My Mom’s Review of Zootopia (2016)

MomMovieReview-Zootopia Talks Thunderbolts!


Two new articles up on all about Thunderbolts, my ongoing monthly superhero series with the Winter Soldier and a gang of trouble-making former criminals trying to do the right thing.

The first one is interview with me about the team facing off against the Squadron Supreme and other problems brewing.


The second is an interview with incoming artist Sean Izaakse about his Thunderbolts issues and what it’s like stepping on board his first work for the Big Two along with a sneak peek at his page art.

Sean and I first teamed up on Dynamite’s Pathfinder series, so I know we’re a good team. I can’t wait for readers to see what Sean has cooking in Thunderbolts #6.

Good-Bye to the Family Cottage

Our lives are changing and the travel bug has bitten Mom and Dad, so they decided to sell their cottage up north. With the closing date imminent, we pulled the family together for a quick overnight trip to see the place one last time.


I have so many memories of going up to the cottage each and every summer as I grew up.

Work and play, family and friends.


In the daytime my brother and I would help Dad clean up the property or go for a hike and then jump in the lake.

In the evening we’d play card games or Scrabble…lots of Dungeons & Dragons too. I’d dream about swords and sorcery and how I might impress my brother with derring-do in our next gaming session. This is where I learned to tell stories.


Lots of happy times were shared there. Lots of tears too.

It was creaky and musty and full of critters, but it was our place on the lake.


As we got older it became harder to fit cottage trips into our busy schedules and the place sat empty longer and longer each year. I know Mom and Dad have made the right choice but it was still really emotional saying good-bye.


Onward we go.

Outhousers Interview About Glitterbomb


I spoke to the gang at The Outhouse all about GLITTERBOMB and this interview was transcribed from a conversation we had in San Diego during Comicon. Check it out.

Behind The Scenes: GLITTERBOMB


Comics Alliance has a special behind the scenes look at GLITTERBOMB, my new creator-owned comic launching at Image on September 7th. Check out this step-by-step look at the first 5 pages of issue #1, with commentary on our working process, from script through to the final finished pages.

Zub at Gen Con 2016!


This week I’m heading to Indianapolis, Indiana for Gen Con, the best four days in gaming. Tabletop, RPGs, board games, card games, and our little booth jammed full of comics.

Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary) and I are once again set up at the show and we’ll have a large selection of our wares. If you’re going to the show, swing by BOOTH #1343!


I’ll have Skullkickers, Wayward, Samurai Jack, and Dungeons & Dragons comics available along with variant covers, sketch covers, and more while supplies last. Get comics signed, get gifts for friends, chat with me about comics, gaming, and all kinds of other good stuff.


In addition, I’ll be on a panel for the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium and signing at the Paizo booth:
Thursday August 4
5:00-6:00pm – Westin Hotel Capital I Meeting Room – Batman VS Superman

Everyone is talking about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Is it a triumph? Or a disaster? Our authors explore the controversy from a writer’s point of view (and geek out a little along the way!)

Saturday August 6
3:00-4:00pm – Paizo (BOOTH #103) – Jim Zub Signing

The Paizo booth will have Pathfinder comics for sale, or bring by any of my other comics to get them signed.

Four Guys and a Comic Podcast Interview


I was a guest on the Four Guys and a Comic podcast and we talk all about creator-owned comics and my upcoming projects. Give it a listen!

Zub Videos From SDCC 2016!

San Diego Comic-Con was an absolute blast. Below you can check out some of the video footage from interviews and panels I was a part of:

Marvel Live SDCC 2016 Interview:

Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way:

Fangirl Nation Interview:

I’m Writing an Adventure Time Comics Story!

I was invited to contribute a short story to the new Adventure Time Comics anthology series where Boom has been inviting creators to join the fun in Cartoon Network’s hit cartoon series. My story will appear in October’s issue. Here’s the solicitation info:


Retail Price: $3.99
Writers: Jim Zub, James Lloyd, Aatmaja Pandya
Artists: Derek Charm, James Lloyd, Aatmaja Pandya
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Marina Julia
Subscription Cover: Andrew Greenstone
Incentive Cover: Antonio Sandoval

Synopsis: Jake keeps beating an unbeatable game, Finn’s gettin’ all crazy from sleep deprivation, and Jungle Princess observes the weirdos passing through her kingdom.

Thunderbolts #6 Solicits

Arriving in October…


• With security agencies and super-hero teams around the world the world gunning for the Thunderbolts, MACH-X and ATLAS will risk it all for what they believe in.
• You won’t soon forget this story of friendship and foolishness we call…“The Beer Run.”
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

If you read comics in the 80’s/90’s: Remember those one-off issues where our heroes did fun stuff just because they could? The X-Men play baseball, go shopping, or just head to a bar to grab a drink? This issue is my throwback to that kind of character-focused story showing a different side to the cast. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.