New Conan Comic Series Creative Team Revealed!

Global publisher Titan Comics and entertainment studio Heroic Signatures are excited to reveal more details about their new co-publishing venture for Robert E. Howard’s most famous creation, Conan the Barbarian.

Launching in comic shops and digital devices in July 2023, the brand-new Conan the Barbarian ongoing comic series will be written by acclaimed and long-time Conan comic book scribe Jim Zub (Thunderbolts, Uncanny Avengers), and will feature the stunning art of Roberto De La Torre (King-Size Conan, Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D) and colorist José Villarrubia (Promethea, Sweet Tooth, Cuba: My Revolution). This will kick off a brand-new, exhilarating series of comics of characters from across the Conan and wider Robert E. Howard mythos!

Plus, hot on the heels of this exciting new comic series, Titan Comics and Heroic Signatures are proud to reveal that in Fall 2023, they will be continuing the hugely popular omnibus line – previously published by Marvel Comics – with the next instalment, Savage Sword of Conan Volume 9.

This all-new Conan the Barbarian comic series, set in the world of a classic hero, alongside re-mastered archives, will be sure to delight longtime collectors and new fans of the Conan franchise.

Zub Comics Arriving January 2023

Story: Jim Zub + Ray Fawkes
Artist: Jethro Morales
Cover Artist: Paco Medina

Wolverine is “the best he is at what he does,” and what he does is hunt victims in Murderworld! Our contestants are about to feel the SNIKT! Will anyone survive Arcade’s deadliest game?

Arcade and his schemes have been a punchline in the past, but this game is no joke. Each issue ups the ante and will keep readers guessing right up until the end. Don’t miss it!

Story: Jim Zub
Artist: Troy Little
Colorist: Leonardo Ito
Letterer: Crank
Cover Artist: Troy Little

Summer and Morty fall into the clutches of the inhabitants of Innsmouth but find succor in the companionship of their cellmates. Wait a minute, is that chanting? Do you hear chanting?!

Story: Jim Zub
Artist: Giovanni Valletta
Cover Artist: Lucio Parrillo

Who is Tendra the Forbidden? How deep are the wells of her ambition?

Delve into the twisted origin of Red Sonja’s newest villain and see how her quest for knowledge and vengeance shatters traditions as a new order of power and control takes hold in the Hyborian Age.

As we head toward 2023, the 50th anniversary of the She-Devil With a Sword, Dynamite’s sweeping story of sword & sorcery high adventure continues from writer Jim Zub (Conan the Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons, Avengers)!

Zub at Hal-Con 2022

I’ll be at Hal-Con 2022 in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 28-30, 2022! Stacy and I will be set up at TABLE A10 on the fifth floor ballroom, next to my pals Troy Little and Gene Ha.

In addition to being at my table, I’m also on a couple panels happening over the weekend:

Saturday, October 29
12:30pm – 1:15pm Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons

Jim Zub and Troy Little talk about the origin of Rick and Morty VS D&D – the comic, the D&D game box set and more!
Room 109 1st Floor, Convention Level, HCC

Sunday, October 30
11:45am – 12:45pm Writing For Comics

Join Stephanie Williams, Jim Zub and Gene Ha as they discuss and take questions about their experiences in writing for comics.
Room 109 1st Floor, Convention Level, HCC

The Legend of Dripwell the Dwarf

*Guy on the subway sees my Dungeons & Dragons jacket*

GUY: Heeeey~! D&D! D&D is the best!

ZUB: Yeah!

GUY: I had the craziest D&D thing happen to me…

I assume we’re going to talk about his current campaign or playing when he was younger.

GUY: I got in a bar brawl for real.

ZUB: Like, in real life?

GUY: Yeah, yeah, YEAH! A for real bar fight and, as it was happening, all I could think was “Awww shit, this is just like D&D!!”

ZUB: Okaay~

GUY: So I’ve got two dudes ready to kick my ass and I’m strategizing like it’s all a game. Y’know, improve my armor class or disarm ’em or just anything!

ZUB: How’d that go?

GUY: HAHAHA, that’s the craziest part!
In my head’ I’m freaking out but I’m also thinkin’ like “What would Dripwell my Dwarf do”, y’know?!

ZUB: Sure.

GUY: Well, Drips would fuckin’ go for their legs

ZUB: So you-

GUY: So, that’s what I did!

ZUB: Really?

GUY: Yeah, man and it was a nat 20! A complete tackle to the ground and that dude went down like a sack of potatoes!

ZUB: What about the other guy?

GUY: As soon as the first guy went down, I scrambled over him and ran right the fuck outta there!
Drippy knows when to get the fuck out of a bad situation. Move those dwarf legs and ruuuuuun, amIright?

ZUB: Wow. I, uh, I’m glad you didn’t get hurt.

GUY: My shoulder hurt for a couple days. Adrenalin and all that.

*Dude glances around and sees what station we’re pulling up to*

GUY: Oh shit, this is my stop. Gotta go.

ZUB: Thanks for the story.

GUY: One more quick thing – Wanna know why my guy was called “Dripwell?”

ZUB: Sure.

GUY: Because he had a huge dwarf DICK yoooo~!

He steps off the train, but turns back to look at me with a big smile and a fist raised as he yells “D&D!!

Everyone else packed on the train during rush hour looks at me like I’m insane.

Today is starting off strong.

Talking Thunderbolts With Marvel Live at NYCC 2022!

At New York Comic Con, I chatted with Ray Lowe from the Marvel Live crew all about Thunderbolts and Murderworld. Check it out!

Talking Skullkickers Super Special With Dynamic Forces

I spoke to Byron Brewer at Dynamic Forces all about the Skullkickers Super Special one-shot Anniversary issue arriving in November. Check it out!

Avengers: Minding the Mansion

This week on AVENGERS UNLIMITED #14, Marvel’s weekly digital comic of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, a special one-off story focused on Jarvis called “Minding the Mansion.”

I built it like a back-up story for an annual/anniversary issue and Leo Romero delivered classic pages to match! Really proud of this one.

Talking Thunderbolts and More With Capes & Lunatics

I chatted with Phil and Charlie at Capes & Lunatics all about Thunderbolts, Murderworld and Rick and Morty VS Cthulhu. Check it out.

Zub at New York Comic Con 2022!

It’s great to be back at New York Comic Con October 6-9 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

I’ll be set up with the Comic Sketch Art team, at Artist Alley TABLE J-28 from Thursday through Saturday. (I’m heading home Sunday before the show starts to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with my family.)

Here’s my schedule:

THURSDAY October 6, 2022
10am-12pm Signing at Artist Alley Table J-28
3pm-5pm Signing at Artist Alley Table J-28
6pm-7pm Panel: Art & Its Power to Heal – Room 406.3

Editor Chas! Pangburn and contributing ‘Lower Your Sights’ creators Jim Zub, Liana Kangas and Rich Douek sit down with Mark Irwin to discuss Mad Cave Studios’ benefit anthology in collaboration with the Voices of Children Foundation to provide psychological psychosocial and evacuation assistance to Ukrainian children. Comic creators and pin-up artists worldwide have come together to tell stories that focus on the consequences of war, the peace/relief effort and the resulting long-term ripple effect. These are tales about the human condition and how combat affects soldiers, family members, friends, students , doctors, politicians and allies from afar.

FRIDAY October 7, 2022
10am-10pm Signing at Artist Alley Table J-28
2:30pm-4:30pm Signing at Artist Alley Table J-28

SATURDAY October 9, 2022
10am-12pm Signing at Artist Alley Table J-28
2:30pm-4:30pm Signing at Artist Alley Table J-28

Zub Comics Arriving in December 2022

story by Jim Zub
art and cover by TROY LITTLE

What could be worse than an off-planet sugar deal gone wrong? Tripping through a Lovecraftian hellscape with the Smith family as they fight, uh, cosmic sentient color and racist fish people? That can’t be right…

cover by PACO MEDINA
variant cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU

• The Murderworld stream will not be stopped and, as its dwindling contestants grow more desperate, the wall-crawling web of death surrounding them begins to tighten – Thwip, thwip…
• Murderworld is a chaotic contest filled with treachery and tragedy from the minds of Ray Fawkes (One Soul, Constantine) and Jim Zub(Conan the Barbarian, Avengers: No Surrender) illustrated by Farid Karami
• Arcade and his schemes have been a punchline in the past, but this game is no laughing matter.
Each issue ups the ante and will keep readers guessing right up until the end. Don’t miss it!
32 PGS./ONE-SHOT/Rated T+

story by JIM ZUB
art and cover by SEAN IZAAKSE
trading card variant cover by STEFANO CASELLI

Super heroes, celebrities, troublemakers, criminals…Clint Barton’s dream team crumbles as the shadow that’s been cast over every move they’ve made is finally revealed!
Who’s behind their downfall, and what comes next?
“Justice, Like Lightning” celebrates 25 years in the Mighty Marvel Manner!
32 PGS./Rated T+