Apartment Hunt 2005

The lease here at the apartment is up at the end of February. On top of an unbelievable amount of responsibilities heaped on our plates mixed with personal stuff, we’re moving right in the middle of the semester. It’s never boring, that’s for sure.

Yesterday was spent searching for a good apartment. A bit closer to Seneca/York would be ideal. Being close to a subway stop and a bit closer to downtown would also be nice. Having it quiet and with no neighbors above would pretty much make it Shangri-La. Hell, while I’m throwing wishes around, let’s go for cheaper rent too.

We started searching, encountering the usual assortment of idiotic superintendents and lying ads (“well-maintained”, “newly renovated”, “beautiful neighborhood”, “close to TTC”, etc.). I would look at these places and try to imagine myself settled there. So many of them just didn’t feel right.

After searching like crazy, I think we found a new place. It fulfils ALL of the above criteria.

In fact the only thing it doesn’t have is more space. It’s smaller than the current apartment and we were both worried that the expanding amount of furniture and books here would make this new place impossible to manage. So, nerdiness firmly in my brain, we went back to the place a second time armed with tape measures and got exact dimensions written down. Then last night I built a near exact floor plan of the place in Photoshop along with squares representing the space taken up by every piece of furniture here. Fitting pieces in, rotating them in place, checking for decent space between… it’s not half as bad as we thought. If we go with this place we’ve also got a heck of a map we can use to guide the movers. Still some bits to iron out and cross our fingers, but it feels like a “home” and that’s probably the most important vibe.

On the work front, the forecast is cloudy with chances of tornado. 2005 starts off with a torrent of things to do.

Up early getting ready for class. First day teaching this semester and it’s gonna be a doozy. More later.

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