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Absolute Comics Chat

I was a guest on the Absolute Comics Twitch show with Sal and Benny. Lots of chatter about Conan, superheroes, and a whole lot more.

Comic Book Club Live: Conan and More

I was a guest on Comic Book Club Live with Pete LePage, Justin Tyler, and Alex Zalben. I talked up a storm about Conan the Barbarian and other fun comic projects in the wings. Check it out!

Conan the Barbarian and Much More on Steg-Man and His Amazing Friends

I was a guest on the Steg-Man and His Amazing Friends live show and we had a great time chatting about comics, new and old – Conan the Barbarian, Rick and Morty, Dungeons & Dragons, Champions, and more! Check it out.

Talking Sword & Sorcery and More With Comic Tropes!

Chatting with Chris at Comic Tropes was an absolute pleasure. We cover all kinds of great stuff here, including how I got my start in animation and comics, working in the business and a lot of sword & sorcery fare, including Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Conan the Barbarian. Check it out!

Talking Stone Star With Citywide Blackout

Max and I chatted with the Citywide Blackout podcast all about STONE STAR Season 2 – How we work together to develop the series, the fun of creating our own universe, and teasing big story developments coming up in future issues. Give it a listen!

Chatting With Comic Quirks

I spoke to Jimmy at Comic Quirks about growing up reading comics, writing iconic characters, writing structure, and more. Check it out.

Its Canon Podcast Interview

I spoke to Boris and Phil from the Its Canon Podcast all about working in comics, working with well known IPs and continuity, the challenges of getting work done in 2020, and a whole lot more. Dive in to hear everything we covered.

The interview begins at the 16 minute mark of the podcast.

Vintage RPG Interview

I spoke to John and Stu at the Vintage RPG podcast all about Skullkickers, the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides, Strangers Things and Dungeons & Dragons, and more! It’s always a blast talking to these guys about gaming goodness and I’m really happy with how the interview turned out. Give it a listen!

Talking Caster Bastards With The Pullbox

I spoke to Andy Patch at the Pullbox all about celebrating 10 years of Skullkickers with our current Kickstarter campaign, the current state of comics, tabletop gaming, and my other upcoming projects. Check it out!

Black Cat Live Chat

I spoke to the owners of Black Cat Comics all about working in the comic industry, writing iconic characters like Conan and the Avengers, the kinds of comic stories that ignited my imagination when I was younger, continuity, tabletop gaming and more. Check it out!