Avengers #681 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8/10 “Avengers #681 is probably the best issue of the weekly No Surrender story so far.”

Comic Book Corner: “It’s an entertaining book and you don’t have to wait a month for it to come out so you don’t feel like you’re forgetting anything. A very fun read.”

Comic Book University: “They’re telling a story with a lot of butt-kicking. I’m okay with that.”

Comicosity: 8/10 “Avengers #681 is another solid chapter in what is becoming a significant epic in Avengers history.”

Comicsverse: 8.3/10 “The origin of Voyager and revelation of the Grandmaster’s involvement show strong writing, and the artwork of Jacinto and Curiel continues to be a highlight.”

Fortress of Solitude: 9/10 “I am loving how much action is in this book and how much story as well…Each issue keeps ramping it up.”

Graphic Policy: “Jim Zub, Mark Waid, and Al Ewing still craft a solid issue with good character moments spread out. It’s an all out action brawl with small character moments this time around but it’s good action and they paced themselves quite well at it.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “It’s a story that finally feels big. Big enough to an Avengers story and weekly…A really cool epic story.”

Rogues Portal: “As ever, Avengers #681 is worth checking out if you’ve been following “No Surrender,” which throws a few new wrinkles into The Grandmaster’s game.”

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