My Harley Quinn Story Reprinted in New DC Collection


My Legends of the Dark Knight story, “Dr. Quinn’s Diagnosis“, is being reprinted as part of a new Best of Harley Quinn story collection arriving in comic shops next month. I’m incredibly proud to have a story alongside others by Paul Dini, Matt Kindt, and other killer comic talent. If you’re a Harley Quinn fan I hope you check this out once it’s released in July.

Batman-Harley Quinn

Head over heels in her devotion to the Joker, Arkham psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel gave up her career (and her sanity) to transform herself into the ultimate companion for crime’s clown prince – the mad moll Harley Quinn. Collects stories from Batman: Harley Quinn #1, Gotham Knights #14+30, Detective Comics #831+837, Joker’s Asylum II: Harley Quinn #1, Batman: Black & White #1+3, Legends of the Dark Knight 100-Page Super Spectacular #1, and Detective Comics #23.2.
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FIGMENT 2 Starts in September!


I’m thrilled to announce that I’m writing a new Disney mini-series starting in September!

FIGMENT 2: Legacy of Imagination picks up right where the previous hit mini-series left off as Dreamfinder and Figment embark on new and exciting adventures. The new series was unveiling officially on the Disney Parks Blog and you can read an exclusive interview with me all about it over on the site.

In addition, check out the fun action figure variant illustrated by cover artist John-Tyler Christopher:


Needless to say, I’m excited for readers to see what we have planned. :)

Samurai Jack #20 Reviews


Samurai Jack #20, our final issue, arrived in comic shops last week. I posted some of my thoughts previously, but hearing from reviewers that they feel we hit the mark is wonderful too.

IGN: 9/10 “Samurai Jack #20 finally gives this story the conclusion it deserved.”

Comic Bastards: 8/10 “…although I am sad to see to this tale go, I also think readers will be left with a great feeling about our favorite warrior.”

Comics Beat: “great for fans of the comic, but also perfectly suitable for fans of the animated series, even if they skipped the previous nineteen issues. It impressively offers closure without necessarily being a final chapter. Highly recommended.”

Goodreads: 5/5 “This issue was both superb, and meaningful…gently closing the book on Samurai Jack and the myriad of characters we’ve met along the way.”

I Reads You: “Zub and Suriano proved that they can produce a high-quality comic book that is true to the original Samurai Jack”

Infinite Comix: 10/10 “They succeed in delivering a finale that both celebrates all the stories that have come before and continues developing the titular character, keeping the door open for future tales while presenting a satisfying endpoint to Jack’s epic adventure.”

Moar Powah: “Samurai Jack #20 is the ending to the series I didn’t know I wanted, but am glad I received.”

Outhousers: “This issue is the culmination of everything that Jim Zub has wanted to say about Samurai Jack. He’s always been a symbol of hope and faith for humanity and it has never been more evident than now.”

Rock! Shock! Pop!: “The series was hitting high notes from the start and it consistently did that for the duration. This last issue sends things out on a high note for sure – take a bow, guys – here’s to a job well done.”

First Print Podcast


I was a guest on the First Print Podcast, where I talked all about making comics and working in the industry, Wayward, Skullkickers, Figment, and more. Give it a listen!

Zub at New York Special Edition This Weekend!


I’m a guest at this week’s New York Special Edition convention at Pier 94 in New York City. Special Edition is a comic-focused show, like Artist’s Alley on steroids and I’m excited to meet readers and hang out with industry friends in the Big Apple.

I’ll be set up at TABLE D18 while my books last. I’ll have copies of Wayward and Skullkickers on hand and am looking forward to signing copies of Samurai Jack, Conan Red Sonja, Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate, Pathfinder, Figment, Street Fighter and much more.



I’ll also be on three panels over the weekend:
Writer’s Unite: Pitching Creator-Owned Comics
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM | Theater 1: Creator-owned comics have grabbed the imagination of the comic-reading community all over again and publishers are looking for fresh ideas from a new generation of talent. Listen closely as Charles Soule (Letter 44, Death of Wolverine), Greg Pak (Action Comics, The Princess Who Saved Herself), Marguerite Bennett (Butterfly, A-Force) and Jim Zub (Wayward, Samurai Jack) discuss pitching their comic series to publishers and offer advice on how to traverse the treacherous submission mountain, along with comic writing techniques and amusing anecdotes.

Dark Horse Builds Characters
4:45 PM – 5:45 PM | Theater 1: Join Dark Horse Comics for a Panel of their incredibly talented artists, writers and creators to discuss independent comics, creator-owned rights, brand new projects and hear what’s coming up for the powerhouse publisher for the remainder of 2015. Moderated by Deputy Director of the CBLDF Alex Cox and featuring Alex de Campi (Archie vs Predator, Grindhouse), Brian Wood (Rebels), Jim Zub (Conan Red Sonja), David Mack (Kabuki, Fight Club 2), Joëlle Jones (Lady Killer) as well as a number of surprise Guests – this is a Panel you won’t want to miss!

Image Comics: Where Creators Own Genre
2:45 PM – 3:45 PM | Theater 2: While the mainstream comics industry was once dominated by one genre, we’re inching toward a world where every genre is on the same footing. What’s your taste? Sci-fi? Sword and sorcery? Country-fried crime? Bryan J.L. Glass, Jason Latour, Simon Roy, Scott Snyder and Jim Zub have just the books for you.

Zub’s Atomic Robo Postcard

Atomic Robo is in the midst of an incredible Kickstarter to fund reprinting their comic collections in new spiffy hardcovers. As a huge Robo fan (if you haven’t read the series you really should, especially now that it’s FREE online) I was already on board with supporting Brian and Scott, but after they asked me if I’d like to contribute a piece of postcard art to go with the fundraiser, I was even more ecstatic.

They asked me to do up a piece based on Atomic Robo Vol. 2: The Dogs of War, and here’s the step-by-step process of my illustration. You can click on each one for a larger version:


Step 1: After gathering ref material and noodling around with some sketches I came up with a composition I was excited about showing Robo hiding from a Laufpanzer mech.


Step 2: I tighten up the sketch with proper proportion and perspective.


Step 3: Before I move ahead to final line art I gave the work-up version a quick light and shadow pass to make sure it would work.


Step 4: Once I’m happy with the work-up I carefully digitally ink the final line art.


Step 5: Flat color areas are blocked out.


Step 6: Initial shadows are added.


Step 7: Highlights, lighting effects, and color correction are added and the line art is lightened to give it a sepia tone/1940’s look.


Step 8: The piece is finalized with a postcard-appropriate slogan.

Women Write About Comics Write About Wayward


Women Write About Comics has posted up a fantastic article analysing WAYWARD Vol. 1: String Theory and the transitional nature of Rori Lane, our half-Japanese main character. Read away.

Wayward #8 Reviews


Wayward #8 arrived in comic shops this week and it comes with unexpected revelations. Here’s what reviewers thought of it…

Big Glasgow: 9.5/10 “Wayward remains a beautiful series, amazing in its art and equally awesome in the stories, and this eighth issue doesn’t disappoint.”

Black Ship Books: “Zub and Cummings hit their stride early in the series and have only improved since. Wayward is absolutely a book that belongs on everybody’s pull list.”

Brittle Jules: “it’s too early to say anything for sure; all I know is I’m ready for whatever ride Wayward wants to take me on.”

Comic the Gathering: 8/10 “The line work and attention to detail is insane. The colors pop with an intense vibrancy. The whole thing is an overwhelming sensation for your eyes.”

Fandom Post: B+ “It’s a solid issue all around that expands on things, hints at the future, and brings back the characters I wanted to get some answers about.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.6/10 “Be it story, character, world, or art, Wayward is a full package to grab your attention.”

Moar Powah: 8/10 “Wayward #8 does a lot more of what it does best: getting you attached to each character.”

Multiversity: 8.3/10 “At only eight issues, Wayward has proven itself to be one of the most unique stories in comics today. From the setting to the art, this is a fresh young adult story with a wide appeal.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “Each issue ends leaving the reader wanting more so that a month between issues seems like almost too long a wait. This book is proof positive that Image really is the home for cutting edge storytelling.”

Snap Pow: 8.5/10 “A solid continuation with narrative nuggets that make it more than what it could have been, sets the case for this to be a recommended addition in any collection.”

The Telltale Mind: 4/5 “If you have not picked up Wayward yet, then you are missing out on one of the best books that Image produces.”

TM Stash: 9/10 “This is a wonderfully written story by Jim Zub, a tale that immerses you in everything about Japan through the eyes of Rori and her friends.”

Under the Comic Covers: “The art in this book has always been spectacular but this one in particular…it was a visual feast. Gorgeous.”

We The Nerdy: 8.7/10 “Issue 8 of Wayward is a pure character piece, with no violent action to speak of. But as I’ve said from issue 1, this is a comic of characters, so letting them breathe, interact, and be vulnerable is wonderful all on its own.”

Weekly Comic Haul: “Still a fantastic series…It’s awesome.”

Indie Edge Spotlight for June


I’m spotlighted on Diamond Previews’ Indie Edge for June. We talk a bit about my career, current projects, and favorite new titles I’m reading. Click through to check it out.

Samurai Jack Vol. 4 Arrives in August!


Arriving in August…pre-order now!

Samurai Jack Vol. 4: The Warrior-King
Jim Zub, Andy Suriano (w)
Sergio Quijada, Andy Suriano, Christine Larsen (a)
Andy Suriano (c)

Jack has traveled far and wide in order to find his way back to his own time. His journey continues as he tries to infiltrate the compound of the secretive man known as the “Master of Time.” Plus, battles with the spirits of the dead and the story of a scribe named Mako, chronicler of Jack’s possible legacy or his future? Collects issues #16–20.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 124 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-380-4

The critically acclaimed series concludes!

Offered Again:
Samurai Jack, Vol. 1 • FC • $19.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-894-4
Samurai Jack, Vol. 2 • FC • $19.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-131-2
Samurai Jack, Vol. 3 • FC • $19.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-245-5

Samurai Jack Vol. 4
The Warrior-King

(issues #16-20)

Jack has travelled far and wide in order to find his way back to his own time. His journey continues as he tries to infiltrate the compound of the secretive man known as the “Master of Time.” Plus, battles with the spirits of the dead and the story of a scribe named Mako, chronicler of Jack’s possible legacy or future?
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