods of Olympus depicted by Medina, who does an excellent job designing and crafting the visual direction for the characters.”

This Week In Comics: “That’s what’s so fun about the book, we get a chance to read about characters that don’t have a huge spotlight, and explore their development. The writers know what they are doing, and the combination of these characters are being put together for a reason.”

Uncanny Nerdverse: 8.5/10 “The pacing is perfect. If you read every issue in a row you’d never know if a different writer is writing the different characters. It just reads like it’s one writer all the way through. It’s a great combination.”

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