I’m looking forward to another adventurous year of conventions and store signings.

Here are confirmed upcoming dates:

Mar 20-22 2015 Toronto Comicon Toronto, ON, Canada Guest
Mar 27-29 2015 Emerald City Comicon Seattle, WA, USA Guest
April 11 2015 Tabletop Day at 3rd Eye Comics Annapolis,MD, USA Signing
April 16-19 2015 Calgary Expo Calgary, AB, Canada Guest
May 3 2015 Free Comic Book Day
at Escape Pod Comics
Huntington, NY, USA Signing
May 9-10 2015 TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) Toronto, ON, Canada Exhibiting
June 6-7 2015 NY Special Edition New York, NY, USA Guest
July 3-5 2015 Montreal Comic-Con Montreal, QC, Canada Guest
Sept 12-13 2015 Granite State Comic Con Manchester, NH, USA Guest
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