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Talking Serpent War With Newsarama

I spoke to George Marston at Newsarama about bringing together characters from Robert E. Howard’s stories, the meta nature of James Allison, the Moon Knight connection, our incredible art teams and more – Give it a read!

Conan: Serpent War #1 is available from your favorite comic shop starting today!

Paint Monk Interview All About Conan the Barbarian and More

I did an extensive interview with Paint Monk’s Library all about CONAN THE BARBARIAN, along with my writing career, growing up as a sword & sorcery fan, and more.

Conan the Barbarian #13 arrives in February, beginning a new era of Hyborian Age Adventure!
Pre-order now.

Talking Conan With Issue Zero

I spoke to Fearless Fred on the Issue Zero podcast’s latest episode all about Conan the Barbarian. Fred does a great job summarizing the character’s history in prose, film, and comics. Give it a listen:

Vintage RPG Interview – Part 2

Here’s the second part of the audio interview I did with Stu and John from the Vintage RPG Podcast, this time about Dungeons & Dragons comics and the crazy Rick and Morty crossover in comics and the new RPG Adventure box set. Give it a listen!

(If you missed Part 1, you can listen to it HERE.)

Dragon Talk – Nov 2019

When i visuted the Wizards of the Coast offices I was a guest on Dragon Talk with Shelley Mazzanoble and Greg Tito. We chat about all things Rick and Morty VS D&D, including the new RPG set arriving in stores this week. Check it out!

NY Times Article About D&D

I’m one of the people Ethan Gilsdof spoke to in a New York Times article about the unexpected surge of interest in Dungeons & Dragons. The article briskly covers a lot of ground in explaining the game’s appeal in our increasingly busy and interconnected world. Give it a read!

Vintage RPG Interview – Part 1

I spoke to Stu and John from the Vintage RPG Podcast all about the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides. It’s an in-depth run down on the development of these books, the thought process behind them, and my nostalgia for Dungeons & Dragons. Give it a listen!

Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man Interview

I spoke to Josh Weiss at Marvel all about the upcoming Iron Man one-shot that’s a prequel to the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game. Get a sneak peek at where Tony Stark is at when the game begins and the Marvel Gamerverse being developed by the team at Crystal Dynamics. Read more here!

Page One Podcast Interview

I spoke to Marco and Tariq at the Page One Podcast all about writing for comics, breaking into the industry, collaborating with artists and some differences between comic writing and traditional prose.

Even with my gravely voice (from post-New York Comic Con) it’s an in-depth interview and I like how it turned out. Give it a listen below or on their site:

Talking Serpent War With Dynamic Forces

I spoke to Byron Brewer at Dynamic Forces all about the upcoming Conan: Serpent War 4-part sword & sorcery epic that begins in December with Conan, Solomon Kane, Dark Agnes, James Allison, and Moon Knight! Give it a read and get ready for adventure!