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Zub at Fan Expo 2021 Limited Edition This Weekend!

After more than two years away from conventions, I’m back this weekend at Fan Expo Canada!
I’ll be set up at ARTIST ALLEY TABLE P48.

My wedding anniversary is on Saturday, so I won’t be there all day, but otherwise you should be able to find me at Fan Expo throughout most of the show on Friday and Sunday. I’m not doing any panels or other events, just hanging tight at my table when I’m not saying “hi” to friends or grabbing a quick bite.

If you’re able to make it to the convention, it would be great to see you there.

Here’s the show floor map-

D&D Celebration: Bringing Young Players Into Dungeons & Dragons

I hosted a panel as part of D&D Celebration 2021, an official Dungeons & Dragons online event that ran over the weekend. In My First Character: Bringing New Players Into D&D, we cover strategies and tips for running a game with new players – narrative, character, engagement, and ways to streamline rules and combat.

Our panelists Librarian Liz, Amy Dallen, Jennifer Kretchmer, and Daniel Kwan did a great job and the hour flew by. Check it out!

At Home Comic Con One-Shot Superhero RPG Session

I played in a charity one-shot superhero RPG adventure with a group of YouTubers as part of At Home Comic Con.

Our cast:
La’Ron from Readus101.
Tulok the Barbrarian.
Aeric Azana from the Geeksplained Podcast.
and our Game Master, Scott from NerdSync.

It was a really fun time. Check it out!

Comic-Con@Home 2021: Rick and Morty VS D&D Panel

Grab your D20s and let’s get ready to roll! Join Satine Phoenix (Sirens: Battle of the Bards), Jim Zub (Rick and Morty), Troy Little (Rick and Morty), Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules, Marvel Zombies), and Oni Press editor Robert Meyers as they dive into a campaign that could only come from the mind of Rick Sanchez. Jim Zub as Dungeon Master and Satine Phoenix as moderator.

Gaming Across Comics & Books Panel at WonderCon@Home

Pop Culture and Tabletop Gaming are overflowing with fantastic storytelling and content right now. Come listen to a roundtable discussion with industry leaders and veterans B. Dave Walters (comic writer, Dungeons & Dragons), Elisa Teague (senior RPG producer, Renegade Games), Gail Simone (comic writer, DC Comics), Jim Zub (comic writer, Marvel), and Matt Forbeck (author, Dungeons & Dragons) as they share stories about how gaming is growing and expanding to a larger audience through storytelling and media.

D&D at Baltimore Comic -Con

Last weekend I played a one-off session of Dungeons & Dragons as part of Baltimore Comic-Con with Cecil Castellucci (Batgirl), Troy Little (Rick and Morty VS D&D), Tom Akel, and Dungeon Master Caped Joel. Good fun all around.

D&D VS Rick and Morty Liveplay at Reedpop Metaverse!

It was a thrill being part of the Metaverse streaming event, playing Dungeon Master Rick and running a wild D&D VS Rick and Morty game session for voice actress Anjali Bhimani, wrestler Brandon Cutler, game writer and streamer LaTia Jacquise, and cartoonist Troy Little.

You can watch the archived video of our game session above and see how it all went down
Who played which character and what was their fate by the time we finished?

Not At Emerald City Comic Con This Year

After discussing the events happening in Washington State and the extensive travel Stacy and I hope to be taking through the rest of 2020, we’ve decided that setting up at Emerald City Comic Con next week isn’t a risk we’re willing to take, so unfortunately we’re bowing out of the show this year. My apologies.

The number of convention goers I interact with, the extensive social interactions that make ECCC such a special show for Stacy and I…we can already tell that it’s going to be a very different kind of event this year and, with both the financial and time commitment involved, we had to make this choice. That’s not through any fault of the Reedpop crew or the amazing fans in Seattle, it’s just the broader state of events currently out of our control.

I’m less worried about personally getting ill than the risk of the show being cancelled soon after we arrive or, more importantly, possibly transferring a virus to my family, friends, or students here in Toronto. This year is extra special for me, career-wise, and I’d love to celebrate that in a big way but it’ll have to wait until another event.

I hope I’m wrong and everything in Seattle goes smoothly. Wishing all of you well.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jim Zub at New York Comic Con 2019!

October brings one of the largest pop culture conventions in the world with New York Comic Con.
I’ll be set up in Artist Alley at TABLE A-30, signing books throughout the show.

Artist Alley TABLE A-30

In addition, I have some signings and a special panel:
Thursday, October 3
1:00pm to 2:00pm – Signing at IDW Publishing – BOOTH 1844

Friday, October 4
11:00am to Noon – Signing at Oni Press – BOOTH 2028
7:45 pm to 9:15 pm – Rick and Morty VS D&D LIVE PLAY! – Javits Center ROOM 1B03
5th edition D&D meets Rick and Morty dimension-crashing sass! Dungeon Master Jim Zub (co-writer of Rick and Morty™ VS D&D) will run a panel of foolhardy gaming and comic guests through an encounter torn from the pages of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons VS Rick and Morty™ official RPG adventure. You’ll laugh, you’ll wince, you might even win some prizes – don’t miss it!

Saturday, October 5
11:00am to Noon – Signing at Oni Press – BOOTH 2028
3:00pm to 3:45pm – Signing – Jim Zub and Stacy King at Random House – BOOTH 2205

Zub at Fan Expo 2019!

As summer sprints toward the end, it’s time for Fan Expo Canada, Toronto’s big pop culture and comic convention. I’ll be there, set up at TABLE P-223 in the South Building, at the tail-end of Artist Alley.

TABLE P-223 – South Building

Since Fan Expo is my hometown show, I’m able to bring a LOT of books and comics I don’t normally have at other conventions. This is the best place to get caught up on Zub books, if you’re missing any – I’ll have copies of the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides, Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons, Wayward Deluxe Book 3, a full selection of trades, and even some rare variant covers, including the limited edition Rick and Morty VS D&D 3D Glasses variant:

We’ll also have some copies of the Wayward Board Game for sale! Right now the game is exclusively available at Barnes & Noble in the U.S., so this is also the easiest way to snag an early copy (and get the designer Jon Gilmour to sign your copy, since he’ll be at the show as well).

Only one panel for me this year:


Comics present their own unique challenges when it comes to writing. Join this panel of experts to learn tips and tricks to making your own stories and dialogue pop! Panelists – Meredith Finch (Wonder Woman), Matt Rosenberg (Uncanny X-Men), Ed Brisson (Ghost Rider), and Jim Zub (Avengers).