Oh God, now this is going to seem like I’m one of those hardcore blogging people as I do a day-by-day recap here. Just woke up and getting ready to head over to the convention centre. There’s four other people in the lobby clacking away on their laptops… this is some crazy tech-geekness in full effect. Almost every person I’ve seen getting ready today and wandering yesterday has the ultimate cliche of geek attire – tan colored shorts, t-shirt or golf shirt and multiple tech holsters at their side. I think I’m the only guy going to the show without a PDA. If their hotel rooms are anything like our own then this whole building is a fire hazard of tangled power cords and recharging gadgetry sucking electric juice from the walls.

Okay, more Calgary memory stuff before I forget:

– I was a guest and moderator on a panel with Takeshi Miyazawa, Paul Dini, Humberto Ramos, Rich Birdsall and Art Thibert where we did Q&A style chatting with the people in attendance. It went well and we kept things amusing.

– Running into all sorts of people who knew me in Calgary back when I was living there. I didn’t get to visit extensively with many people, but even just seeing them and touching base briefly was good. In particular, seeing some of my former students who have found success in the industry was great to see.

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