Zub at Boston Fan Expo This Weekend!

This weekend is my first time in Boston for the Boston Fan Expo. I’ll be set up at TABLE P31!

I’ll have a limited number of the convention-exclusive Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons Sneak Preview comics that premiered at Gen Con last weekend:

In addition to being at my table, I’m also on a couple panels over the weekend:

Friday, August 10

You want to learn about writing comics directly from the best in the business? Do we ever have the panel for you! Featuring a group of the industry’s top writers, please join us as they discuss their craft in this can’t miss panel with Jim Zub, Meredith Finch, Tini Howard, and Howard Mackie.

Saturday, August 11

Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and all-star writers Donny Cates (Cosmic Ghost Rider, Death of Inhumans, Venom), Matt Rosenberg (Astonishing X-Men, Punisher), and Jim Zub (Champions) talk about the most exciting comics to hit the stands this year – and beyond!

Zub at Gen Con 2018!

It’s time again for North America’s largest tabletop, card, and board game show, GEN CON in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Howard Tayler (Shlock Mercenary, Writing Excuses) and I will be set-up together at BOOTH 1649 in the main exhibit hall, ready to sign and sketch for readers.

If you’re headed to Gen Con, it would be great to see you there! It’s one of my favorite shows each year. Getting the chance to promote my comic work and also dig into the latest and greatest the gaming industry has to offer is a wonderful opportunity.

In addition to being at the booth, I’ll be participating in the Wordbuilders Gen Con Party on Friday night. Buy a ticket to join Worldbuilders and friends for an evening of games, food, drinks, and mingling with some awesome authors, game designers, podcasters, and creators. Sign up to play games with the celeb of your choosing in a relaxed environment and participate in the silent auction for a chance to win some cool geeky prizes. This is a charity event and all proceeds will go towards Worldbuilders and you will also walk away with a swag-filled bag worth over $100!

At the Worldbuilders Party I’ll be running A Fake Artist Goes To New York and The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31!

Also, if you stop by the IDW Games Booth (#158) you’ll be able to check out the game box and miniatures for the Wayward board game arriving in 2019!

Arriving in October – WAYWARD #30!


OCTOBER 31 / 40 PAGES / FC / M / $4.99

“BOUND TO FATE,” Conclusion
Fate burns as past and present clash in the final battle.

WAYWARD concludes with a special double-sized spectacular that includes an epic 30-page story, pin-ups, and more!

Champions #25 Arrives in October!

Marvel Battle Lines Variant Cover by KEUNWOO LEE

Celebrate 25 issues of Champions with the start of a brand-new story and a perfect jumping-on point! Swords and sorcery beckon as our heroes travel to Weirdworld, a place where dreams can come true, but nightmares are never far away! A quest begins and sacrifices will be made…

40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99

Written by JIM ZUB
A fresh era begins as Ironheart and the Unstoppable Wasp join the Champions! The team has grown, but the mission stays the same — fighting to make the world a better place for all! But the super villain known as the Master has plans, too: he’s determined to save Earth from itself! And the Champions are going to…help?! But the Champions are on a collision course with Alpha Flight! Could Ms. Marvel have to battle her idol, Captain Marvel? And who is the new hero Snowguard? Plus: Nova no more?! And the events of Infinity Countdown are felt as the battle for the Power Stone sends the Champions into outer space, where they’ll fight for — Thanos! Strange allegiances and sacrifices will be made…and one young hero is about to lose everything. Collecting CHAMPIONS (2016) #19-21 and INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CHAMPIONS #1-2.
136 PGS./Rated T+ …$17.99
ISBN: 978-1-302-90982-6

CHAMPIONS Go Sword & Sorcery For Our Upcoming Storyline Starting With Issue #25!

Marvel sent out a series of character teasers today…

…And then finished with a press release and cover image for CHAMPIONS #25, arriving in October!


Even the Weirdworld needs heroes!

New York, NY—July 23, 2018–This October, Jim Zub, Sean Izaakse, and Max Dunbar are taking the Champions on the ultimate quest—one that involves an adventure beyond what could ever be imagined! But as they travel through this twisted fantasy realm, one thing becomes clear: they may never be the same…

“With two of their teammates having vanished into Weirdworld, the rest of the Champions have no choice but to follow them into that ever-changing landscape,” tease SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “However, the changes this will put them through are both profound and unexpected—and will lead to something new on the horizon!”

“Everyone who knows me and my work knows that sword & sorcery is near and dear to my heart. It’s a potent vehicle for building stories of survival and heroism in worlds where life can end on the tip of a blade and creatures lurk in every shadow,” adds Zub. “The Champions fight for what’s right, no matter where they are…or who they are, and this upcoming weird and wonderful three-part story is going to show you how true that is.”

Join the quest and prepare for sacrifice, swords and sorcery as our heroes encounter the monsters and nightmares only found in Weirdworld! It all begins in CHAMPIONS #25, in comic shops this fall!

Written by JIM ZUB
On Sale 10/3/18

Champions #22 Reviews

Black Nerd Problems: 8.5/10 “Champions continues to be a fun ride with a great cast of young heroes just trying to do the right thing and make a difference.”

Bleeding Cool: 7.5/10 “another strong installment for Marvel’s crew of young heroes. The characters are engaging and endearing, the story is interesting once it gets rolling, and the artwork is solid.”

Caped-Joel: 7.5/10 “As someone who has read a lot of comics it’s very pleasant to see Champions #22 tie together a ton of different hanging continuity threads and use them to inform the story.”

Comic Book University: “A whole bunch of amazing stuff in here. So good.”

Comic Book.com: 10/10 “This is truly a master class in orchestrating a team dynamic. At one point or another, nearly every member of the Champions is given a vital role, and they all have to depend on one another.”

Comic Frontline: 9/10 “I think the best part of this issue is the emotional connections we finally get to form with this team, I feel like Viv and my emotions have been turned on.”

Comic-Watch: 10/10 “a strong, well-written team book that is a worthy modern successor to past offerings like the original New Mutants and New Warriors and consistently leaves you wanting more. This book earns the highest of recommendations.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.6/10 ” This is one of the more engaging of the ongoing Marvel titles out there and delivers genuine storytelling.”

Rogues Portal: “Zub in particular is adept at nailing the emotional stakes of his characters, no matter how big or small they may be, so who better than him to herd this group of emotional, hormonal teens?”

Shoot The Breeze: 9.8/10 “Jim Zub continues to delight and entertain with Champions, taking advantage of every potential story-opportunity to grow the characters, ensuring a very rewarding experience for loyal readers!”

South African Radio Interview

Champions artist Sean Izaakse and I were guests at Radio 702 in Johannesburg talking to Azania Mosaka, one of the biggest talk radio hosts in South Africa. We chatted live on-air for a full hour about comics, storytelling, pop culture, and the Icon convention. You can listen to the full interview here:

Mystery In Madripoor #2 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 9.5/10 “The combination of developed world-building, fantastic art, and witty dialogue makes for a solid issue in what’s proving to be a promising miniseries.”

Caped-Joel: “In terms of character depth and complexity this might be the best of the Hunt For Wolverine mini-series.”

Comic Book University: “This is awesome…I love that Zub has respect for the Kitty Pryde & Wolverine mini-series.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 7.5/10 “I’m really liking the anime-style art this book is using. It fits the story and setting really well.”

Heroes At The Summit: “the world building taking place in this title is masterful. The art is so important to show the heartbeat of a location and showing off the many layers of Madripoor gives the book a deeper meaning.”

Keeping Up With The X-Men: “It very much feels like when Patch wandered the streets of Madripoor hiding in plain sight.”

Infinity Countdown: Champions #2 Reviews

Bleeding Cool: 8/10 “a surprisingly intense story that challenges its protagonists and shows them how small they are in this dangerous universe.”

Caped-Joel: 8/10 “I honestly wish more tie-in stories were written like this.”

Comic Book.com: 8/10 “The crime-fighting teens face off against their biggest opponent yet — literally — and prove that with teamwork, anything is possible. This issue has tremendous amounts of heart”

Comic Book University: “This is such a brilliantly done comic book.”

Comic-Watch: 9/10 “Jim Zub manages not only to tell a fun, easy, breezy event tie-in but also manages to give two of the Champions – Sam Alexander and Riri Williams – some excellent character development.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 7.5/10 “I like the twist of the good guys having to defend the bad guys.”

Heroes At The Summit: “This story takes a toll on each member of this team and I am very excited to see how that is addressed in Champions #22 and beyond. The story deserves a high recommendation and the art an even higher one.”

League of Comic Geeks: 8/10 “The Champions versus Thanos and the Chitauri. Can it get much better than this?”

Shoot The Breeze: 9.9/10 “equally enthralling and enjoyable, providing more character development for not only Nova, but also Ironheart as well.”

Talking to the Writer Experience

I spoke to the gang at the Writer Experience about the creative process, collaborating with artists, working with editors, pitching, and more! Give it a listen.