CBR Talks Kobik and Thunderbolts


I chatted with Comic Book Resources about the big revelations happening in Steve Rogers: Captain America and how it ties in with the Thunderbolts. Lots of great info about Kobik, Bucky, and future troubles for our team of anti-heroes.

This Friday: Zub at Coliseum of Comics in Orlando!


This Friday, June 24th, I’ll be signing at Coliseum of Comics in Orlando. There are multiple stores, but I’ll be at the Millenia location!

Figment, Wayward, Samurai Jack, Thunderbolts, Skullkickers and a whole lot more!

Disney fans have been asking when I’d be visiting Florida and now, finally, it’s happening in just a few days! Please share this info with other Figment fans and, if you live in Florida, I hope to see you there!

Wayward To Be Published in French by Glénat Comics!


Just announced this morning: Glénat Comics in France will be publishing WAYWARD in French starting in early 2017! Steven and I are incredibly excited for French readers to experience the world of Wayward. Glénat is renowned for their quality adaptation and beautiful books and we’re excited to see how the French edition turns out.

Here’s an exclusive announcement video Steven and I shot for Glénat while I was in Japan:

Glitterbomb Launches in September!


Glitterbomb, my new creator-owned comic at Image co-created with Djibril-Morissette-Phan, will be arriving in early September (and we’ll have exclusive advance copies at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto if you’re going to be there). I’m incredibly excited for people to experience this new project and see what we’ve got cooking. If you’re interested, please pre-order from your local comic shop now to make sure you’ve got a copy waiting for you when it launches. Here’s the solicit listing…


SEPTEMBER 7 / 40 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99

Farrah Durante is a middle-aged actress hunting for her next gig in an industry where youth trumps experience. Her frustrations become an emotional lure for something horrifying out beyond the water…something ready to exact revenge on the shallow celebrity-obsessed culture that’s lead her astray.

Fan favorite Jim Zub (Wayward, Thunderbolts) and newcomer Djibril Morissette-Phan tear into the heart of Hollywood in GLITTERBOMB, a dramatic horror story about fame and failure.

The entertainment industry feeds on our insecurities, desires, and fears. You can’t toy with those kinds of primal emotions without them biting back…

“A gut-punch of glitz and blood and starf**ked culture. You want to read this.” – Chuck Wendig (Blackbirds)

Want to find out more about Glitterbomb? Here are some interviews:

AV Club: Glitterbomb explores the deadly cost of fame
Dynamic Forces

WAYWARD #16 Arrives in September!


Wayward arc 4 begins in September! Make sure you pre-order your copy to show your support and ensure there’s a copy waiting for you.


SEPTEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99

A new story arc begins! – This issue is the perfect place to jump on board and see what Image’s supernatural sensation has to offer.

Rori and Ayane have been transported to Ireland and the Emerald Isle teems with new magic, mystery, and danger.

“…one of the most amazing series in comics today” – TM Stash

D&D: Shadows of the Vampire #2 Reviews


Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows of the Vampire #2 arrived in stores this week. Let’s see what critics thought of it!

Adventures In Poor Taste: 9/10 “This is the best damn fantasy series on the shelves today. It’s fun, action-packed, and very funny.”

Big Glasgow: 8/10 “This is a fun series and a must read for fans of the Dungeons & Dragons game.”

Comic Bastards: 10/10 “…this series fully nails not only the D&D feel but also perfectly illustrates what a great role-playing session and story is like. All while also being a great comic.”

Comics the Gathering: 9/10 “The action shines best naturally through the art. The characters are expressive and diverse and the panels of action are clear in their intent as well as dynamic. The colors as well are bold, fitting for a fantasy setting.”

Multiversity: 8.8/10 “A very fun read, full of great characters, good lines, and a connection to a classic Dungeons and Dragons game storyline.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “…one of those purely fun books that seems to epitomize just what a team is and should be.”

Weird Science: 9/10 “Nelson Daniel’s art is excellent and I can recommend this comic to D&D fans, but also any fan who is looking for a good time adventure with a large dose of humor and great art.”

TuffGnarl Interview


Manny Gomez from Tuffgnarl interviewed me about writing Thunderbolts and what’s in store for our team of trouble-making anti-heroes as well as other projects I have on my writing plate right now.
Give it a read.

Thunderbolts #2 Reviews


The second issue of the new Thunderbolts arrived last week. Here are some high light reviews…

Adventures in Poor Taste: 9.5/10 “This is about as much fun as an action-first superhero comic can get. It’s fun and incredibly cinematic comic book reading.”

Comic Newb: “The artwork is phenomenal, the story so far is phenomenal.”

Court of Nerds: “When focusing on Kobik, Thunderbolts #2 is a fun ride. Jon Malin’s work in this issue is fantastic.”

Fansided: “I cannot say I approve of omnipotent four year-olds’ attempted murder of beloved sociopathic psychologists, but there is nothing wrong with celebratory frozen yogurt.”

GeekDad: “Bucky Barnes is a killer. He is an assassin”…”But even Bucky Barnes knows when to say ‘no’ to his kid.”

Hypable: “This series has quickly established itself as a must-read for any Winter Soldier fan”

IGN: “Thunderbolts actually has a unique and assured voice, which is something to be commended”

Man-Stew: “Pick of the week. This book has been a tremendous read so far.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “Seeing the team in action this issue made me so happy. Over the years they’ve really become something of a stalwart team of misfits that can get into your system.”

TNTM Podcast: “The writing is smart and interesting and really good. I’m definitely excited for the next one.”

Weird Science: 8/10 “Issue one set the bar pretty high and I was worried that issue two of Thunderbolts would not be able to deliver. Zub did a great job following it up, and has me wanting to stick around to see where it goes.”

Street Fighter Legends: Cammy #2 Solicit

Arriving in August…



writer Jim Zub
artist Omar Dogan
cover A Omar Dogan
cover B Rob “Robaato” Porter
cover C (homage) Edwin Huang

It’s the stinging bee versus the hungry spider, when Cammy gets up close and personal with Juri! But Juri’s not the only deadly damsel on the scene. This issue opens with a battle between five ferocious female fighters, all with ties to Shadaloo!

Plus in a special bonus story, Akuma learns that branding yourself as a demon means you may also be hunted as one!

Slackjaw Punks Talks to Me About Dungeons & Dragons


The gang at Slackjaw Punks chatted with me about the Dungeons & Dragons comic series. We talk about gaming, swords & sorcery, and other projects I have coming up. Give it a read!