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Talking About THUNDERBOLTS With Comic Book Resources!

I chatted with Dave Richards at Comic Book Resources all about the return of THUNDERBOLTS
– the team line-up, redemption, villains, and Ted Lasso, plus exclusive new cover and interior art –
Read and share!

Talking all-New Thunderbolts With ComicPop

I had a wonderful time talking about Thunderbolts and Marvel continuity with Sal at ComicPop.
Give it a listen and make sure you pre-order Thunderbolts #1, arriving in May!

Talking Comics With Another Relaunch

I was a guest on the Another Relaunch Podcast with Keenan and LZ. We chatted about continuity, character evolution and entertainment in comics and it was a great time.
My interview starts at the 40 minute mark of the episode.

Comic Thunderbolts Interview

An exclusive first look at interior art from THUNDERBOLTS #1 and the cover to issue #2, including the reveal of Eegro the Unbreakable, a new Jack Kirby-style creature created by Sean Izaakse and I for the series – Check it out!

Geek Top Five Episode 141: X Loves of Wolverine

J. Andrew Deman of the Claremont Run and I chat with Graham and Jesse from Geek Top Five all about Wolverine’s love life over the years, tying into the research I did to compile the Life of Wolverine digital-first comic series.

Who’s on my Logan Love List?
How does it compare to the scholarly opinion of The Claremont Run?
Listen and find out!

Graymalkin Lane Podcast – Talking FF Annual and More

I spoke to the crew at Graymalkin Lane, an X-Men podcast, all about my Marvel work and we reviewed Fantastic Four Annual #3 the classic issue from 1965 where Reed Richards and Sue Storm get married and a slew of Marvel heroes and villains appear. It’s a fun conversation about stories, new and old.

Cave of Solitude Podcast

I spoke to Eric at the Cave of Solitude podcast all about conventions, writing, networking, and more. Give it a listen!

Idle Insights – Talking With Todd Kenreck

I chatted with Todd Kenreck on Idle Insights all about D&D and other RPGs, the glory of gaming, comics, and more. Check it out!

VanCAF Podcast Interview

I had a great time chatting with Jarrett from the VanCAF podcast. We cover all kinds of stuff about working in comics and my career so far. Check it out.

Rebuilding Pantheons on Dungeon Master’s Block

I was a returning guest on the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast and in this episode we talk about rebuilding pantheons in imaginary worlds. It’s a fun discussion about gaming and myth. Check it out!