I’m looking forward to another adventurous year of conventions and store signings.

Here are confirmed upcoming dates:

Apr 26-29, 2018 Calgary Expo Calgary, AB, CANADA Guest
May 5, 2018 Gotham Central for FCBD
10am – 1pm
Mississauga, Ont, CANADA Signing
May 12-13, 2018 Toronto Comic Arts Festival Toronto, Ont, CANADA Guest
June 29-July 1, 2018 Icon CGC Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA Guest
Aug 2-5, 2018 Gen Con Indy Indianapolis, IN, USA Exhibitor
  1. Hi Jim,

    I’m excited to hear you’re taking over on Champions. Recently on Twitter I saw a Viv Vision sketch you did on a blank cover. I’d love to have you sketch Viv on one of my blank Champions covers. Are you taking commissions for ECCC? I’ve never had a commission done before so I’m not sure what what the proper process is to ask.

    Thank you,
    Ian Chow-Miller

    • Hi Ian,
      I will be at ECCC and I’m happy to do a Champions sketch for you if you bring me the blank sketch cover. Depending on the character and complexity it will cost between $25-$50 for the drawing. Bring it on by and I’ll add it to my queue.

  2. Will you also be doing portfolio reviews?

    • I don’t do formal portfolio reviews (since I’m not an editor) but if things aren’t extremely busy I may have time to check out art and offer feedback.

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