Finishing my cold-ridden irritating day at the college, one more rant.

Please note before I begin this rant that most of my students are great. It’s the obnoxious 10% that frustrates me.

When you have a 2 week project (actually 3 weeks for a 2 week project when you factor in the Reading Week we just had), you should plan those two weeks out. Showing me your animation for the first time the day before the project is due doesn’t bode well. When I give you the critique you asked for and you have tons of things to fix before tomorrow, don’t act like I ran over your puppy. You did this to yourself, schedule-wise.

I know which students are actually working hard. It’s very easy to tell. Being at the college doesn’t mean you’re actually working at the college. Just because you hang out all day in the Animation wing doesn’t mean you worked hard. This holds true for pretty much every program. When I walked by the Seneca Library in the middle of the afternoon I saw:

9 computers being used to play Counter Strike.
5 computers being used to play Halo.
5 computers being used to check e-mail.
4 computers being used to play Starcraft: Broodwar.
4 computers being used to watch YouTube videos.
2 computers being used to play Nintendo emulators.
1 computer being used for some kind of Photoshop assignment.
1 computer being used for some kind of research.
The rest were not being used.

I’m not a cruel instructor or a slave-driver. I wasn’t a model student in college either, but I didn’t bitch when things got jam packed because I knew that I’d wasted my days away on other things.

Okay, rant is done. I’ll feel better soon and things will improve. Good portfolios and strong assignments will brighten my brain.

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