Projects Currently on Deck for Zub in 2022

1) A fun and frantic superhero team book with new faces and some deep cuts.

Revealed: An all-new Thunderbolts mini-series published by Marvel.

2) A deep dive into the continuity of one of the most recognizable heroes in the business, making it easier for new readers to understand their history.

Revealed: Life of Wolverine Infinite comic series on Marvel Unlimited.

3) Returning to a pair of sadistic + sarcastic troublemakers, setting them against a bedrock part of nerd culture.

4) A short story for an anthology with a character getting a big media profile boost this year.

Revealed: A story for the Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood mini-series published by Marvel.

5) An 18-year old mini-series pitch unexpectedly risen from my story graveyard. It’s alive and happening at last. The concept worked back then, but now it’s even more relevant.

6) Collaborating with a gaming legend on a story spun out from the new world they’ve been building.

7) Alternate world story on a mythic scale for one of the biggest characters in comics.

8) Mini-series for a sword & sorcery legend I’ve been itching to get back to for years.

9) A few anthology-style stories built around some of my favorite superheroes.

10) A self-contained fantasy comic story set in a land of whimsical danger and delight.

Revealed: The Dungeons & Dragons 2022 Annual set in the Feywild, published by IDW.

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