Glitterbomb #4 Reviews


Glitterbomb #4, the dark and tragic end to our first story arc, arrived in stores on Wednesday. What did critics think of it?

Newsarama: 10/10 “an emotionally-charged conclusion to the arc as Farrah takes control of the spotlight, but in the wake of the election, it’s also an incredibly relevant statement on the state of the world and the people who hold the power within it.”

Adventures In Poor Taste: 7.5/10 “In a world where it’s all about how you look, Zub is revealing the inner truth of the characters is more monstrous than anything you could imagine”

Doomrocket: 8.5/10 “Jim Zub dives into the seamier, nastier side of the creative process, with Djibril Morissette-Phan there to convey every single panel of his twisted imagery magnificently.”

Fangirl Nation: “I am invested. I will be reading more just to find out, so they have done their jobs. Made a rabid reader simply by not giving too much away too soon.”

Horror Talk: 9/10 “the artwork is pitch perfect, walking the fine line between emotion-filled scenes of drama and gore-filled segments of monstrous carnage.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “There’s this great seamless transition between normal everyday life and sheer abject terror that Jim brings to this. It’s wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated tale of power, greed and loss that turns deadly.”

Retcon Punch: “What Zub and Morrisette-Phan accomplish here is nothing short of incredible.”

We The Nerdy: 9.3/10 “Farrah goes back-and-forth between being a murder monster and a loving mother. It’s a wonderful dichotomy that has been at the heart of all the tension and horror this comic has thus provided.”

Marvel Monsters Unleashed Preview Book!

Mavel has just released a preview booklet for Monsters Unleashed, the superheroic event starting in January! Included in that promo is the first look at the Monsters Unleashed: Avengers Special I wrote, with line art by Sean Izaakse and colors by Frankie D’armata.

You can pick up a physical copy of the preview book at your local comic shop or you can read it online right now over at Newsarama:

Thunderbolts #10 Arrives in February!


Arriving in February…

Cover by JON MALIN
Variant Cover by MARK BAGLEY


• Once upon a time the Thunderbolts were the Masters of Evil…and if Baron Zemo has his way, their legacy will be reclaimed…with the infinite power of a Cosmic Cube!
• Captain America’s sinister plan for Bucky and Kobik begins to unfold.
• “Return of the Masters,” the Thunderbolts 20th anniversary event, begins here! Along with our pulse-pounding lead story, this special over-sized issue includes a brand-new Thunderbolts tale by series co-creators Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley!
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99

Glitterbomb #3 Reviews!


Glitterbomb #3 arrived in stores last week. What did reviewers think of it? Read on and find out…

Newsarama: 10/10 “The body horror might be the hook, but the most resonant idea is that the industry itself is a living nightmare for many.”

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8.5/10 “Glitterbomb continues to be intriguing as it captures the horror of Hollywood and the ‘monster inside you’ story well.”

Fangirl Nation: “I’m pretty well hooked, and I’ll be danged if I don’t want to know what exactly she carries around inside her.”

Nerdy Chatterbox: 5/5 “It does a great job of depicting the seedy underbelly of Hollywood…”

Retcon Punch: “Glitterbomb isn’t holding my hand and allows me questions while telling a surprisingly snug, paced narrative.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “There’s an undeniable presence about this book that draws you in and leaves you with a desire to want more.”

FREELANCE Interview on Newsarama


Read on to discover what Andrew Wheeler, Vaneda Vireak, and I have planned for the new version of FREELANCE, one of Canada’s oldest original comic book heroes. The first issue arrives in January. Pre-order now!

Making Comics Progression: Script to Final

Want to see how a comic is made? Here’s a step-by-step progression of the process using a two-page spread from WAYWARD #4 as an example:

Jim writes the story for Wayward, guiding the team through the major moments and visual beats along with dialogue, sound effects and other text.

Page Rough:
Steven roughs out the overall composition, checking positioning and making sure all the important visual information is conveyed. On pages with a lot more text he’ll also double check that there’s enough room for that text along with the visuals.

In the case of Wayward, the line art is scanned in straight from Steven’s pencils.

Final Linework:
Jim resizes the art for the final page format, digitally darkens the lines, cleans up any smudges or dirt from the scan and blocks in large areas of black indicated in the pencils.

Colors and Final Lettering:
Tamra digitally adds mood, texture, and light and shadow to finalize the page art.
Marshall adds word balloons, captions, and sound effects as needed and sends back a final print-ready file.

Want to read the full issue and see how it fits into the story? It’s included in WAYWARD Vol. 1: String Theory, available from your favorite local comic shop, Amazon, or available digitally on comiXology.

WAYWARD #17 Reviews


Wayward #17, showing the aftermath our of third arc in Japan, arrived in comic shops last week. What did reviewers think of it?

Big Glasgow: 9.6/10 “The art of Wayward is always top notch: every character and every environment, from the sweeping green fields of Ireland to dingy pubs, acquire a special depth in the hands of artist Steven Cummings and colourist Tamra Bonvillain.”

Fandom Post: B+ “Cummings continues to just make this book look fantastic, especially with what Bonvillain brings to the page with the color design to give it some real pop and vibrancy.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “There’s a reason this is a 5 Star book time after time and that’s because it’s so incredibly well written with strong characters/characterization and some of the best artwork in the business.”

TM Stash: 9/10 “Wayward continues to sweep us into the landscapes and folklore of Japan (and now Ireland) like no other series can.”

Under the Comic Covers: “It had a great flow. The pacing of this issue was really well done.”

FREELANCE Arrives in January!


In January Andrew Wheeler, Vaneda Vireak, and I are bringing back one of Canada’s oldest original comic heroes – Freelance!

Chapterhouse Comics is expanding their publishing line with the Chapterverse, a line of comics that work on their own as complete stories but also expand the shared setting from Captain Canuck.

Freelance is a globe-trotting action-packed adventure story set in the modern world but delivered with a pulpy flare. Andrew and I have been developing the characters and their story for several months now and we’re pumped for readers to see what we have in store. Below is a link to our first interview about the series and the order solicitation info:


The CHAPTERVERSE launches with this brand new series!

Lance Valiant, John Cabot, and Tasha Kolchak are fearless explorers who delve into hidden secrets of our world and protect us from threats beyond imagination, but the greatest secret of all may be Lance’s own mysterious past…

Pulse-pounding action, wit, intrigue, and globe-trotting romance – One of Canada’s original heroes is reborn for the Chapterhouse era by writers Andrew Wheeler (Another Castle) and Jim Zub (Thunderbolts), and artist Vineda Vireak (51Hundred)!

Cover A – Alex Perkins | Cover B – Blank Sketch
Written by Jim Zub & Andrew Wheeler | Illustrated by Vaneda Vireak |
32 pages, 6.25/10.18 | Full Color | $3.99
Diamond Order# Cover A: NOV161365 | Cover B: NOV161365

Happy Anniversary, My Love


It’s still Saturday in North America but, here in Japan where I am right now for a business trip, it’s Sunday so I’m putting this message out early.

Happy Anniversary, Stacy!

Marrying you and our time together has been the best part of an ongoing adventure I never want to end.

Your kindness, enthusiasm, and intelligence inspire me and give me the strength to never give up. Your beauty, in appearance but also the warmth you bring into our life together, engages and renews me day after day.

It’s you and me, lover, and I can’t imagine things any other way.

I’ll see you soon and we’ll celebrate another wonderful year of being ridiculously, delightfully together.

Arriving in January, D&D: Frost Giant’s Fury #2


Arriving in January…
Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant’s Fury #2
Jim Zub (w) • Netho Diaz (a) • Max Dunbar (c)
The town of Fireshear is a safe haven for our adventurers, or, it would be if it wasn’t under attack by a frost giant raiding party! Get your hamsters ready, it’s time for battle!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Dungeons & Dragons is seeing a renaissance with the release of the fifth edition rules in late 2014. Hundreds of thousands of players are returning to D&D or embarking on their first adventures and they’re hungry for extra content.
• This new D&D story ties into the Storm King’s Thunder event that runs across multiple RPG products, novels, and video games.
• This series continues with the cast from the hit Legends of Baldur’s Gate and Shadows of the Vampire stories, but is also built as a perfect jumping on point for new readers, bringing them into D&D’s classic blend of sword & sorcery adventure.