Reading through material on the web, there was a neat article about typing your name into Google and seeing what responses you found. It’s easier with a name that isn’t generic (“John Smith” won’t find you many relevant links to your life, only thousands of others). I used to do it quite a bit when Makeshift Miracle was in full swing to see which sites had linked to me.

So I typed “Zubkavich” into Google again this morning…

Wow. That’s a whole lot of related pages and links. It’s kind of cool and eerie at the same time. A lot of people I’ve never known have linked to the site. Some of them talk about the web comic, my RPG art, the fact that I’m in the animation industry… a lot for Makeshift, which is weird because beyond adding a new title page, I haven’t updated the site in a year or so. The fact that people are still talking about it, admittedly in a limited way, with no advertising on my part is kind of cool.

So that naturally made me segue into actually rereading Makeshift Miracle. I haven’t read the story in a year and a half. It honestly felt like someone else had done it, and given all the changes that have happened in my life, in some ways – someone else did.

There are some really nice pages and some lines of dialogue that make me smile. There’s awkward bits, perspective drawing problems and areas where I can remember rushing certain pages out under the gun, spots where I’d “George Lucas Special Edition” the hell out of it if I could go back and change parts. But it still works pretty damn well. The story actually wraps up and answers most of what it set out to tell.

I don’t know if I could find adequate time to do another web comic. If I did, I’m pretty sure I’d make it free and work on building an audience instead of making it subscriber-based, though anything’s possible. I actually did 4 pages of a new web comic short story over the summer that I wanted to debut before San Diego Comic-Con this year, but got slammed with other work and couldn’t get it done.

It was exciting and fun doing the web comic before, getting feedback from people and telling a story that a small audience looked forward to during their week. Remembering that gave me a little booster early in the morning and showed me how far along I’ve come and what my creativity did for me when I pushed myself at a crucial moment. I worry about not being able to be the person I want to be or carry through on promises I make to myself, and something like this reminded me of what’s possible.

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