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Talking with the Conan Forum in Brazil

Here’s the live interview I did on Saturday in English (translated during the stream into Portuguese) with the Conan Forum in Brazil.

We talk about working on Conan, the movies compared to the literary source, Conan at Marvel, and a whole lot more!

In-Depth Video Interview on the Bell of Lost Souls

I spoke at length with J.R. Zambrano from the Bell of Lost Souls all about Dungeons & Dragons and gaming, comics, sword & sorcery, and a whole lot more. It’s a fun in-depth interview, so check it out!

Free Writing Seminar for Be Our Heroes Canada

As part of the Be Our Heroes Canada event that ran over the weekend, I did a free comic writing lecture, going through the process I used to develop the story and script for Conan the Barbarian #13. Check it out to get an extensive look at the comic writing process.

Talking With ComicPOP!

Sal Crivelli from ComicPOP and I had a wonderful conversation about comics, conventions, storytelling and working on books like Avengers and Conan the Barbarian. It was a really fun chat and I hope you check it out. Lots of fun anecdotes in there.

Conan the Barbarian #13 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8.5/10 “I enjoyed this first issue immensely. Cut down the middle, it sets up the story with some good fighting and then breaks for some dark mysteries and adventurer traps.”

Big Comic Page: “Jim Zub’s narrative for issue #13 of Conan The Barbarian must have been an utter delight for any fantasy tabletop role-playing fans, what with its feats of forte, ferocious fist-fights and utterly ruinous snares.”

Comic 8/10 “Jim Zub’s script is great (especially in the second half), and the art from Roge Antonio portrays the violence in a tasteful but bloody way. This is definitely the start of something interesting”

Comic-Watch: 9.2/10 “Jim Zub is certainly no stranger to the Conan universe and his masterful writing will lead you on a journey through savage worlds and brutal locals. I was reminded, fondly, of the old Conan tales from the mid-’70s and with every twist and turn I began to regret that it ever had to end.”

Cool Comic Reviews: “Under Jim Zub’s writing, Conan still feels like Conan. He cares not for anything but combat, grog, and women. The art is fantastic also. “

Geeks WorldWide: 8/10 “Zub’s familiarity with Conan and his world is apparent as he eases readers into Conan’s thoughts, demeanor, physicality.”

Graphic Policy: “It’s really cool and feels a bit more accessible to those who might not necessarily be into Robert E.Howard or Conan the Barbarian, a solid first issue that anyone can hop in and enjoy.”

Hero Press: “Beautifully paced, from its introduction right through to the start of the subterranean trials, the adrenaline-drenched Into The Crucible is pure excitement of the most primal kind.”

Kabooooom!: 10/10 “Zub perfectly captures the adventurous spirit of the original Robert E. Howard stories and, with Antonio’s art, waves together a book that feels like you’re watching an old-school Dungeons and Dragons dungeon crawl play out.”

Newsarama: 9/10 “Armed with a keen drive and high adventure fun, Conan the Barbarian #13 keeps the main Conan title on strong legs.”

Paint Monk’s Library: 8.5/10 “Zub and Antônio are off to a great start. Highly recommended.”

Super Powered Fancast: 9.4/10 “The story is entertaining and the stakes are laid out in a way that increases the tension of each moment. Not only is the story gripping, but the climax is sufficiently jarring enough to make me want to see what happens next.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 7.5/10 “Overall, this first issue was an entertainingly quick read that will get new readers to the heart of the story fast.”

Midnight’s Edge Interview

I spoke to Andre Einherjar from Midnight’s Edge about my comic writing career and excitement for taking over Conan the Barbarian at Marvel in February. We cover a lot of ground in this interview, so check it out.

Spoiler Country Podcast

I spoke to Casey, Jeff and the rest of the crew at Spoiler Country all about my current comic titles, including Conan the Barbarian, Serpent War, Dungeons & Dragons, and more!

Talking Conan, Avengers, and Dungeons & Dragons on Word Balloon!

Listen to “Comic Books Marvel writer Jim Zub On Conan D&D Avengers and Serpent War” on Spreaker.

John Siuntres and I get caught up on the Word Balloon Podcast after over two years since our previous conversation. We cover Conan the Barbarian in a big way, along with Serpent War, Avengers, the resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons, conventions, and more! So much great material here.
Give it a listen!

0:00:00 John’s Introduction
0:04:06 Jim Interview Start – Taking over Conan the Barbarian
0:16:58 Conan: Serpent War – James Allison, Solomon Kane, and Dark Agnes
0:33:00 Intense fandom and reaching readers
0:40:22 Building the Avengers: No Surrender and No Road Home weekly stories
0:51:54 Dungeons & Dragons is back in a big way
1:09:20 Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons
1:13:53 The Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guides
1:24:34 Playing Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs
1:28:50 The Convention Circuit – SDCC memories and more
1:34:58 Original art – browsing and buying
1:45:55 Hong Kong action movies and the wrap up

Conan: Serpent War #2 Reviews

Newsarama: 8/10 “Stephen Segovia and Frank D’Armata driving forward with consistent set pieces versus various Set cultists and creatures…Zub’s dynamics between the pairing raise sparks along with the team’s weapons, especially the stoic, fanatical Kane and the droll Moon Knight.”

Paint Monk’s Library: 8.75/10 “Zub writes them well, and there is plenty of breakneck action that keeps the story rolling along. But for all that action, it’s the underlying mystery that is the glue that holds the story together and keeps it from being just another event cross-over.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “This is the kind of storytelling that is universally beloved. The writing is strong and crafted superbly while the interiors are stunning in their detail and the impact the imagery has is beyond compare.”

Sci-Fi Pulse: “Jim Zub’s story is ticking along nicely here. I am loving the banter and the relationships he has set up between the four lead characters.”

Talking Conan With Dynamic Forces

I spoke to Byron Brewer at Dynamic Forces about taking over Conan the Barbarian in February. We talk about sword & sorcery storytelling and a whole lot more. Check it out.