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Uncanny Avengers Interview on

I spoke to about the upcoming UNCANNY AVENGERS #24, my first issue of the series, where I plunge the team deep into the darkness along with our incredible art team, Kim Jacinto and Tamra Bonvillain. Read on to find out more!

Secret Empire: United Interview on

I spoke to JK Parkin for all about the Secret Empire: United one-shot special arriving in June. It’s all about Hydra versus mutantkind, with surprises aplenty. Check out the interview.

Issue Zero Podcast with Fred Kennedy

I spoke to Fred Kennedy from the Channel Zero podcast about a whole slew of different stuff – conventions, pitching stories, Thunderbolts, Secret Empire, the importance of Image Comics, my favorite character, and more! Give it a listen!

Word Balloon: Thunderbolts, Glitterbomb, and More!

John Siuntres and I get caught up on the Word Balloon Podcast after almost two years since our previous conversation. We cover Thunderbolts, Secret Empire, Wayward, Glitterbomb, fan pairings, working with continuity, events, and the state of creator-owned comics. Lots of great material here. Give it a listen!

0:00:00 John’s Introduction
0:05:56 Jim Interview Start: Thunderbolts
0:09:09 Marvel special projects division
0:11:40 How Thunderbolts came about and its ties to Secret Empire
0:19:21 Taking over Uncanny Avengers
0:21:23 Thunderbolts #11 revelations
0:29:34 Superior Spider-Man and shocking stories
0:33:40 Character “shipping” and fandom
0:42:51 Secret Empire: United and tie-ins
0:49:24 Continuity and the Thunderbolts Anniversary
0:56:14 The state of Wayward
1:01:57 Glitterbomb and modern entertainment
1:15:09 Glitterbomb back matter essays
1:26:15 The state of Skullkickers
1:29:22 Creator-owned at Image
1:30:40 Upcoming conventions and travel
1:39:43 Tutorials and my Patreon site

Savage Land Podcast Interview

I spoke to Jason, Matt, and Rachel from the Savage Land Podcast all about breaking into comics, working on corporate characters, the importance of creator-owned comics, and a whole lot more. Give it a listen!

Deconstructing Comics Interview

I spoke to Tim from the Deconstructing Comics podcast all about how I got into comics, creating my own stories, creating Wayward with Steven Cummings, working on Samurai Jack, working for Marvel and a whole lot more. Give it a listen.

Barnes & Noble Talks Glitterbomb

Over on the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog, Ross Johnson interview me about creating Glitterbomb with Djibril Morissette-Phan, our obession with fame, and a whole lot more. Give it a read!

Talking Uncanny Avengers With CBR

I spoke to Dave Richards at Comic Book Resources all about coming on board Uncanny Avengers as the new writer and what Kim Jacinto and I have planned for our Secret Empire tie-in issues.
Give it a read!

Nuff Said Podcast Interview

I was interviewed by the Nuff Said Podcast all about my current Marvel work: Thunderbolts and the Uncanny Avengers. Lots of good stuff here as we talk about Secret Empire, continuity, working on events, and a whole lot more. Give it a listen!

Secret Empire: United Arrives in June

I’m writing the SECRET EMPIRE: UNITED one-shot special arriving in June! Over on they interviewed artist Ario Anindito and I about the issue and what ramifications the new rise of Hydra has for mutantkind.

More articles theorizing what we have in store can be found at a variety of comic news sites: