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Makeshift Miracle Vol. 1 Now on DriveThru Comics

Makeshift Miracle: The Girl From Nowhere is now available on DriveThru Comics as a digital download. If you haven’t had a chance to pick it up, now’s the perfect time to download a copy at 40% off the regular cover price.

New Makeshift Miracle Reviews

Two new reviews of Makeshift Miracle: The Girl From Nowhere have gone up this week.

The first one is from Gary Tyrell over at the webcomic news site Fleen. Gary remembers the original 2001-2003 webcomic and does a great job at examining similarities and differences between the two.

“The additional room gives the ability to show more and tell less, making the story ‘less Let me tell you what happened to me’ and more ‘Come along and see what’s going on in my life’.”

The second from literature blog Tempting Persephone, where the reviewer is intrigued enough by the art to give it a recommendation.

“…the art is so lovely, so dreamy, that you might want to run your fingers across each and every smooth page, taking in the color as it melts into another shade under your fingertips.”

Makeshift Miracle In Comic Shops Today!

Today’s the day! Makeshift Miracle: The Girl From Nowhere arrives in comic stores today.

Announcing the relaunch/return of Makeshift Miracle after 10 years in September, it’s been a wonderful experience working with the immensely talented Shun Hong Chan and everyone at UDON to put this beautiful book together. I can’t wait until it’s in your hands.

Online outlets and bookstores will have their copies available very soon, so please feel free to order it online through your favourite book outlet.

Once you get a copy, please let me know what you think, either here on my site, via Twitter, Facebook, or with a review on Amazon.

“A fantastic read that will appeal to all ages, much in the same way that books like AMULET, and STUFF OF LEGEND do, MAKESHIFT MIRACLE is an amazing modern fantasy with incredible artwork that leaves you wanting more.”
– Third Eye Comics