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Mass Movement Interview

In late May I spoke to Tim Cundle at Mass Movement all about Dungeons & Dragons, Disney Kingdoms and Figment, and the dream project that was and still is Conan the Barbarian.

It’s a really fun interview and we cover a lot of ground. Check it out!

Talking Conan…in Portuguese!

Here’s an interview with the Conan the Barbarian Forum, a vibrant Portuguese language Conan community. Host Marco Collares and translator Duda Ferreira chat with me about the upcoming relaunch, working with the incredible Rob De La Torre, editor Matt Murray and more.

If you don’t speak Portuguese, here are time-stamped links to my answers in English to their key questions:

What is the format of the new Conan the Barbarian comic series?

Do you have more creative freedom working on Conan at Titan compared to writing the series at Marvel? and some follow up thoughts.

Where does your version of Conan fall in and around the Frank Frazetta illustrations or John Buscema-drawn comics?

Will you be adapting famous Conan stories like Tower of the Elephant or Red Nails?

How violent or explicit will the new Conan the Barbarian comic be?

How is it working with artist Rob De La Torre? What’s the working process like? and some follow up thoughts.

Rob is clearly inspired by the Conan art of John Buscema. Do you worry that the style is too close to Big John’s work? and some follow up thoughts.

How far ahead are you in terms of writing and production?

What can you tell us about the first story arc?

• And, to wrap up, my thoughts on the passion of the Conan fandom.

Here’s the full video from the start:

Talking Sapphire Styx with Graymalkin Lane

Over on the Graymalkin Lane podcast, we talk about the strange history of Sapphire Styx and how she became a pivotal player in my plans for Betsy Braddock back in the MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR mini-series from 2018.

Talking the CONAN Relaunch with the CROMCAST

I’m a guest on the latest episode of the CROMCAST, chatting up a storm about the Conan comic relaunch, the Hyborian Age, my love of sword & sorcery, TTRPGs, and more!

Give it a listen HERE!

Appreciation and Discussion With The Curiosity Project

Big questions about creative work, relationships, and appreciation in an interview I did with Tess Curious at The Curiosity Project podcast:

• What are the three things you value most in life?
• Tell me a memory that shaped you.
• Tell me in as much detail as you can about something that once existed, but now does not.
• What, if anything, is perfect?
• What do you suck at?
• What are you great at?
• Do you say “I love you” too much or too little?
• If you could name a hot sauce, what would you call it and why?
• What are you most proud of?
• How do you deal with failure?
• If you were on a starship, what position would you hold?
• If you could give just one piece of advice, what would that be?

Zub on Hypothetical Island

Rub a dub dub, it’s time for Jim Zub! Reilly and George welcome the prolific writer to the Hypothetic Isle for a wide-ranging talk on all things Conan, good dental care, inhabitants of the forest moon of Endor and the correct way to pronounce “Cimmerian”.

Talking Thunderbolts and Conan With Near Mint Condition

When I was at Lexington Comic Con I spoke to Near Mint Condition about working on titles like Thunderbolts, Wayward, and Conan the Barbarian.

The Marvelists: Thunderbolts, Red Sonja, and More!

I spoke to Peter and Eddie at The Marvelists all about my work in comics, deep-diving on continuity and working with long-running properties like Red Sonja, Thunderbolts, Cthulhu, tabletop gaming, and a whole lost more! Give it a listen.

The Marvelists · The Return of Jim Zub (Red Sonja, Thunderbolts, Conan The Barbarian, Rick & Morty and more)

Talking About the Movies That Influenced Me With Cinema Splash Page

I spoke to Michael Brodie at Cinema Splash Page all about movies that ignited my creativity when I was young and still factor into my work now, including Conan the Barbarian (1982), the animated Hobbit (1977), The Last Unicorn (1982), Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979), Big Trouble in Little China (1986), The Secret of NIMH (1982), and games like Dungeons & Dragons.

It was fun breaking down some of that entertainment “DNA” to see the qualities that stuck with me and how much they factor into the kinds of stories I strive to create.

Talking RPGs at the Corner of Story and Game

In the second part of our interview (Part 1 is HERE), I chat with Gerald at The Corner of Story and Game podcast all about growing up playing tabletop RPGs, how it’s influenced my writing, working on games and more. Give it a listen: