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Talking Comics At Big Story

I spoke to Alex at the Big Story podcast all about my creative journey, working in comics, and finding stories in shared universes full of continuity.

Talking Red Sonja With

I spoke to Tom Smithyman at Comicon all about Unbreakable Red Sonja, launching in October.
Check it out.

FreakSugar Interview about Thunderbolts

I spoke to Jed Keith at FreakSugar all about the new Thunderbolts series I’m writing. Check it out.

Talking Unbreakable Red Sonja

I spoke to Adam Philips about the upcoming UNBREAKABLE RED SONJA mini-series starting in October from Dynamite, including a peek at interior artwork from the amazing Giovanni Valletta.

Idle Insights: Talking TTRPGs, Minsc, and More!

I spoke to Treavor Bettis from Idle Champions all about my love of Dungeons & Dragons, working on D&D, playing Minsc in D&D Live, why people game, developing the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides, and a whole lot more. It was a really fun conversation. Check it out!

Comic Shenanigans: Talking Thunderbolts, Life of Wolverine, and Conan the Barbarian

I spoke to Adam Chapman at Comic Shenanigans all about Thunderbolts, Avengers Tech-On, Life of Wolverine, and Conan the Barbarian. We cover a lot of great ground on these projects, talking about development, drama, continuity and more.

I’ve been on Comic Shenanigans before, so if you want to check out those past episodes, here they are:
Episode 368: Thunderbolts and More
Episode 794: Agents of Wakanda, Conan the Barbarian, and More

Talking Out of Character

Over on the official Gen Con Twitch channel, I spoke to Marc Tassin on the Out Of Character show about my work, with a deep dive on tabletop gaming, writing Thunderbolts, continuity, and developing the Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guides. Check it out HERE!

Talking Thunderbolts With

I spoke to Ben Morse at all about the brand new THUNDERBOLTS launching this summer.
Sean Izaakse and I have big-fun plans for Clint Barton, Monica Rambeau, and the rest of the team –
Give it a read!

Talking About THUNDERBOLTS With Comic Book Resources!

I chatted with Dave Richards at Comic Book Resources all about the return of THUNDERBOLTS
– the team line-up, redemption, villains, and Ted Lasso, plus exclusive new cover and interior art –
Read and share!

Talking all-New Thunderbolts With ComicPop

I had a wonderful time talking about Thunderbolts and Marvel continuity with Sal at ComicPop.
Give it a listen and make sure you pre-order Thunderbolts #1, arriving in May!