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Talking Caster Bastards With The Pullbox

I spoke to Andy Patch at the Pullbox all about celebrating 10 years of Skullkickers with our current Kickstarter campaign, the current state of comics, tabletop gaming, and my other upcoming projects. Check it out!

Black Cat Live Chat

I spoke to the owners of Black Cat Comics all about working in the comic industry, writing iconic characters like Conan and the Avengers, the kinds of comic stories that ignited my imagination when I was younger, continuity, tabletop gaming and more. Check it out!

Talking with the Conan Forum in Brazil

Here’s the live interview I did on Saturday in English (translated during the stream into Portuguese) with the Conan Forum in Brazil.

We talk about working on Conan, the movies compared to the literary source, Conan at Marvel, and a whole lot more!

Comic Shenanigans Interview

I spoke to Adam at the Comic Shenanigans podcast all about the last four to five years of my writing career – Getting traction on my writing, creator-owned and commercial work, sword & sorcery and a whole lot more. Give it a listen!

Comic Book Club Live

I was a guest on Comic Book Club Live. We chat about working during the pandemic, tabletop RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons, Conan the Barbarian, Skullkickers the animated series and more. Check it out!

Geek Top Five: X-Men Movie Draft

On the Geek Top Five podcast I drafted an X-Men movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Geeks plus fellow guests Wai Ting and Alejandro Alcoba. Each of us had to pull together a story on the spot based on the heroes and villains we drafted and it gets pretty wild. Give it a listen!

D&D Live 2020 Comic Showcase Panel

Yesterday on D&D Live we announced Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons, a new 4-issue mini-series! Here’s the comic showcase panel where we made the announcement along with artwork and insights into At the Spine of the World, the new D&D comic mini-series set in Icewind Dale. Check it out!

In-Depth Video Interview on the Bell of Lost Souls

I spoke at length with J.R. Zambrano from the Bell of Lost Souls all about Dungeons & Dragons and gaming, comics, sword & sorcery, and a whole lot more. It’s a fun in-depth interview, so check it out!

4 The Love of Comics

I spoke to David and Adam at the 4 The Love of Comics podcast all about growing up reading comics, breaking into the comic business, collaborating with others and a whole lot more. We cover a slew of different topics and it’s a good time all around. Give it a listen.

D&D Fantasy Draft on the Heroes World Podcast

I was one of the guests on the Heroes World Podcast, participating in a unique episode – a D&D Fantasy Draft where we picked an imaginary gaming group from a list of 50 celebrities who have spoken about their love of Dungeons & Dragons.

Who ends up on each team?
Who will be the Dungeon Master?
What edition and setting do we play?

Watch and you’ll find out!