Jim Zub is a writer, artist and art instructor based in Toronto, Canada. Over the past seventeen years he’s worked for a diverse array of publishing, movie and video game clients including Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Capcom, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, and Bandai-Namco.

He juggles his time between being a freelance comic writer and Program Coordinator for Seneca College‘s award-winning Animation program.

His current comic projects include Avengers: No Road Home, a weekly epic event for Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes, Champions, Marvel’s team of teen superheroes fighting for the future, Dungeons & Dragons, the official comic series of the world’s most popular tabletop role-playing game, and Wayward, a modern supernatural story about teens fighting Japanese mythological monsters.

For media/licensing inquiries related to any of Jim’s creator-owned properties, please contact:

Sean Berard
APA Talent and Literary


Awards and Special Recognition

2018 Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Award Winner – Outstanding Writer
2016 YALSA – Great Graphic Novels for Teens Wayward Vol. 1
2014 Harvey Awards Nomination – Special Award for Humor
2013 Harvey Awards Nomination – Special Award for Humor
2013 Animex Animex Honorary Award
2013 Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Award Nomination – Outstanding Writer
2012 Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Award Nomination – Outstanding Writer
2011 Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Award Nomination – Outstanding Writer
2011 YALSA – Great Graphic Novels for Teens Skullkickers Vol. 1
2002 Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards Winner – Best Newcomer

Important Works

2019 Pros and (Comic) Cons
‘Signing Time’ short story
writer Dark Horse
2019 The Avengers #708-717
No Road Home 10-issue Weekly Event
co-writer Marvel
2019 Champions vol. 3 #1+ writer Marvel
2018 Infinity Warps #1+2
‘The Terrific Two’ and anthology bookends
writer Marvel
2018 Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons #1-4 co-writer IDW/Oni/WotC /Adult Swim
2018 Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor #1-4 writer Marvel
2018 Champions vol. 2 #19-27
Infinity Countdown: Champions #1-2
Champions Annual #1
writer Marvel
2018 Dungeons & Dragons: Evil At Baldur’s Gate #1-5 writer IDW/WotC
2018 The Avengers #675-690
No Surrender 16-issue Weekly Event
co-writer Marvel
2017 Glitterbomb: The Fame Game #1-4 writer/
Image Comics
2017 Secret Empire: United One-Shot Special writer Marvel
2017 Uncanny Avengers vol. 3 #24-30 writer Marvel
2017 Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
‘World Warriors and Worlds Beyond’ short story
writer Marvel/Capcom
2017 Freelance #1-4 co-writer Chapterhouse
2017 Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant’s Fury #1-5 writer IDW/WotC
2016 Love Is Love Anthology
‘Here’ short story
writer DC/IDW
2016 Adventure Time Comics #4
‘It’s All Fun and Games ‘Til…’ short story
writer BOOM!/Cartoon Network
2016 Glitterbomb #1-4 writer/
Image Comics
2016 Street Fighter Legends: Cammy #1-4 writer UDON
2016-2017 Thunderbolts vol. 3 #1-12 writer Marvel
2016 Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows of the Vampire #1-5 writer IDW/WotC
2015 Street Fighter Unlimited Back-Up Stories writer UDON
2015 Disney Kingdoms: Figment 2 #1-5 mini-series writer Disney/Marvel
2015 SFX-Pop! Anthology
‘Little Medals’ short story
writer DC/Vertigo
2015 Munchkin #1-4
Back-Up Stories
writer BOOM!/
SJ Games
2015 Conan-Red Sonja #1-4 mini-series co-writer Dark Horse
2014-2016 Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors
Short Stories
writer Marvel/Panini
2014 Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate #1-5 writer IDW/WotC
2014-2018 Wayward #1-30 writer/
Image Comics
2014 Disney Kingdoms: Figment #1-5 mini-series writer Disney/Marvel
2014 Cartoon Network Crossover: Cow & Chicken
writer IDW/Cartoon Network
2014 Red Sonja and Cub one-shot writer Dynamite
2014 Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller one-shot writer DC Comics
2014 Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1-6 writer Dynamite/ Paizo
2013-2014 Makeshift Miracle: The Boy Who Stole Everything writer/creator UDON
2014 Exalted 3e One-Shot Comic ‘Tale of the Visiting Flare’ writer Onyx Path
2014 Dynamite Kids: Li’l Red Sonja
‘Li’l Sonja and the Color Conundrum’
writer Dynamite
2013-2015 Samurai Jack #1-20 writer IDW/Cartoon Network
2013 Shadowman #11 ‘Hallow Tides and Hollow Heads’ writer Valiant
2013 Bravoman- The Animation co-writer /
2013 Who Will Lead the H.A.R.D. Corps? Back-Up Story writer Valiant
2013 Legends of the Dark Knight (digital first)
‘Dr. Quinn’s Diagnosis’
(printed in Legends of the Dark Knight 100 Page Super Spectacular #1)
writer DC Comics
2013 The Lion and the Aardvark- Aesop’s Modern Fables ‘The Backwards-Bent Badger and the Forward-Facing Frog’ cover artist/ contributor Stone Skin Press
2013 Super Street Fighter Vol. 1 ‘Who Is Juri?’ and ‘Final Forest Fighter II’ short stories writer UDON
2012-2013 Pathfinder #1-12, + Special writer Dynamite/ Paizo
2012 Klonoa- Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol writer Bandai-Namco
2012 Dragon Spirit
webcomic seasons 1-2
writer Bandai-Namco
2012 Wonder Momo: Battle Idol co-writer Bandai-Namco
2012 Sky Kid
webcomic seasons 1-2
writer Bandai-Namco
2011-2012 Makeshift Miracle: The Girl From Nowhere writer/creator UDON
2010-2015 Skullkickers #1-34 writer/creator Image Comics
2010 Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki #1-4 writer UDON
2010 Clash of the Titans
‘Tale of the Kraken’ prequel comic
writer Legendary Pictures
2010 UDON’s Art of Capcom 2 editor UDON
2009 Street Fighter II Turbo #8 ‘Ibuki’ short story writer UDON
2009 Darkstalkers Tribute editor UDON
2009 Popgun 3 Anthology
‘Gotcha’ and ‘One In Every Box’ short stories
writer Image Comics
2008 Street Fighter Tribute editor UDON
2008 Popgun 2 Anthology
‘Two Copper Pieces’ short story
writer Image Comics
2007 UDON’s Art of Capcom editor UDON
2005-2006 Exalted the Comic Series co-writer UDON
2001-2003 Makeshift Miracle writer/creator self-published
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