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Kinetic and Wondrous

Multi-pose panels with ghosted figures are one of my favorite ‘pure comics’ storytelling devices.

When I started collecting comics, this panel from Amazing Spider-Man #231 drawn by John Romita Jr. (inked by Jim Mooney with colors by Bob Sharen) blew my mind.

I was hooked.

It’s a moment frozen in time, but also animates back and forth in my mind.

Kinetic and wondrous.

I hope a comic I’m involved with makes that same kind of magic for a young reader, spurring them on to read and create.

It’s also the reason why I want to write Amazing Spider-Man some day, to try and capture and share a tiny spark of that same magic I felt as a reader and collector.

Projects Currently on Deck for Zub in 2022

1) A fun and frantic superhero team book with new faces and some deep cuts.

Revealed: An all-new Thunderbolts mini-series published by Marvel.

2) A deep dive into the continuity of one of the most recognizable heroes in the business, making it easier for new readers to understand their history.

Revealed: Life of Wolverine Infinite comic series on Marvel Unlimited.

3) Returning to a pair of sadistic + sarcastic troublemakers, setting them against a bedrock part of nerd culture.

4) A short story for an anthology with a character getting a big media profile boost this year.

Revealed: A story for the Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood mini-series published by Marvel.

5) An 18-year old mini-series pitch unexpectedly risen from my story graveyard. It’s alive and happening at last. The concept worked back then, but now it’s even more relevant.

6) Collaborating with a gaming legend on a story spun out from the new world they’ve been building.

7) Alternate world story on a mythic scale for one of the biggest characters in comics.

8) Mini-series for a sword & sorcery legend I’ve been itching to get back to for years.

9) A few anthology-style stories built around some of my favorite superheroes.

10) A self-contained fantasy comic story set in a land of whimsical danger and delight.

Revealed: The Dungeons & Dragons 2022 Annual set in the Feywild, published by IDW.

The Trials of Mount Tiamat – Group 2 Session 3

I’m playing Minsc, the infamous Human Ranger, as part of the new Idle Champions – Trials of Mount Tiamat liveplay D&D game running on Monday nights for the next two weeks. Here’s our third episode!

B. Dave Walters is our Dungeon Master.
Hope LaVelle plays Penelope, a Halfling Druid.
Meagan Kenrekt plays Widdle, a Dhampir Wizard.
LaTia Jacquise plays D’hani, an Aarakocra Monk.
Shareef Jackson plays Shaka, a Tiefling Warlock.

The Dream Team – Advising a New Creator

I’m an industry expert on The Dream Team episode 5, a new series available on CBC Gem right here:

I advise Tate Ovbiagbonhia, a young comic book creator from Brampton, on how to take his superhero story to the next level.

Making Comics Interview – Writer Jed Mackay

In addition to tutorials, I’m starting to put together some interviews with other comic creators to talk about process. First up is Jed Mackay, writer on Moon Knight, Black Cat and Magic: The Gathering.

We talk about how he broke in, his scripting process (including some sneak peeks at script pages) and more. Check it out!

Wizards & Wordsmiths – Episode 1

I Dungeon Mastered a special 3-part Dungeons & Dragons adventure for a group of authors we call Wizards & Wordsmiths!

Join me, Kevin Hearne (Ink & Sigil), Adib Khorram (Darius the Great Deserves Better), Andrea Robertson (Forged in Fire and Stars), Sherri L. Smith (The Blossom and the Firefly), and David Yoon (Frankly In Love) as we embark on a culinary and creepy adventure in three parts!

Jim Zub’s Top 10 Go-to Comic Book/Graphic Novel List

Over on the True North Country Comics site I have a list of 10 Go-to comics or graphic novels you need to check out and add to your collection. Read my quick rundown on some of the best the comic medium has to offer and, if you’re missing any, make sure you put them on your reading list!

One On One Shots – Vampire: the Masquerade Seassion with B. Dave Walters

B. Dave Walters (writer of Dungeons & Dragons: a Darkened Wish) and I met up online to play a special one-shot Vampire: The Masquerade session and talk about our experiences in comics and gaming.

We toggle between an interview chat and the game session, but if you want to jump straight to the gameplay, you can click HERE.

Krydle Joins Idle Champions

Exciting news: KRYDLE joins Idle Champions next week!

Make your Baldur’s Gate party complete (Delina, Minsc, Shandie, Nerys and now Krydle) or add some extra rogue-ish charm to your current line-up!

Krydle is one of the original characters Max Dunbar and I created for the LEGENDS OF BALDUR’S GATE comic series back when Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition launched.

Here’s how I described him in the original design document:
“Krydle is the half-elf son of Coran (from Baldur’s Gate 1+2), famous patriar of Baldur’s Gate. Estranged from his father, Krydle loathes politics and the schism between the Upper and Lower cities. Beneath his seemingly shallow veneer is a desire for loyal friends and his adventuring comrades may end up becoming a surrogate family in time.”

Krydle is named after a D&D 2nd edition Human Bard I played with my brother Joe when I was a teenager. The name stuck with me over the years and when I finally had a chance to write an official D&D story I knew it was the right fit. Now, 27 years later, Krydle is a canon D&D character who has appeared in five comic mini-series, the Dungeon Mayhem card game expansion and now an official D&D video game.

So amazing.

Bookshop Page

Bookshop is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community. I’ve added Bookshop links for as many of my graphic novels as I can to my Buy page and encourage other authors/comic creators to do the same.

Here’s my Bookshop landing page. 87 books listed across 6 categories: