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Rick and Morty VS Dungeons & Dragons II #2 in October!

(W) Jim Zub (A) Troy Little
Cover A by Troy Little
Cover B by Nicole Goux
Cover C by Troy Little

It’s Rick Sanchez VS The Tomb Of Horrors, the deadliest dungeon in D&D history!

Meanwhile, Morty and Summer face forgotten freaks from the Folio of Flawed Failures. If they flub this fight, they’re f**ked.

Fan favorite RPG-ist Jim Zub (Samurai Jack, Savage Sword of Conan) re-teams up with Eisner-nominated art mage Troy Little (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Powerpuff Girls) to magic-up Adult Swim’s pop culture mega-hit and smash it into the best-selling role-playing game that recently became cool again.

In Shops: Oct 16, 2019
SRP: $3.99

D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides Reviews!

The first two Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guides are now available everywhere fine books are sold! All of us on the team are incredibly proud of these introductory guides to D&D and the response from readers and reviewers so far has been stellar.

Want to find out more about the series? Check out the FAQ I put together.

Bell of Lost Souls: “Reading through these books is an absolute treat. They capture so much of what makes D&D feel magical–and they’re just lovely. The art is gorgeous and inviting, they’re a nice size; exactly the sort of thing you’d want to sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy.”

Bleeding Cool: “this book is creative idea fuel. WotC and Ten Speed really hit it out of the park with these books and it makes me happy to see Dungeons & Dragons approached in a different manner that kids between the ages of 8-14 could grab this and pick up on very easily.”

CFT-RPG: “Great quality for a young reader’s book and the inspiration here is fantastic.”

Comics Now: “These books strike a great balance, in that they’re aimed at younger readers but are still great resources for older fans as well. They have enough information contained within their pages that you could easily jump into a D&D game after you’ve finished reading”

d20 Diaries: “Taken on their own, the Young Adventurer’s Guides have a nice layout, easy to read text, beautiful art, and are well organized. They’re approachable, interesting, engaging, and clearly written for kids, but, at the same time, the books don’t talk down to the reader.”

Fanbase Press: “These books are absolutely fantastic for children, and, frankly, anyone brand new to D&D could probably stand to read them. Even if you don’t know the first thing about Dungeons & Dragons, these books are a great fantasy resource. I’d say that if you have even the most passing interest in fantasy, these books are a must buy.”

Fandom Post: “Although the wording may be simplified for younger readers, the knowledge contained therein is an essential foundation to those interested in the classic tabletop game and allows anyone to readily pick it up and easily absorb the essential details”

Game Vortex: “…a great primer on what a young, aspiring adventurer would need to know if they hope to don some armor, pick up arms, and seek their fortune as an adventurer, presenting information that a rogue or fighter just starting off would likely know about weapons, armor and equipment.”

Gayme Master: “If you’re thinking of getting a young reader you know hooked on fantasy and introduce them to the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons, Monsters & Creatures is the ideal starting point! It’s definitely a critical hit!”

Geek Dad: “These are small, 100+ page hardback books filled with colorful art and specifics of the game that a young player will find useful. (And to be honest, these books are totally suitable for adults, too.)”

Geekerati: “The Warriors & Weapons book gives a good overview of a number of D&D races and classes and has a useful flowchart to help young players decide what kinds of characters they want to play.”

Geek Tyrant: 8/10 “…if you’re new or someone you know is new and possibly interested in playing, especially if they’re a middle school or high school aged person, then this is a great way to get an easier to read version of the flavor text from the Player’s Handbook. “

Geeks of Doom: “With wonderful guides such as Warriors & Weapons, it is broken down to its core pieces, enabling younger players or would be players to grasp the nuances and feel more at ease.”

Goblins and Growlers: “This is a fantastic little book that will rope younger would-be D&D players into a world of adventure and, hopefully, leave them antsy to play the game for real.”

How Do I DM?: “It’s perfectly set up to let younger players use their imagination…The book is so well done. I can’t say it enough.”

Inciter Magazine: “You can tell in the art direction and how every entry is written, that special care was put into making each section not only informative, but interesting and fun to read. There is humor, nuance, and rhythm put into every paragraph. This is deliberate in design, and the result is something new, fun, and not better, but certainly complimentary to any book that has come before it.”

Nerdophiles: “Warriors & Weapons and Monsters & Creatures are huge hits in our household and I can’t recommend them enough. Whether you’ve got a kid whose interested in Dungeons & Dragons solely because they saw it on Stranger Things or you’ve got a hopelessly overwhelmed adult friend looking for more information on what it’s all about, these books are great.”

Nerdy Girl Express: “No matter how old you are if you have ever had an interest in D&D these Young Adventurer’s Guides are something you need to check out.”

Outright Geekery: 8/10 “Hardcover, with a good binding. Quality paper stock and a lot of fantastic illustrations…as a veteran of a few campaigns, I found plenty of use with these for when my kids start their own D&D campaign.”

Reluctant Artsy: “The way that it’s laid out is absolutely amazing. No statistics, just descriptors…I’ve been playing since the early 80’s and I find this just as valuable now as reading the Player’s Handbook.”

Vintage RPG: “I love this approach to teaching RPGs – it removes everything new players find intimidating (which is stuff a lot of experienced players tend forget have steep learning curves, even in 5E) and allows them to get a feel for the fun. These are perfect for RPG playing parents looking for a way to introduce their kids to the games.”

Young Adventurer’s Launch!

I know a bunch of you love it when I post charts and graphs, so here goes-

Remember the incredible sales spike when the Rick and Morty VS D&D trade came out in March?

Well, I just checked out our D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides launch last week on Bookscan…
You people REALLY like D&D!

“I don’t see why publishers chase after the book market.”
This is why.

“Who cares about kid content?”
Readers and the book market do.

“The market is dying.”
In some areas, yeah, it’s rough.
In other areas, it’s growing at an incredible rate.

Talking About Champions

Once the October solicits arrived online, I knew discussion would start around our current run. It’s with a heavy heart that I let all of you know CHAMPIONS will be wrapping up with issue #10.

I built this new take on the team as a way to try and bridge classic teen superheroic drama with an eclectic cast of characters – old school Marvel brought to the present with a new generation of heroes.

I took a risk with the book and it didn’t click the way we hoped, so my long-term plans for the series have been cut short. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

It hurts. Dressing that up any other way would be disingenuous. I wish it had worked out. I’m sorry I let you down.

The readers and reviewers who keyed into what we were going for were incredible. Their excitement kept us going month after month. If you didn’t get a chance to read the current run, I hope you’ll consider giving us a shot in single issues, collections, or digital.

Big thanks to our whole creative team – Steven Cummings, Marcio Menyz, Clayton Cowles, Juanan Ramirez, Kim Jacinto, and Rain Beredo. An even deeper thank you to editors CB Cebulski, Tom Brevoort, Alanna Smith, and Shannon Andrews for letting me run with this idea in the first place. The risk didn’t pay off this time, but the only way we can build new classic stories is to push out into the unknown and see what’s possible.

If you’re reading this and lamenting the future of your favorite young heroes, I can tell you that there are big plans for Marvel’s teens in 2020. I’ve heard about the next stage of the Champions story – It’s exciting, vibrant, and absolutely worthy of the House of Ideas. I’m a bit wistful that it’s not mine to tell, but also hopeful for the future of these inspiring young heroes.

Thanks for the support,

Zub Marvel Comics Arriving in October!

Mary Jane Variant Cover by DAVID LOPEZ

T’Challa and his agents have uncovered the source of dark energy emanating from a small town in Oklahoma. Is it a super villain…or a savior?
Reality-spanning espionage, defense and black ops, all backed by Vibranium-laced technology and the will to use it. The Agents of Wakanda are our first line of defense in a world under siege from all sides.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99
On sale October 16th


• The next generation made a vow to do better.
• Now, they have to live up to it, as the future of the Champions hangs in the balance.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
On sale October 2nd

DAN SLOTT & JIM ZUB (W) • VALERIO SCHITI (A) • Cover by Alexander Lozano

“THE ULTRON AGENDA” continues! Chapter 2: Compatible Parts
Is Tony Stark dead? Is he alive? Who can tell? Whatever he is, he IS Iron Man. And he’s all that’s standing in the way of Ultron Pym and everyone that Tony Stark loves. Or loved. Because Tony might be dead.
2020 is coming. The robot revolution has begun. So suit up, fleshbags. Suit up or die.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
On sale October 23rd


Iron Man joins the War of the Realms! A war needs weapons — and Tony Stark once vowed he’d never build weapons again! So why is he hunkered down with Screwbeard the Dwarf in Avengers Mountain? And what is he making? Struggling against ancient mystical forces, Tony battles an ancient winged calamity with the lives of everyone at Stark Unlimited hanging in the balance! Plus: When Tony tells Carol Danvers he can’t be her AA sponsor because he may or may not have fallen off the wagon, Captain Marvel doesn’t take it well. What is Iron Man’s new high-tech solution for sobriety? It might be his worst idea yet! Featuring the villainy of the all-new Spymaster! And Jocasta goes all in for “the ultimate upgrade!” Collecting TONY STARK: IRON MAN #12-14 and Iron Man (1998) #25.
112 PGS./Rated T+ …$15.99
ISBN: 978-1-302-91443-1
On sale Oct 30th

Savage Sword of Conan #7 Reviews

Comic Book University: “Let’s stick around with Zircher on this book because I’m enjoying the hell out of this.”

Comic Crusaders: 9/10 “Jim Zub brings us an excellent story which combined with the talent of Patch Zircher make this title revive its great splendor.”

Comic Watch: 8.8/10 “this issue by Jim Zub is undoubtedly one of the if not THE best Conan issue we’ve gotten since the Marvel relaunch and features all of the things that make Conan great.”

Comicon: “Zircher’s line work is great. He uses a more sketchy style, which evokes Barry Windsor-Smith, while maintaining his own look. His action is clear, and his character acting adds a lot of personality to the story, both in establishing Conan, and in building up the supporting characters to come.”

Kabooooom!: 10/10 “A great story, amazing art and a free game along with a short story. By Crom, this is the perfect Conan comic!”

Paint Monk’s Library: 8.5/10 “If you haven’t picked up any issues of Conan since Marvel reacquired the property in January, I’d heartily recommend starting with this issue.”

Pop Mythology: “Pick of the Week – Marvel has two perfectly suited creators for this story and in my book it’s a winner…This is the type of story that gives me faith in the resilience of the comic medium.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 8.8/10 “If you’re not reading any Conan books, you need to start and this issue is a great place to start and dip your toe into the cold Cimmerian waters.”

Champions #7 Reviews

Beyond The Panel: 8.5/10 “Sam and Kaldera’s mission was exciting. This issue was quick to getting us to their destination, which left plenty of room for chaos and shenanigans on board.”

Black Nerd Problems: 8.5/10 ” I can now see that taking a fresh start was necessary to put some distance between the original’s more lighthearted adventures and this new run’s darker, more mature tone. Hell, with all the drama and OG members of the team splitting ways, it might as well be labeled Champions: Disassembled.”

Caped-Joel: 7.5/10 “A good way to ease back into this series now that the War of Realms is over.”

Chillmonger: “These loose threads are being tied back up by Jim Zub…This is turbo writing.” 10/10 “There is not a better comic book being published by Marvel Comics than Champions. Jim Zub and his team have found an exceptional balance with these teenage characters, recognizing their fears and feelings are different than those of the grown-up heroes, but never treating them as if they’re juvenile.”

Comic Book University: “I love the drama in here…This is the only teen series that hunkers down on the real struggle that teenagers have to deal with.”

Talking to D&D Beyond about the Young Adventurer’s Guides

Back at the D&D Live event in May, Stacy and I talked to the gang at D&D Beyond all about the Young Adventurer’s Guides. The footage just went up this week, so check it out-

Id the DM Interview

I spoke to Id the DM in-depth about the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides – how they came about, development, working with Wizards of the Coast and Ten Speed Press, and the meteoric rise of D&D 5th edition. Lots of great material here.

Give it a listen!

Stone Star Pin at SDCC 2019!

ComiXology has just revealed that as part of their exclusive content at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, they’ll have enamel pins based on various comiXology Originals series, including a pin of Durn, our effigy warrior-bot from Stone Star!

Can’t wait to get a few of these for myself. Such a cool little promotion.