I think I’ve now mastered a specialized form of procrastination… which I will now dub productive procrastinationism… the act of doing productive things which are anything but that one thing you know you should be doing.

I’ve done the dishes, dusted and vacuumed my apartment, taken out the garbage and recycling, answered old and new e-mails, put on the laundry, watered the plants… everything but started marking assignments – the same assignments which have to be marked so final grades can be submitted by Monday morning to the college. I’m contemplating scrubbing the bathroom tiles, for crying out loud.

Anything to avoid that pile of assignments and also avoid feeling guilty about it. If I do all these other things, it’s not like I just lazed around and was irresponsible… so it’s okay, right?

*whimper* Right?

Hate – marking – so – much.

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