The schedule continues along pretty steadily at this point. No complaints in that regard. I’ve been working, teaching (which is also working, really) and keeping my evenings free for a bit of relaxation.

Attended ghostyo’s wedding reception on Friday and had a good time. I’m really happy for all the good fortune he’s had this year. He’s heading into his creative and romantic life in a really amazing way all in one giant wave and I can’t wait to see it grow.

I’ve been doing some digital painting lessons for Gala. Even though I’ve just been doing simple still life pics to show her different coloring concepts, they’ve been turning out pretty decent. So far I’ve done an apple and a wine glass.

White Wolf’s finally released the front cover image for the Exalted Fair Folk book, and it’s been nice getting positive feedback from fans about it. The crew busted their butts on that cover, so it’s even more gratifying that people are liking it. Reading some of the forums, the odd person is nit-picking elements of it or lamenting that Yoshitaka Amano didn’t do the images, as was originally planned. I’m slowly learning that the old adage “can’t please all the people all the time” holds extra sway on the internet. The cover looks damn good, we worked hard and it’s gonna be fun seeing it in print.

Saw the Flight book again when I was in a bookstore downtown on Monday. So many amazing little stories by web comic artists whose work I love. I’ve got to find out who the contact person is for subsequent volumes and see if I can pitch a story at them. If anyone knows who to contact, please let me know. I’d be honored to be part of that group and do up a surreal story ala Makeshift Miracle. Speaking of Makeshift, I did up a new title page for the site here.

Lastly, I bought myself a new toy. I never thought I’d buy a Mac based product, but I guess anything’s possible. I read reviews and articles gushing about the iPod revolution and that it’s the digital product that’s a sign of the future of tech and all that jazz. Read a lot, finally decided to buy a 20 gig iPod on the weekend and I must say – Holy Shit.

Seriously, this little thing is amazing! I’m not going to gush like some bad ad campaign, but I’ve pretty much never had such a kick ass device. The thing isn’t even half full and I have every single song I own or can think of on it – currently about 2100 tracks. It’s completely intuitive to use, small, light, rechargeable and cannot skip.

I’ll probably end up adding more orchestral music and a pile of comedy tracks to it later on once I organize those, but I’ll still have 9 or so gigs to use as portable hard drive storage for backing up important files. It’s got a day timer type calendar, phone list, alarm clock… the little iPod is jaw-dropping.

That’s the update for now.

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