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Fanbase Press Talks Stone Star

Barbra Dillon from Fanbase Press spoke to Max Dunbar and I about Stone Star, space-fantasy, digital distribution, and more. Give it a read!

Stone Star Launch Press

The crew at comiXology lined up press in a few different outlets to let people know about Stone Star, the new creator-owned series Max Dunbar and I are doing. Check it out:

io9/Gozmodo had the exclusive reveal of the new series and our surprise launch.

SYFY Wire has an in-depth look at Max Dunbar’s concept art for the series and his thoughts on designing new worlds.

The SKTCHD podcast has an exclusive audio interview with me all about the industry side of this release – digital VS print, flexibility, new stories, creator-owned comics, and the joys of conventions.

CBR Interview About Conan and the Avengers

Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and I chatted with Dave Richards at Comic Book Resources all about the new issue of Avengers: No Road Home where the Scarlet Witch adventures in Hyboria with the world’s greatest barbarian. Give it a read!

Newsarama Interview About Cyclops in Champions #5

I spoke to George Marston at Newsarama about Cyclops guest-starring in Champions #5, arriving in May. Read on to find out a bit more about the emotional reunion between Scott and the Champs!

Dynamic Forces Interview About Champions #1

I spoke to Byron Brewer at Dynamic Forces all about our Champions relaunch arriving in stores on January 2nd, 2018. We cover a lot of great information. Give it a read!

Elegant Weapon Podcast Interview

Back in October at New York Comic Con I spoke to J.M. Clark at the Elegant Weapon Podcast about social media, writing tutorials, plugging away on comic projects, and more! My voice is pretty scratchy here because this interview was recorded Sunday after a busy, busy weekend of convention-ing. Give it a listen!

Newsarama Interview About CHAMPIONS #1

I spoke to Chris Arrant at Newsarama about our new CHAMPIONS #1 arriving in early January: who’s on the team, their expanded mission, a new hero, and dark secrets.

THIS is the article you need to read to get ready for CHAMPIONS #1 in January.

Please share far and wide, (and tell your local comic shop you want to pre-order). Thanks for the support, gang!

Imposter Syndrome Article

I contributed to Matt O’Keefe’s new article on The Comics Beat all about Imposter Syndrome and the fears creative people have around their work and success. Give it a read.

Unreliable Narrators Podcast

I spoke to the gang at the Unreliable Narrator podcast all about comics, conventions, storytelling and more. Give it a listen:

Talking About Avengers: No Road Home with CBR

Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and I spoke to Dave Richards at Comic Book Resources about Avengers: No Road Home, the new weekly epic Avengers starting in February. Click on through to find out how the project started, which characters we have on board and teasers of secrets yet to be revealed.